NCAAF Transfer Portal: Every Player Transferring In or Out of the SEC in 2024

Tracking all the movement from the SEC, an incredible 313 players have opted to leave their programs and find potential greener pastures in 2024. How many players are coming to the SEC next fall?

The transfer portal has left its mark on the sport of college football, there is no denying that. However, as some teams find themselves on the flip side, most teams have embraced the chaos that is the portal and completely revamped their rosters in successive years in the process.

With so much movement in the portal, we thought we’d make it easier for everyone by breaking it down per team, starting with the SEC.

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SEC Transfer Portal Movement Tracker

Included below is every player that has come or gone in the portal from an SEC team. This, of course, includes players leaving or joining the programs at Texas or Oklahoma, as the Longhorns and Sooners are officially members of the SEC this fall.

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With so much movement through the portal, it’s important to note that these are compiled as of February 6, 2024, and will be updated on a set basis to ensure we categorize each team correctly in the coming weeks. All portal figures include players that have transferred in or out as of September 1, 2023.

Come back to this to see where your favorite team stacks up against its rivals in terms of portal growth.

SEC Transfers

Total Transfers Out: 313
Total Transfer In: 180
Total Transfers Undecided: 88
Total Withdrawn: 10

PlayerPos.Former SchoolDate EnteredNew SchoolCommit DateStatus
Julian SayinQBAlabama1-19-24Ohio State1-21-24Committed
Redi MustafarajKOklahoma1-18-24undecidedPortal
Jameer GrimsleyWRAlabama1-18-24Florida1-18-24Committed
Kadyn ProctorOTAlabama1-17-24Iowa1-20-24Committed
Caleb DownsSAlabama1-17-24Ohio State1-21-24Committed
Donovan KaufmanSAuburn1-16-24NC State2-5-24Committed
Cam RileyLBAuburn1-16-24undecidedPortal
Trey AmosCBAlabama1-16-24Ole Miss1-19-24Committed
Amari NiblackTEAlabama1-14-24Texas1-18-24Committed
Antonio KiteCBAlabama1-13-24Auburn1-18-24Committed
Dezz RicksCBAlabama1-13-24Texas A&M1-17-24Committed
Shawn MurphyLBAlabama1-12-24Florida State1-13-24Committed
LaDarrius BishopCBArkansas1-12-24UNLV1-14-24Committed
Mannie NunneryLBFlorida1-11-24Florida1-20-24WIthdrew
Isaiah BondWRAlabama1-10-24Texas1-12-24Committed
Kade RenfroQBArkansas1-9-24undecidedPortal
Kendrick BlackshireLBAlabama1-8-24Texas1-16-24Committed
Jake PopeSAlabama1-7-24undecidedPortal
Juan DavisTETexas1-6-24Texas1-6-24WIthdrew
Jerrin ThompsonSTexas1-5-24Auburn1-15-24Committed
Kitan CrawfordSTexas1-5-24Nevada1-18-24Committed
Charles WrightQBTexas1-5-24undecidedPortal
Quinshon JudkinsRBOle Miss1-5-24Ohio State1-8-24Committed
Roydell WilliamsRBAlabama1-5-24Florida State1-13-24Committed
Hayden NeighborsWRAlabama1-5-24undecidedPortal
Jax PorterTEAlabama1-5-24undecidedPortal
Logan DiggsRBLSU1-5-24Ole Miss1-10-24Committed
Ladarius TennisonSOle Miss1-5-24UCF1-12-24Committed
Trill CarterDLTexas1-5-24Auburn1-5-24Committed
RIchie Leonard IViOLFlorida1-5-24Florida State1-13-24Committed
Gerald MinceyOTTennessee1-4-24Kentucky1-12-24Committed
Ian JacksonLBAlabama1-4-24UTSA1-18-24Committed
Jam GriffinRBOle Miss1-4-24Oregon State1-4-24Committed
Sevaughn ClarkRBGeorgia1-4-24undecidedPortal
C.J. SmithWRGeorgia1-4-24Purdue1-5-24Committed
Terrence FergusoniOLAlabama1-3-24Florida State1-11-24Committed
Seth McLaughliniOLAlabama1-3-24Ohio State1-6-24Committed
Shazz PrestonWRAlabama1-3-24Tulane1-15-24Committed
Monkell GoodwineDLAlabama1-3-24South Carolina1-7-24Committed
Earl Little Jr.CBAlabama1-3-24Florida State1-6-24Committed
Kristian StoryCBAlabama1-3-24Kentucky1-10-24Committed
Eli HolsteinQBAlabama1-3-24Pittsburgh1-7-24Committed
Malik BensonWRAlabama1-3-24Florida State1-8-24Committed
Miles KitselmanTEAlabama1-3-24Tennessee1-12-24Committed
Matt O'DowdQBLSU1-3-24Marist1-9-24Committed
Jonathan DavisDLMississippi State1-3-24Southern Miss1-15-24Committed
Grayson HowardLBSouth Carolina1-3-24Florida1-4-24Committed
Blake SmithTEOklahoma1-3-24Texas State1-14-24Committed
Kamron SandlinTESouth Carolina1-3-24undecidedPortal
Julian HumphreyCBGeorgia1-3-24Georgia1-3-24Withdrew
