Texas A&M’s Shemar Turner Ejected for 1-2 Punch Including Low Blow

    Watch as Shemar Turner is ejected from the Texas A&M-Ole Miss game following a low blow and right hook to Rebels RT Micah Pettus.

    The Texas A&M Aggies were midway through a hard-fought battle against the Ole Miss Rebels when disaster struck. Following an off-camera incident in real-time, defensive lineman Shemar Turner was ejected for a personal foul.

    When the cameras found out what Turner, who had been the Aggies’ biggest catalyst on the day, did, it was clear why he was sent to the locker room following a shocking incident.

    Shemar Turner Ejected for Low Blow

    It was an ugly scene once the cameras found out what Turner was ejected for.

    Turner, who had routinely been matched up against Ole Miss RT Micah Pettus, had been on the receiving end of some questionable finishes all afternoon. Following yet another elongated finish from Pettus, Turner had had enough.

    Retaliating with a low blow followed by a right hook, Turner connected with both blows it appears, and it didn’t go unseen by the referees.

    Turner was ejected following the hit and the camera angles provided made it clear why.

    Turner Sparks Aggies Before Ejection

    The Aggies trailed just 21-14 to Ole Miss at the time of Turner’s ejection, and it could be said it may have been a worse margin for Texas A&M had Turner not been in the lineup. Turner blocked a field goal attempt that was scooped and scored the other way for one of the Texas A&M touchdowns on the day.

    Immediately following the ejection, Ole Miss scored on the very next play and ultimately forced the Aggies offense to play even more catch up than it was before.

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