UCLA-USC Rivalry Annual Results

    Take a look back through history and every game in the UCLA-USC Rivalry Annual Results for the battle of the Victory Bell.

    Crosstown rivals on more than just the gridiron, the battle for the Victory Bell is an annual meeting between the UCLA Bruins and USC Trojans. Playing for more than just a single result of a football contest, the victor over their annual matchup earns bragging rights, aids in recruiting, and does much more for their respective programs.

    A dive into the UCLA-USC Rivalry’s Annual Results is eye-opening around each team’s success.

    UCLA-USC Rivalry Annual Results

    Taking a look at the series, it’s clear that these two programs have each left their mark on the college football world. While their rivalry takes place across multiple sports and for city pride, the most-watched and most-anticipated event is certainly the annual football game.

    Here are the annual results from UCLA vs. USC, including the host for each matchup and the final score as well as the date and number of each game.

    Game No.DateHost TeamWinnerScore
    1September 28, 1929USCUSC76–0
    2September 27, 1930UCLAUSC52–0
    3November 26, 1936USCTie7–7
    4December 4, 1937USCUSC19–13
    5November 24, 1938USC#14 USC42–7
    6December 9, 1939UCLATie0–0
    7November 30, 1940USCUSC28–12
    8December 6, 1941UCLATie7–7
    9December 12, 1942USC#13 UCLA17–14
    10September 23, 1943UCLAUSC20–0
    11November 27, 1943USCUSC26–13
    12September 23, 1944USCTie13–13
    13November 25, 1944UCLA#8 USC40–13
    14September 21, 1945UCLAUSC13–6
    15December 1, 1945USCUSC26–15
    16November 23, 1946UCLA#4 UCLA16–13
    17November 22, 1947USC#4 USC6–0
    18November 20, 1948UCLAUSC20–13
    19November 19, 1949USCUSC21–7
    20November 25, 1950UCLAUCLA39–0
    21November 24, 1951USC#18 UCLA21–7
    22November 22, 1952UCLA#4 USC14–12
    23November 21, 1953USC#5 UCLA13–0
    24November 20, 1954UCLA#2 UCLA34–0
    25November 19, 1955USC#5 UCLA17–7
    26November 25, 1956UCLAUSC10–7
    27November 23, 1957USCUCLA20–9
    28November 22, 1958UCLATie15–15
    29November 21, 1959USCUCLA10–3
    30November 26, 1960UCLAUSC17–6
    31November 25, 1961USCUCLA10–7
    32November 24, 1962UCLA#1 USC14–3
    33November 30, 1963USCUSC26–6
    34November 21, 1964UCLAUSC34–13
    35November 20, 1965USC#7 UCLA20–16
    36November 19, 1966UCLA#8 UCLA14–7
    37November 18, 1967USC#8 USC21–20
    38November 23, 1968UCLA#1 USC28–16
    39November 22, 1969USC#5 USC14–12
    40November 21, 1970UCLAUCLA45–20
    41November 20, 1971USCTie7–7
    42November 18, 1972UCLA#1 USC24–7
    43November 24, 1973USC#9 USC23–13
    44November 23, 1974UCLA#8 USC34–9
    45November 28, 1975USC#14 UCLA25–22
    46November 20, 1976UCLA#13 USC24–14
    47November 25, 1977USCUSC29–27
    48November 18, 1978UCLA#5 USC17–10
    49November 24, 1979USC#4 USC49–14
    50November 22, 1980UCLA#18 UCLA20–17
    51November 21, 1981USC#10 USC22–21
    52November 20, 1982Rose Bowl#11 UCLA20–19
    53November 19, 1983ColiseumUCLA27–17
    54November 17, 1984Rose Bowl#7 UCLA29–10
    55November 23, 1985ColiseumUSC17–13
    56November 22, 1986Rose Bowl#18 UCLA45–25
    57November 21, 1987ColiseumUSC17–13
    58November 19, 1988Rose Bowl#2 USC31–22
    59November 18, 1989ColiseumTie10–10
    60November 17, 1990Rose Bowl#19 USC45–42
    61November 23, 1991Coliseum#25 UCLA24–21
    62November 21, 1992Rose BowlUCLA38–37
    63November 20, 1993Coliseum#16 UCLA27–21
    64November 19, 1994Rose BowlUCLA31–19
    65November 18, 1995ColiseumUCLA24–20
    66November 23, 1996Rose BowlUCLA48–41(2 OT)
    67November 22, 1997Coliseum#7 UCLA31–24
    68November 21, 1998Rose Bowl#3 UCLA34–17
    69November 20, 1999ColiseumUSC17–7
    70November 18, 2000Rose BowlUSC38–35
    71November 17, 2001ColiseumUSC27–0
    72November 23, 2002Rose Bowl#7 USC52–21
    73November 22, 2003Coliseum#2 USC47–22
    74December 4, 2004Rose Bowl#1 USC†29–24
    75December 3, 2005Coliseum#1 USC†66–19
    76December 2, 2006Rose BowlUCLA13–9
    77December 1, 2007Coliseum#8 USC24–7
    78December 6, 2008Rose Bowl#5 USC28–7
    79November 28, 2009Coliseum#24 USC28–7
    80December 4, 2010Rose BowlUSC28–14
    81November 26, 2011Coliseum#10 USC50–0
    82November 17, 2012Rose Bowl#17 UCLA38–28
    83November 30, 2013Coliseum#22 UCLA35–14
    84November 22, 2014Rose Bowl#11 UCLA38–20
    85November 28, 2015ColiseumUSC40–21
    86November 19, 2016Rose Bowl#13 USC36–14
    87November 18, 2017Coliseum#11 USC28–23
    88November 17, 2018Rose BowlUCLA34–27
    89November 23, 2019Coliseum#23 USC52–35
    90December 12, 2020Rose Bowl#15 USC43–38
    91November 20, 2021ColiseumUCLA62–33
    92sRose Bowl#7 USC48–45

    UCLA Owns Longest Win Streak in USC Rivalry

    The longest win streak belongs to the UCLA Bruins. UCLA won eight straight games from 1991 to 1998, while USC’s seven-game win streak is marred by victories that were vacated.

    There have been multiple games of note during this rivalry, including arguably the most famous, “Game of the Century,” in 1967.

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