Shilo Sanders NIL Value: How Much Could the Colorado DB Actually Make in 2023?

    Colorado has been the hottest story in college football this year by far. This raises the question of how much NIL money is defensive anchor Shilo Sanders making from this newfound attention?

    The Colorado Buffaloes have been the hot topic of the college football world all year. While it’s reported that Shedeur Sanders has an NIL value of over $5 million dollars, how much is his brother Shilo Sanders making in 2023?

    Shilo Sanders NIL Value: How Much Could the Colorado DB Make in 2023?

    With the rise of Deion Sanders and Colorado Football, Sanders has been thrust into some enormous media attention. So far, Sanders has had an excellent start to the season, nabbing a pick-six en route to landing on the CFN Team of the Week in Week 3.

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    However, what has pushed his NIL deals is the media coverage of Colorado.

    Since Sanders has become the head coach, Colorado has become one of the most popular programs in the country. This has spotlighted not only Coach Sanders but also his sons Shedeur and Shilo.

    Right now, according to the On3 NIL tracker, Sanders has an annual NIL value of $799,000. This is primarily due to his massive Instagram following of 872,000, but he has over a million followers in all. On top of this, Sanders brings in 265,000 TikTok followers along with 32,000 Twitter followers.

    The three deals that have been released are with Porsche, Actively Black, and Oikos. Actively Black is a sportswear company that also signed Travis Hunter and Sanders. In the Oikos deal, Deion, Shedeur, and Shilo are all featured in a commercial.

    Although Sanders is projected to go undrafted right now, according to the NFL Mock Draft Database, a lot could change leading up to the draft. It doesn’t look like Sanders will be a great NFL player, but he’s been a big part of this Colorado defense and is being rewarded for that.

    No matter what happens, the new NIL rules have allowed Shilo to cash out on his college success.

    The bottom line is that even if Sanders isn’t an NFL superstar like his dad or brother Shedeur, he has a massive personal brand. Sanders has grown an enormous following because of his play on the field and his big personality outside of it.

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    Seeing how popular Colorado football has become, I fully expect Sanders to take advantage of his time there and sign a few more NIL deals this fall.

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