Top 25 Returning Rushing Quarterbacks for the 2024 College Football Season Include Thomas Castellanos, Kaidon Salter

    Dual-threat QBs have dominated the modern college football era, and the top 25 returning rushing quarterbacks are set to continue that trend.

    As dual-threat QBs continue to dominate the college football scene, who are the top returning rushing quarterbacks for the 2024 college football season?

    Top Returning Rushing Quarterbacks for 2024

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    While we can all agree that there are few things in life more beautiful than a tightly thrown spiral downfield, there is more to being a quarterback than simply throwing the football. Especially at the collegiate level, a quarterback who can contribute with his legs is simply a must for success.

    The likes of Michael Vick and Lamar Jackson set in motion a movement of mobile quarterbacks, and since they arrived on the scene earlier this millennium, a succession of dangerous dual-threats have attempted to fill their shoes. The reigning Heisman Trophy winner, Jaylen Daniels, was as much a marvel on the move as he was capable of delivering a downfield dime.

    Daniels was as productive on the ground as some of the nation’s leading running backs. If he had returned for the 2024 college football campaign, he’d be comfortably the top returning rusher at the quarterback position. However, he will suit up for the Washington Commanders this fall, leaving the next generation of dual-threat to fill the vacancy at the top of the college ranks.

    Who will that be? Below are the top 25 most productive quarterbacks in terms of their 2023 rushing statistics. While the order is set by their total rushing yards, we’ve also provided their rushing touchdowns from last season. Additionally, you’ll find their yards per carry (YPC) for the previous campaign so you can ascertain who was the most dynamic on any given play.

    1) Thomas Castellanos, Boston College (1,113; 13 TDs; 5.2 YPC)
    2) Kaidon Salter, Liberty (1,089; 12 TDs; 6.7 YPC)
    3) Diego Pavia, Vanderbilt (928; 7 TDS; 5.2 YPC)
    4) Bryson Daily, Army (901; 7 TDS; 4.2 YPC)
    5) Kryon Drones, Virginia Tech (818; 5 TDs; 4.9 YPC)
    6) Byrum Brown, USF (809; 11 TDs; 4.0 YPC)
    7) Garrett Greene, West Virginia (772; 13 TDs; 6.4 YPC)
    8) Haynes King, Georgia Tech (737; 10 TDs; 6.1 YPC)
    9) Kiael Kelly, Ball State* (724; 7 TDs; 5.4 YPC)
    10) Dequan Finn, Baylor (563; 7 TDs; 4.6 YPC)
    11) Jalen Milroe, Alabama (532; 12 TDs; 3.3 YPC)
    12) Payton Thorne, Auburn (515; 3 TDs; 3.8 YPC)
    13) Gavin Wimsatt, Kentucky (497; 11 TDs; 3.8 YPC)
    14) Brenden Lewis, Nevada (495; 4 TDs; 4.1 YPC)
    15) Zeon Chriss, Houston (492; 6 TDs; 6.7 YPC)
    16) Henrich Haarberg, Nebraska (477; 5 TDs; 4.0 YPC)
    17) KJ Jefferson, UCF (447; 2 TDs; 2.8 YPC)
    18) Taylen Green, Arkansas (436; 9 TDs; 5.6 YPC)
    19) Donovan Smith, Houston (428; 6 TDs; 3.1 YPC)
    20) Collin Schlee, Virginia Tech (425, 3 TDs; 10.1 YPC)
    21) Nicholas Vattiato, Middle Tennessee (397; 2 TDs; 2.9 YPC)
    22) Jaxson Dart, Ole Miss (391; 8 TDs; 3.3 YPC)
    23) Dillon Gabriel, Oregon (373; 12 TDs; 4.0 YPC)
    24) Jaylen Raynor, Arkansas State (373; 5 TDs; 3.0 YPC)
    25) Ethan Vasko, Coastal Carolina (360; 2 TDs; 5.8 YPC)

    * Kiael Kelly now listed as a defensive back by Ball State

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