Kason TullosLBTexas A&M1-2-24undecidedPortal
Scooby WilliamsEDGEFlorida1-2-24undecidedPortal
Jurriente DavisLBTexas A&M1-2-24Louisville1-7-24Committed
Zalance HeardOTLSU1-2-24Tennessee1-21-24Committed
Blake FordKArkansas1-2-24undecidedPortal
Jalen BrownWRLSU1-2-24Florida State1-6-24Committed
Daeh McCulloughSOklahoma1-2-24Louisville1-6-24Committed
Chance LuperWRMissouri1-2-24undecidedPortal
Sawyer PateQBAuburn1-2-24undecidedPortal
Tony GrimesDBTexas A&M1-1-24UNLV1-14-24Committed
Brian BattieRBAuburn1-1-24Auburn1-9-24Withdrew
Davin WydnerQBOle Miss1-1-24undecidedPortal
Riley WilliamsPMissouri12-31-23undecidedPortal
Jaheim ThomasLBArkansas12-30-23Wisconsin1-4-24Committed
Deuce HoganQBKentucky12-30-23New Mexico State1-6-24Committed
Micah MazzccuaiOLFlorida12-30-23Nebraska1-10-24Committed
Jaydon HillCBFlorida12-29-23Texas A&M1-6-24Committed
Denver HarrisCBLSU12-29-23UTSA2-6-24Committed
Jake GarciaQBMissouri12-29-23ECU1-16-24Committed
Junior UzebuOTVanderbilt12-28-23USF1-10-24Committed
Tony Hunley Jr.CBAuburn12-27-23undecidedPortal
Jordan AnthonyWRTexas A&M12-27-23Arkansas1-2-24Committed
Duce ChestnutCBLSU12-27-23Syracuse1-1-24Committed
Marlon CrockettWRArkansas12-26-23undecidedPortal
LV Bunkley-SheltonWROklahoma12-26-23Georgia Southern1-5-24Committed
Daniel HarrisCBGeorgia12-26-23undecidedPortal
De'Nylon MorrissetteWRGeorgia12-25-23Purdue1-5-24Committed
Davis BevilleQBOklahoma12-24-23South Carolina1-11-24Committed
Stone BlantonLBSouth Carolina12-23-23Mississippi State1-5-24Committed
Michael TriggTEOle Miss12-23-23Baylor1-12-24Committed
Jalen KimberCBFlorida12-22-23Penn State1-11-24Committed
Wesley WalkerSTennessee12-22-23Georgia Tech1-8-24Committed
Isaiah RaikesDLTexas A&M12-21-23USC1-9-24Committed
Naquil BertrandOTTexas A&M12-20-23Alabama12-30-23Committed
Percy LewisOTMississippi State12-20-23Auburn1-11-24Committed
Joshua MilleriOLGeorgia12-20-23Syracuse12-23-23Committed
Jaylen NicholsOTSouth Carolina12-20-23undecidedPortal
Cedrick NicelyOTOle Miss12-20-23Marshall1-10-24Committed
Jacarius ClaytonTEMississippi State12-19-23Marshall1-6-24Committed
Kristopher RossEDGETexas12-19-23undecidedPortal
Tygee HillDLLSU12-19-23Oregon State1-5-24Committed
Larry SimmonsWROle Miss12-19-23Southern Miss12-24-23Committed
KJ JeffersonQBArkansas12-16-23UCF1-1-24Committed
A.J. HarrisCBGeorgia12-15-23Penn State1-11-24Committed
Gabarri JohnsonQBMissouri12-15-23Oregon State12-25-23Committed
Aaryn ParksOTOklahoma12-15-23South Carolina1-7-24Committed
Ja'Varrius JohnsonWRAuburn12-15-23undecidedPortal
Chris HarrisWRArkansas12-15-23undecidedPortal
Tyler HibblerSMissouri12-15-23undecidedPortal
Robby AshfordQBAuburn12-15-23South Carolina1-16-24Committed
Miguel MitchellSFlorida12-15-23Arkansas1-12-24Committed
Sage RyanSLSU12-15-23undecidedPortal
Jamon Dumas-JohnsonLBGeorgia12-15-23Kentucky12-20-23Committed
Fitzgerald WestDLLSU12-14-23undecidedPortal
Jamari BrownCBMississippi State12-13-23undecidedPortal
Ma'Kyi LeeOTMissouri12-13-23North Texas1-7-24Committed
Maalik MurphyQBTexas12-13-23Duke12-22-23Committed
Fernando GarzaTETexas A&M12-13-23Sam Houston1-8-24Committed
Decamerion RichardsonCBMississippi State12-13-23Ole Miss12-18-23Committed
Joey Su'aOLArkansas12-13-23Arizona State12-16-23Committed
Marvin Jones Jr.EDGEGeorgia12-12-23Florida State12-18-23Committed
Jeremiah DillonWROle Miss12-12-23Vanderbilt12-21-23Committed
Logan JohnsonWRGeorgia12-12-23undecidedPortal
Anthony BookerDlArkansas12-12-23SMU1-12-24Committed
Cayden GreeniOLOklahoma12-12-23Missouri12-19-23Committed
Yazeed HaynesWRGeorgia12-12-23Syracuse12-16-23Committed
Austin AusberryCBAuburn12-12-23LSU1-2-24Committed
Aliou BahOLGeorgia12-11-23Maryland12-21-23Committed
Bralon BrownWROle Miss12-11-23Marshall1-10-24Committed
Kent RobinsonCBTexas A&M12-11-23undecidedPortal
JJ HenryWROle Miss12-11-23undecidedPortal
Anquin BarnesDLAlabama12-11-23Colorado12-17-23Committed
Wilky DenaudDLAuburn12-11-23Mississippi State1-8-24Committed
Elijah ReedCBKentucky12-11-23undecidedPortal
Tamarion McDonaldDBTennessee12-11-23Louisville1-8-24Committed
De'Shawn RuckerCBTennessee12-11-23USC12-25-23Committed
Doneiko SlaughterCBTennessee12-11-23Arkansas12-15-23Committed
Jo'Quavious MarksRBMississippi State12-10-23USC12-20-23Committed
Marlon MartinezOLLSU12-8-23Mississippi State12-19-23Committed
Deuce HarmonCBTexas A&M12-8-23SMU12-29-23Committed
