Top 5 New College Football Jerseys Ranked for 2023 Season, Including Honorable Mentions & ‘Vice U’

The top five new college football jerseys in 2023 are lead by a South Florida team paying homage to a 1980s TV show.

‘Tis the season of new looks and emoji reactions around the latest college football jerseys. And for these five FBS programs, they’ve unveiled new gameday fits that certainly sparked intrigue for their fanbases and rivals alike.

Here are the top five college football jerseys for the 2023 season from five to one, including honorable mentions.

Top Five New College Football Jerseys 2023

Before we get to the countdown, we would be remiss not to include the following honorable mentions.

First Honorable Mention: Western Kentucky Going Black and Red

The Hilltoppers usually have black along the uniforms. But in honor of “Vette City,” WKU is honoring the Corvette with this look, including the black and red:

Now one wonders if the famed Hilltoppers mascot will come out in black.

Second Honorable Mention: Florida State F.U.S.E

Florida State is dipping back to tradition — with numbers on the sleeves and the tribal pattern visible in more than one area…the sleeves and collar:

Head coach Mike Norvell is even a fan, telling Noles 247 in April 2023: “I love the traditional look that it shows, but representing the Seminole tribe and keeping that a part of what we’re doing and that it has a strong place in the uniform.”

No. 5: Notre Dame’s Look for Dublin Series

“Tá Notre Dame sa Bhaile” was what Norte Dame posted in unveiling this look — which translates to “Third time in Ireland.”

But this time, the Fighting Irish are the home team. And they honored their Irish backdrop with this touchup on the sides:

No. 4: Navy’s Dublin Look

Norte Dame isn’t the only one paying homage to Ireland. Even Navy said “go hálainn,” which translates to “beautiful.”

This is the look they’ll have for the Dublin series.

No. 3: UAB ‘New Era, New Drip’ Includes Grey Look

The Blazers helped set CFB social media ablaze on Wednesday in calling a team meeting not to discuss X’s and O’s, but instead see their 2023 heat for the upcoming season:

One of the new looks? A new grey game day fit. The all-green one, though, became a fan favorite.

No. 2: Florida Going Black in the Swamp

While the Gators are yet to officially unveil the complete look, head coach Billy Napier did reveal in April 2022 that Florida would be wearing an all-black look.

Well, there was this leak…and hope that on November 4, when these get worn versus SEC rival Arkansas, the Gators will wear this at night in the Swamp:

No. 1: Florida International “Vice U” Look

Dropped exclusively on Wednesday, the FIU Panthers went straight into channeling their inner James Crockett and Ricardo Tubbs.

If you watched Miami Vice, that’s the theme FIU is rolling out for October 11:

But now, FIU joins the Miami Heat in going with the Miami Vice theme but becoming the first football program — college or pro — to pay homage to the popular 1980s TV show.