Tulane Green Wave Best of 2023: Michael Pratt Remains Elite

    Tulane Green Wave Best of 2023 is headlined by their defensive prowess and Michael Pratt, one of the Elite Group of Five QBs

    In conjunction with our College Football’s Best series, highlighting the top plays, players, highlights, and moments from all 133 teams, we’re here to showcase the best the Tulane Green Wave have had to offer in 2023. Who has stood out? What units are turning heads?

    And who from Tulane is among the top mentions in our College Football’s Best series this season?

    Tulane Green Wave Best of 2023

    At College Football Network, we watch every game. Every player. Every team. And our notebooks are chock full of top players, plays, highlights, and moments. Today, I’m emptying the notebook.

    Below, find Tulane’s noteworthy players, groupings, or units, all listed under a different category: good, great, grand, or wonderful. Every team across the country has put forth their best efforts in 2023, and through four weeks of action, those players deserve notoriety for what they’ve put forth this season.

    Highlighting the best with a line from the one and only Chris Farley, welcome to this season’s Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful!

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    Good: Lance Robinson, CB

    Somehow, the Green Wave’s cornerback with three interceptions lands first here. Lance Robinson has been terrific this season and pairing next to Jarius Monroe on the opposite side and Kam Pedescleaux in the slot, this is a tricky secondary to throw on.

    Great: Darius Hodges/Keith Cooper Jr., EDGE

    These two edge rushers you might as well call just plain defensive linemen as they can line up anywhere and win.

    Darius Hodges has 2.5 sacks and Keith Cooper Jr. 2.0, while Cooper has batted two passes down at the line of scrimmage and Hodges has sent running backs flying in the run game.

    Grand: Patrick Jenkins/Kameron Hamilton, DT

    Ripping through the middle of the field, Patrick Jenkins has been an unstoppable force this year. Pairing together with Kameron Hamilton, this duo has recorded 6.5 sacks and two forced fumbles.

    Jenkins has turned a ton of heads and continues to command double teams.

    Wonderful: Michael Pratt, QB

    The elite QB of the Group of Five, Michael Pratt wasted no time in dispatching South Alabama in Week 1. Though he missed two games, Pratt returned in Week 4, and we’re ready to say he hasn’t missed a beat.

    Pratt’s averaging 12.7 yards per attempt and has thrown six touchdowns in two starts.

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