Cedric MeltonOTOle Miss12-8-23Houston1-5-24Committed
Tyler BaronEDGETennessee12-8-23Louisville1-16-24Committed
Isaiah NeyorWRTexas12-8-23Nebraska1-6-24Committed
Mario AndersonRBSouth Carolina12-8-23Memphis12-17-23Committed
Quency WigginsDLLSU12-8-23Colorado12-17-23Committed
Kelvin GilliamEDGEOklahoma12-7-23Virginia Tech12-28-23Committed
Larry Turner-GoodenDBTexas12-7-23San Jose State12-17-23Committed
Savion ByrdiOLOklahoma12-7-23SMU12-19-23Committed
DeCarlos NicholsonCBMississippi State12-7-23USC12-21-23Committed
Corey EllingtonSMississippi State12-7-23Mississippi State12-19-23Withdrew
Jordan DingleTEKentucky12-7-23Kentucky12-16-23Withdrew
Mekhi MewsLBGeorgia12-7-23Houston1-10-24Committed
Connor MeadowsiOLTennessee12-7-23undecidedPortal
Marquise GilbertSAuburn12-7-23undecidedPortal
Casey CainWRTexas12-7-23undecidedPortal
Trevor EtienneRBFlorida12-7-23Georgia12-24-23Committed
Bryce StephensWRArkansas12-7-23Arkansas1-10-24Withdrew
EJ LightseyLBGeorgia12-7-23Georgia Tech12-20-23Committed
Isaiah HastingsDLAlabama12-7-23Syracuse1-15-24Committed
Ja'Corey BrooksWRAlabama12-7-23Louisville12-16-23Committed
Will NormanDLFlorida12-7-23undecidedPortal
Xavian SoreyLBGeorgia12-7-23Arkansas12-19-23Committed
Reginald HughesEDGEOle Miss12-7-23undecidedPortal
Tyreek ChappellCBTexas A&M12-6-23undecidedPortal
Demarko WilliamsSOle Miss12-6-23undecidedPortal
Jackson McGohanTELSU12-6-23Wisconsin12-14-23Committed
B.J. Allen Jr.STexas12-6-23North Texas12-17-23Committed
Tyler FrommTEAuburn12-6-23Georgia Southern12-20-23Committed
Fadil DiggsEDGETexas A&M12-6-23Syracuse12-19-23Committed
Sawyer Goram-WelchOLTexas12-6-23Coastal Carolina1-6-24Committed
Princely UmanmielenDLFlorida12-6-23Ole Miss12-17-23Committed
Chase BisontisOTTexas A&M12-6-23Texas A&M12-19-23Withdrew
Grayson MainsiOLSouth Carolina12-6-23NC State12-13-23Committed
Nyland GreenCBGeorgia12-6-23Purdue12-25-23Committed
Justin BallTEVanderbilt12-6-23Mississippi State12-17-23Committed
Malik ChavisCBArkansas12-6-23UNLV1-7-24Committed
Jake JohnsonTETexas A&M12-6-23North Carolina12-18-23Committed
Keenan LandryDLFlorida12-6-23undecidedPortal
Caleb DouglasWRFlorida12-6-23Texas Tech12-13-23Committed
Jared ZirkelKGeorgia12-5-23Texas A&M12-31-23Committed
Tavion FaulkQBLSU12-5-23undecidedPortal
Raheim SandersRBArkansas12-5-23South Carolina12-13-23Committed
Micaiah OvertonDLTexas A&M12-5-23Arkansas State1-5-24Committed
LT OvertonDLTexas A&M12-5-23Alabama12-19-23Committed
Demariyon HoustonWRMissouri12-5-23undecidedPortal
Kaiya SheronQBKentucky12-5-23undecidedPortal
Addison NicholsiOLTennessee12-5-23Arkansas12-19-23Committed
Zavion ThomasWRMississippi State12-5-23LSU12-15-23Committed
Jalen FarmerIOLFlorida12-5-23Kentucky12-20-23Committed
Andrew SavaiinaeaTEFlorida12-5-23Nevada1-7-24Committed
Jardin GilbertSTexas A&M12-5-23LSU12-15-23Committed
Dillon GabrielQBOklahoma12-4-23Oregon12-9-23Committed
Tyler BuchnerQBAlabama12-4-23undecidedPortal
Thaiu Jones-BellWRAlabama12-4-23undecidedPortal
Jaylen LewisCBArkansas12-4-23Temple12-18-23Committed
Taurean CarterDLArkansas12-4-23Colorado1-11-24Committed
Mani PowellLBArkansas12-4-23UNLV1-13-24Committed
Devon ManuelOTArkansas12-4-23Florida1-5-24Committed
AJ GreenRBArkansas12-4-23Oklahoma State1-10-24Committed
Samuel MbakeWRArkansas12-4-23undecidedPortal
Stephen SingsEDGEAuburn12-4-23undecidedPortal
Omari KellyWRAuburn12-4-23Middle Tennessee12-18-23Committed
Jyaire ShorterWRAuburn12-4-23Memphis12-20-23Committed
Malcolm Johnson Jr.WRAuburn12-4-23Bowling Green12-25-23Committed
Michael DaughertyDBLSU12-4-23Coffeyville JC12-26-23Committed
Chris McClellanDLFlorida12-4-23Missouri12-26-23Committed
Jordan HermanOTFlorida12-4-23Charlotte12-16-23Committed
Carlson JosephRBFlorida12-4-23undecidedPortal
Thai Chiaokhiao-BowmanWRFlorida12-4-23undecidedPortal
Jonathan JeffersonDLGeorgia12-4-23SMU12-11-23Committed
CJ MaddenEDGEGeorgia12-4-23Purdue12-16-23Committed
Austin BlaskeOTGeorgia12-4-23North Carolina12-15-23Committed
Jackson MeeksWRGeorgia12-4-23Syracuse12-12-23Committed
Martez ThrowerLBKentucky12-4-23undecidedPortal
Destin WadeQBKentucky12-4-23Colorado12-15-23Committed
Shamar PorterWRKentucky12-4-23Kentucky12-8-23Withdrew
Keaten WadeWRKentucky12-4-23Colorado12-15-23Committed
Laterrance WelchCBLSU12-4-23Arizona State12-10-23Committed
Tre BradfordRBLSU12-4-23North Texas12-21-23Committed
Armoni GoodwinRBLSU12-4-23UAB12-18-23Committed
Carson AllenKMississippi State12-4-23undecidedPortal
D.J. WesolakEDGEMissouri12-4-23Oregon State1-16-24Committed
Carmycah GlassLBMissouri12-4-23Louisiana12-20-23Committed
Xavier SimmonsLBMissouri12-4-23Charlotte12-20-23Committed
Valen EricksonOTMissouri12-4-23undecidedPortal
Max WhisnerTEMissouri12-4-23Akron12-18-23Committed
Jadarrius PerkinsSFlorida12-4-23Toledo12-19-23Committed
Reggie Grimes IIEDGEOklahoma12-4-23undecidedPortal
Nate AndersonOTOklahoma12-4-23SMU12-18-23Committed
Marcus MajorRBOklahoma12-4-23Minnesota1-7-24Committed
Daylan SmothersRBOklahoma12-4-23NC State1-9-24Committed
Key LawrenceSOklahoma12-4-23Ole Miss12-14-23Committed
Jason LlewellynTEOklahoma12-4-23Texas Tech1-7-24Committed
Isheem YoungDBOle Miss12-4-23North Texas1-18-24Committed
Caden CostaKOle Miss12-4-23Memphis12-18-23Committed
Rayf VinsonSOle Miss12-4-23undecidedPortal
Kyirin HeathTEOle Miss12-4-23Southern Miss12-26-23Committed
Isaiah NorrisCBSouth Carolina12-4-23undecidedPortal
Xzavier McLeodDLSouth Carolina12-4-23Georgia12-22-23Committed
D'Andre MartinEDGESouth Carolina12-4-23undecidedPortal
JonDarius MorganiOLSouth Carolina12-4-23undecidedPortal
Kylic HortonWRSouth Carolina12-4-23undecidedPortal
Landon SamsonWRSouth Carolina12-4-23undecidedPortal
Antwane WellsWRSouth Carolina12-4-23Ole Miss12-17-23Committed
Brandon TurnageDBTennessee12-4-23Ole Miss1-19-24Committed
Jack LuttrellDBTennessee12-4-23Arizona12-18-23Committed
Mo Clipper Jr.iOLTennessee12-4-23Charlotte12-11-23Committed
Jalen CatalonSTexas12-4-23UNLV1-7-24Committed
Xavion BriceSTexas12-4-23undecidedPortal
James BaileyiOLTexas A&M12-4-23undecidedPortal
Savion RileyDBVanderbilt12-4-23Miami (FL)12-16-23Committed
De'Rickey WrightSVanderbilt12-4-23Texas A&M12-22-23Committed
Logan KyleWRVanderbilt12-4-23JMU1-25-24Committed
Gamarion CarterWRVanderbilt12-4-23Middle Tennessee12-19-23Committed
Daveon WalkerWRVanderbilt12-4-23Florida A&M12-20-23Committed
London HumphreyWRVanderbilt12-4-23Georgia State12-19-23Committed
Brock VandagriffQBGeorgia12-4-23Kentucky12-6-23Committed
Bryce LangstonDTLSU12-3-23undecidedPortal
Kajuan BanksDBSouth Carolina12-3-23undecidedPortal
Walter NolenDLTexas A&M12-3-23Ole Miss12-24-23Committed
Will SheppardWRVanderbilt12-3-23Colorado12-14-23Committed
Tyler LarcoKArkansas12-2-23undecidedPortal
Luke FultonLBKentucky12-2-23Kent State1-12-24Committed
Owen LawsonPArkansas12-1-23undecidedPortal
Kalil GiraultWRArkansas12-1-23undecidedPortal
JuTahn McClainRBKentucky12-1-23undecidedPortal
O'Mega BlakeWRSouth Carolina12-1-23undecidedPortal
Walter TaylorQBVanderbilt12-1-23Colorado12-17-23Committed
Jayden McGowanWRVanderbilt12-1-23Boston College12-22-23Committed
Steven LosoyaiOLMississippi State11-30-23Vanderbilt12-11-23Committed
Tawee WalkerRBOklahoma11-30-23Wisconsin12-29-23Committed
Felix HixonDTSouth Carolina11-30-23Middle Tennessee1-7-24Committed
Mitch JeterKSouth Carolina11-30-23Notre Dame12-14-23Committed
Landon SmithWRSouth Carolina11-30-23undecidedPortal
Warren BurrellCBTennessee11-30-23Georgia Tech12-10-23Committed
Jordan Spasojevic-MokoiOLTexas A&M11-30-23Charlotte12-11-23Committed
Remington StricklandiOLTexas A&M11-30-23TCU12-18-23Committed
Evan StewartWRTexas A&M11-30-23Oregon1-11-24Committed
Hunter TalleyTEArkansas11-29-23undecidedPortal
Chris RhodesWRArkansas11-29-23undecidedPortal
Max BrownQBFlorida11-29-23Charlotte12-11-23Committed
Kamari WilsonSFlorida11-29-23Arizona State12-16-23Committed
Izayah CummingsWRKentucky11-29-23Louisville12-18-23Committed
Ryland GoedeTEMississippi State11-29-23Georgia Tech12-14-23Committed
Dameon WilsonLBMissouri11-29-23ECU12-19-23Committed
Dylan LaibleQBMissouri11-29-23undecidedPortal
Tanner BaileyQBSouth Carolina11-29-23undecidedPortal
Colten GauthierQBSouth Carolina11-29-23Gardner-Webb1-7-24Committed
Nate CliftonDLVanderbilt11-29-23USC12-10-23Committed
Patrick SmithRBVanderbilt11-29-23undecidedPortal
Christopher Paul Jr.DBArkansas11-28-23Ole Miss12-8-23Committed
Jordan CrookLBArkansas11-28-23Arizona State12-10-23Committed
Stephen JohnsonDLAuburn11-28-23undecidedPortal
Darris SmithEDGEGeorgia11-28-23Missouri12-20-23Committed
Jamarius DinkinsDLKentucky11-28-23Purdue12-10-23Committed
Grant BinghamOLKentucky11-28-23undecidedPortal
Dekel CrowdusWRKentucky11-28-23undecidedPortal
Corren NormanRBLSU11-28-23undecidedPortal
Jayvontay ConnerTEOle Miss11-28-23undecidedPortal
Enyce SledgeDLAuburn11-27-23Illinois12-9-23Committed
Jalen GeigerCBKentucky11-27-23Tulane1-6-24Committed
Donovan WestmorelandDESouth Carolina11-27-23Kennesaw State1-7-24Committed
AJ SwannQBVanderbilt11-27-23LSU12-18-23Committed
Adam MihalekKFlorida11-26-23undecidedPortal
Jonathan OdomTEFlorida11-26-23Eastern Michigan12-15-23Committed
Ethan BarrLBVanderbilt11-26-23Washington12-16-23Committed
Kevo WesleyOLVanderbilt11-26-23Vanderbilt1-18-24Withdrew
Barrett MaddoxOLVanderbilt11-26-23Marshall12-20-23Committed
Ken SealsQBVanderbilt11-26-23TCU1-4-24Committed
Max JohnsonQBTexas A&M11-26-23North Carolina11-29-23Committed
D.J. Graham IIWROklahoma11-25-23undecidedPortal
Will RogersQBMississippi State11-24-23Washington12-16-23Committed
Will JamesSMississippi State11-16-23Southern Miss12-19-23Committed
Nakai PooleWRMississippi State11-16-23undecidedPortal
Marcus HicksOTOklahoma11-16-23South Dakota State12-4-23Committed
Simeon PriceRBMississippi State11-15-23undecidedPortal
Jacoby BellazarWRMississippi State11-15-23undecidedPortal
Tyson SchillingWRMississippi State11-15-23undecidedPortal
Raymond CottrellWRTexas A&M11-13-23Kentucky12-9-23Committed
Akhnaton ShabazzLBSouth Carolina10-27-23undecidedPortal
Jalen WaddyLBTexas A&M9-18-23undecidedPortal
Smoke BouieCBGeorgia8-19-23undecidedPortal
Jalen KitnaQBFlorida5-1-23UAB12-30-23Committed
Gunnar GundyQBOhio1-23-24Alabama1-23-24Committed
Tiaoalii SaveaDLArizona1-19-24Texas1-23-24Committed
Parker BrailsfordiOLWashington1-17-24Alabama1-21-24Committed
Julius BuelowiOLWashington1-17-24Ole Miss1-25-24Committed
Geirean HatchettiOLWashington1-17-24Oklahoma1-29-24Committed
Germie BernardWRWashington1-15-24Alabama1-21-24Committed
Austin MackQBWashington1-14-24Alabama1-19-24Committed
Nate KalepoiOLWashington1-14-24Ole Miss1-24-24Committed
Asa TurnerSWashington1-12-24Florida1-25-24Committed
Amorion WalkerCBMichigan1-11-24Ole Miss1-17-24Committed
Kamaar BelliOLFAU1-4-24South Carolina1-16-24Committed
Diego PoundsOTNorth Carolina1-4-24Ole Miss1-8-24Committed
CJ DanielsWRLiberty1-4-24LSU1-14-24Committed
Gilber EdmondDLFlorida State1-3-24South Carolina1-15-24Committed
Dorian HintoniOLFAU1-2-24Texas A&M1-8-24Committed
BJ MayesCBUAB1-2-24Texas A&M1-6-24Committed
Yam BanksSSouth Alabama1-2-24Ole Miss1-14-24Committed
Torricelli SimpkinsiOLNC Central1-1-24South Carolina1-4-24Committed
Silas BoldenWROregon State1-1-24Texas1-16-24Committed
Jake RobertsTEBaylor1-1-24Oklahoma1-8-24Committed
Demetrius KnightLBCharlotte1-1-24South Carolina1-4-24Committed
Kevin Coleman Jr.WRLouisville1-1-24Mississippi State1-4-24Committed
Jaxson MoiDLStanford1-1-24Tennessee1-21-24Committed
Armaj Reed-AdamsOTKansas1-1-24Texas A&M1-7-24Committed
Jesse MircoPOhio Sate12-31-23Vanderbilt1-3-24Committed
Ahmari Huggins-BruceWRLouisville12-29-23South Carolina1-4-24Committed
Marquise RobinsonCBSouth Alabama12-28-23Arkansas1-5-24Committed
Jalen McMurrayCBTemple12-27-23Tennessee1-9-24Committed
Clay MillenQBColorado State12-27-23Florida1-14-24Committed
Ja'Quinden JacksonRBUtah12-27-23Arkansas1-5-24Committed
Jabre BarberWRTroy12-27-23Texas A&M1-5-24Committed
Sterling WebbDLNew Mexico State12-26-23Missouri1-7-24Committed
Nic ScourtonDEPurdue12-26-23Texas A&M1-4-24Committed
Caiden WoullardEDGEMiami (OH)12-26-23Oklahoma1-4-24Committed
Gage LarvadainWRMiami (OH)12-26-23South Carolina1-5-24Committed
Diego PaviaQBNew Mexico State12-23-23Vanderbilt1-17-24Committed
Cashius HowellEDGEBowling Green12-23-23Texas A&M1-8-24Committed
Casey ThompsonQBFAU12-21-23Oklahoma1-11-24Committed
Blaze BerlowitzQBNew Mexico State12-19-23Vanderbilt12-20-23Committed
Anton JuncajEDGEAlbany12-18-23Arkansas1-5-24Committed
Domani JacksonCBUSC12-18-23Alabama12-28-23Committed
Tre WatsonTEFresno State12-17-23Texas A&M1-12-24Committed
Jacoby JacksonOTTexas Tech12-17-23Mississippi State1-9-24Committed
Rodas JohnsonDLWisconsin12-17-23Texas A&M1-6-24Committed
Bauer SharpTESE Louisiana12-15-23Oklahoma12-18-23Committed
Gage KeysDLKansas12-15-23Auburn12-15-23Committed
Fred FarrierWRUAB12-14-23Kentucky1-7-24Committed
Garrett MillerTEPurdue12-14-23Texas A&M12-19-23Committed
Samuel FranklinRBUT-Martin12-13-23Oklahoma12-13-23Committed
Tre WrightCBMemphis12-12-23Mississippi State12-17-23Committed
George GumbsEDGENorthern Illinois12-12-23Florida1-4-24Committed
Trey JonesDBCentral Michigan12-11-23Texas A&M12-18-23Committed
Cameron BallTEBuffalo12-11-23Mississippi State12-17-23Committed
Sam JacksonQBCal12-11-23Auburn12-27-23Committed
Colbie YoungWRMiami (FL)12-9-23Georgia12-23-23Committed
Matthew GoldenWRHouston12-7-23Texas12-16-23Committed
Oscar AdawayRBNorth Texas12-7-23South Carolina12-12-23Committed
Loic FouonjiWRTexas Tech12-6-23Vanderbilt12-23-23Committed
Chip TrayanumRBOhio State12-6-23Kentucky12-12-23Committed
DJ DouglasWRTulane12-6-23Florida1-6-24Committed
Devin PriceWRFAU12-6-23Ole Miss2-2-24Committed
Michael Jackson IIIWRUSC12-5-23Georgia1-4-24Committed
Trikweze BidgesSOregon12-5-23Florida12-18-23Committed
Dorian MausiLBDuke12-5-23Auburn12-20-23Committed
Jermod McCoyCBOregon State12-5-23Tennessee12-20-23Committed
Jyaire BrownCBOhio State12-5-23LSU1-4-24Committed
Andrew MukubaSClemson12-5-23Texas12-18-23Committed
Trey MooreEDGEUTSA12-5-23Texas12-23-23Committed
Alex HowardLBYoungstown State12-5-23Texas A&M12-16-23Committed
Randon FontenetteSTCU12-5-23Vanderbilt12-7-23Committed
Brady HuntTEBall State12-4-23South Carolina12-17-23Committed
Taylen GreenQBBoise State12-4-23Arkansas12-11-23Committed
Donovan SaundersDBCal Poly12-4-23Texas A&M1-5-24Committed
Marcus CarrollRBGeorgia State12-4-23Missouri12-11-23Committed
Robert LewisWRGeorgia State12-4-23Auburn12-10-23Committed
Matthew ShipleyKHawaii12-4-23Arkansas12-17-23Committed
Rico WalkerTEMaryland12-4-23Auburn1-8-24Committed
Zion YoungEDGEMichigan State12-4-23Missouri1-15-24Committed
Febechi NwaiwuiOLNorth Texas12-4-23Oklahoma12-22-23Committed
Holden StaesTENotre Dame12-4-23Tennessee12-15-23Committed
Khordae SydnorDLPurdue12-4-23Vanderbilt12-17-23Committed
Fernando CarmonaOTSan Jose State12-4-23Arkansas12-17-23Committed
Harold BloodQBSouthern12-4-23Missouri1-8-24Committed
Gerald KilgordCBTennessee Tech12-4-23South Carolina12-17-23Committed
Chris Brazzell IIWRTulane12-4-23Tennessee12-21-23Committed
Jocelyn MalaskaCBUtah12-4-23Oklahoma1-2-24Committed
Blake ShapenQBBaylor12-4-23Mississippi State12-8-23Committed
Chimere DikeWRWisconsin12-4-23Florida12-20-23Committed
Kolbey TaylorCBWyoming12-4-23Vanderbilt12-10-23Committed
Andreas PaaskeTEEastern Michigan12-1-23Arkansas12-10-23Committed
Kyle KennardEDGEGeorgia Tech12-1-23South Carolina12-14-23Committed
Cyrus AllenWRLouisiana Tech12-1-23Texas A&M12-17-23Committed
Marcus RatcliffeSSan Diego State12-1-23Texas A&M1-4-24Committed
Jawarn HowellRBSC State12-1-23South Carolina12-14-23Committed
Toriano Pride Jr.CBClemson12-1-23Missouri12-6-23Committed
Jared BrownWRCoastal Carolina11-30-23South Carolina12-11-23Committed
Marlon JonesDBEastern Washington11-30-23Vanderbilt12-21-23Committed
Louis MooreSIndiana11-30-23Ole Miss12-11-23Committed
Dezjhon MaloneCBSan Diego State11-30-23Oklahoma12-10-23Committed
Kelly AkharaiyiWRUTEP11-30-23Mississippi State12-19-23Committed
Wesley WatsonWRKansas State11-29-23Texas A&M12-21-23Committed
Ethan MineriOLNorth Texas11-29-23Mississippi State12-14-23Committed
DeAndre JulesDLPittsburgh11-29-23South Carolina12-13-23Committed
Bangally KamaraLBPittsburgh11-29-23South Carolina1-6-24Committed
Brandon Crenshaw-DicksonOTSan Diego State11-29-23Florida12-17-23Committed
Will Lee IIICBKansas State11-28-23Texas A&M12-10-23Committed
Corey Flagg Jr.LBMiami (FL)11-28-23Missouri12-21-23Committed
Orion PhillipsPMurray State11-28-23Missouri12-23-23Committed
Jakobe ThomasSMiddle Tennessee11-28-23Tennessee12-16-23Committed
Ja'Mori MaclinWRNorth Texas11-28-23Kentucky12-13-23Committed
Deion BurksWRPurdue11-28-23Oklahoma12-12-23Committed
E.J. SmithRBStanford11-28-23Texas A&M1-7-24Committed
Dae'Quan WrightTEVirginia Tech11-28-23Ole Miss1-14-24Committed
Spencer BrownOLMichigan State11-27-23Oklahoma12-6-23Committed
Kedrick Bingley-JonesDLNorth Carolina11-27-23Mississippi State12-13-23Committed
Sulaiman KpakaDLPurdue11-27-23Mississippi State12-17-23Committed
Gerquan ScottOTSouthern Miss11-27-23Ole Miss12-12-23Committed
Zaylin WoodDEMiddle Tennessee11-27-23Vanderbilt11-28-23Committed
Nate JohnsonQBUtah11-26-23Vanderbilt12-17-23Committed
Joey SlackmanDLPenn11-20-23Florida12-17-23Committed
Keyshawn BlackstockiOLMichigan State10-24-23Arkansas11-20-23Committed

Alabama Crimson Tide

Total Transfers Out: 30
Total Transfer In: 7
Total Transfers Undecided: 5
Total Withdrawn: 0

The Alabama Crimson Tide were laid to waste following the retirement of Nick Saban. As such, 30 players have transferred out of Alabama and five remain undecided about their future and still reside in the portal. Of those 30 players, all but five of them entered the portal after Saban’s retirement.

The makeup of college football was forever changed when Saban retired, no more apparent than the roster in Tuscaloosa.

Despite that fact, the Crimson Tide did an amazing job at bringing in top players through the portal while Saban was still around. Those players — LT Overton, Domani Jackson, Naquil Bertrand — are still sold on ‘Bama with Kalen DeLoach in the fold, each potentially serving major roles next fall.

Arkansas Razorbacks

Total Transfers Out: 25
Total Transfer In: 13
Total Transfers Undecided: 10
Total Withdrawn: 1

Though the Arkansas Razorbacks lost a fair share of scholarship players, they did a good job of retaining some of their top talent. Sure, KJ Jefferson is on his way to UCF, but the Arkansas program is on to bigger plans with new offensive coordinator Bobby Petrino calling the shots now.

Though the Razorbacks really lacked in big-name acquisitions from the portal, the work at grabbing players such as Ja’Quinden Jackson, Miguel Mitchell, Doneiko Slaughter, and Fernando Carmona may serve as a massive boost to Arkansas. No signing, however, is as big as grabbing QB Taylen Green from Boise State.

Auburn Tigers

Total Transfers Out: 17
Total Transfer In: 9
Total Transfers Undecided: 7
Total Withdrawn: 1

It should be known the Auburn Tigers‘ roster construction has been a big proponent of the portal in the past two cycles. However, as we’ve all come to know, the portal doesn’t always mean greener pastures.

Jyaire Shorter and Robby Ashford each transferred to Auburn to hopefully play vital roles in the Tigers’ success and expand their national profiles. But after 2023, each has found a different program to play for going forward.

Such is life in the portal and the Tigers have done a great job of bringing in positions of need in 2024. That includes former Georgia State WR Robert Lewis to bolster the Tigers’ receiving corps. Lewis is a player to watch if you’re an Auburn fan in 2024.

Florida Gators

Total Transfers Out: 24
Total Transfer In: 11
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 1

One of the harder-hit teams in the conference, the Florida Gators watched as 25 players hit the portal this offseason. Sure, Mannie Nunnery returned, but that still left a sizeable gap in the roster from a seemingly hapless team from a year ago.

Florida lost some big-name players, including Princeley Umanmielen and Trevor Etienne, each on SEC rivals now. Whether Gator fans want to admit it or not, Billy Napier is on the hot seat, and his inability to work the portal to retain talent is absolutely part of the reason.

However, Napier’s ability to bring in players this year gives the Gators some hope. Joey Slackman was arguably the top FCS defensive player this cycle, but he didn’t stop there.

Brandon Crenshaw-Dickson has the makings of a top-tier tackle, while Trikweze Bridges, Asas Turner, and George Gumbs could become household names on defense. Chimere Dike reunites with Graham Mertz after the duo played together two seasons ago at Wisconsin.

Georgia Bulldogs

Total Transfers Out: 24
Total Transfer In: 4
Total Transfers Undecided: 4
Total Withdrawn: 1

Like their rival Gators, the portal hit the Georgia Bulldogs hard. With 24 players exiting the program and only one returning, it’s fortunate for the Bulldogs that their losses weren’t too many on the ‘key players’ front.

Nyland Green, A.J. Harris, Jamon Dumas-Johnson, CJ Madden, and a handful of other players have star potential but were left playing behind some talented players likely to make the NFL leap in 2024 or 2025. As such, the depth at Georgia is likely the biggest issue with their losses in 2024.

Quiet on the acquisition front, the Bulldogs only brought in four players this offseason. Despite their lack of total players, Georgia was picky and absolutely plucked top-tier talent.

Former Miami WR Colbie Young and USC WR Michael Jackson III are stars in the making. Trevor Etienne from rival Florida could be an impact player right away, while former South Carolina’s Xzavier McLeod fits right into the Georgia defense.

Kentucky Wildcats

Total Transfers Out: 15
Total Transfer In: 9
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 2

Keeping the roster relatively intact, it’s been a rather uneventful portal season for the Kentucky Wildcats. The losses of Destin Wade and Keaten Wade made mainstream news, but as they headed to Colorado, it was clear that the future at each position was already on the roster for the Wildcats.

However, the name to know for this Kentucky team in 2024 is absolutely new WR Ja’Mori Maclin. The former North Texas star was a big-play threat and could take the top off any SEC defense with a good quarterback.

LSU Tigers

Total Transfers Out: 19
Total Transfer In: 6
Total Transfers Undecided: 5
Total Withdrawn: 0

The LSU Tigers have done a great job of utilizing the transfer portal before it became popular, grabbing the likes of Joe Burrow and Jayden Daniels at the sports’ most marquee position. This season, they lost a handful of players through the portal, but aside from Duce Chestnut, Logan Diggs, and one or two more, the star players have stayed in Baton Rouge.

With their top talent staying put, the Tigers weren’t nearly aggressive on the portal hunt this year. They still received big-time players in CJ Daniels from Liberty, Jyaire Brown from Ohio State, and AJ Swann from Vanderbilt, but it was a quiet portal acquisition season for LSU.

Ole Miss Rebels

Total Transfers Out: 18
Total Transfer In: 18
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 0

The undisputed portal kings, Lane Kiffin’s Ole Miss Rebels, are certainly among the best at bringing in top-tier talent in the offseason. This year is no different but does feel a bit off after star running back Quinshon Judkins shocked the world by exiting the program for a crowded backfield at Ohio State.

Nevertheless, Judkins’ departure barely cracks the top players coming and going from Ole Miss because of their recent acquisitions in the portal.

Those talented portal additions are almost too numerous to list but include former Gators edge rusher Princely Umanmielen, Oklahoma S Key Lawrence, South Carolina WR Juice Wells, and South Alabama S Yam Banks. The class itself is talented, but the areas of need that Kiffin and Co. hit were just as impressive.

Mississippi State Bulldogs

Total Transfers Out: 18
Total Transfer In: 13
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 1

Just 17 total players are exiting the Mississippi State Bulldogs roster this offseason, and that lack of turnover speaks volumes to the job that new head coach Jeff Lebby has done since taking over. Though Lebby’s work will be cut out for him, Starkville’s culture appears to be intact.

Mississippi State’s defense will be tested with losses such as Decamerion Richardson, DeCarlos Nicholson, and others, it was the loss of Will Rogers to Washington may come back to hurt them most. However, their ability to land former Baylor QB Blake Shapen may do wonders in the short term for a team enacting a new identity this year.

Missouri Tigers

Total Transfers Out: 14
Total Transfer In: 10
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 0

Talk about recruiting top talent and then keeping top talent. All the credit in the world goes to Eli Drinkwitz and Co. with the Missouri Tigers for doing so much more with so much less than their counterparts in the SEC.

Drinkwitz has lost just eight total players so far, with six former Tigers undecided in the portal. Truth be told, talented but unproven players are those who have left and signed elsewhere from the program, as the roster of contributors is largely intact from the 2023 season (save for exhausted eligibility ravishing the OL).

As such, the Tigers brought in 10 total players so far through the portal, with their most notable acquisition being former Oklahoma guard Cayden Green. The former high-ranking recruit had a great season in 2023 and should be on the shortlist for the 2026 NFL Draft after two seasons with the Tigers.

Oklahoma Sooners

Total Transfers Out: 19
Total Transfer In: 11
Total Transfers Undecided: 3
Total Withdrawn: 0

The Oklahoma Sooners have done a great job in recent seasons at bringing in top talent that has blossomed in Norman. However, this past offseason, they saw the other end of that spectrum as star offensive lineman Cayden Green exited the program and legendary QB Dillon Gabriel headed to the Pacific Northwest.

Key Lawrence was a big loss, as were a handful of others, but the Sooners have done just as well at bringing in talent to lighten the load. Included in that overhaul of talent is a plethora of potential next-level stars.

Former San Diego State DB Dezjhon Malone can lock down receivers while former Miami (OH) edge rusher Caiden Woullard is as talented as they come. Deion Burks from Purdue and Febechi Nwaiwu from North Texas are lesser-known names that may make a huge difference next all.

South Carolina Gamecocks

Total Transfers Out: 22
Total Transfer In: 19
Total Transfers Undecided: 12
Total Withdrawn: 0

Of all the teams that saw a plethora of players hit the open market, few have had the level of unknown attached to them quite like the South Carolina Gamecocks. Of their 22 players to transfer, 12 remain actively in the portal and a return to Columbia is not out of the question.

However, the loss of star players Juice Wells and Mario Anderson, coupled with the departures of Spencer Rattler and a handful of NFL Draft hopefuls, could be crippling for success in 2024.

Gilber Edmond returns to the program through the portal, and Georgia Tech’s Kyle Kennard help on defense. But it’s a trio of receivers that may prove the biggest difference in 2024 as Ahmari Huggins-Bruce, Gage Larvadain, and Jared Brown rework the Gamecocks’ offense.

Tennessee Volunteers

Total Transfers Out: 12
Total Transfer In: 8
Total Transfers Undecided: 1
Total Withdrawn: 0

It’s a varietal who is who of former Tennessee Volunteers dotting incoming transfer portal classes nationwide. Of their 12 departures, 11 of them have signed with nine different universities, including eight different Power Five programs.

Tennessee lost Tyler Baron to Louisville, Brandon Turnage to Ole Miss, and De’Shawn Rucker to USC, just to name a few. However, the Vols received one of the most underappreciated players on the market through the portal.

Wide receiver Chris Brazzell II from Tulane should make an immediate impact in Knoxville this fall. Brazzell flashed brilliance with the Green Wave and was one of the most sought after players this cycle.

Texas Longhorns

Total Transfers Out: 14
Total Transfer In: 8
Total Transfers Undecided: 4
Total Withdrawn: 1

Of their College Football Playoff roster, the Texas Longhorns haven’t lost a ton of talented contributors. Such is the victory of the Big 12 and a jettison to a conference that means more, but it’s likely more because of the efforts of head coach Steve Sarkisian and Co. at keeping talent happy in Austin more than anything else.

Of their losses, only Kitan Crawford and Trill Carter made much of an impact this past season; however, depth and potential did walk out their door with their nine players signed elsewhere.

Despite those losses, the addition of potential star players through the portal takes precedence when discussing Texas’s portal movement. Trey Moore is a star in the making from UTSA, while Andrew Mukuba has high-level NFL Draft potential. Silas Bolden and Matthew Golden should do wonders in the Longhorns’ passing attack, while Alabama transfers highlight the rest.

Texas A&M Aggies

Total Transfers Out: 24
Total Transfer In: 21
Total Transfers Undecided: 6
Total Withdrawn: 1

Of all the programs that saw top-tier talent walk out of the door, the Texas A&M Aggies roster was arguably hit the hardest. Such is life when you have some of the best recruiting classes over the past few years but middling success and a fired coach.

Despite all the losses, new head coach Mike Elko has done a great job at rebranding the Aggie program and bringing in talent and depth through the portal. The losses of Walter Nolen, LT Overton, Tyreek Chappell, and a handful of others will be hard to get over, but it appears they’ll be ready to do so.

With 21 players coming into the mix from the portal, this A&M roster is set to look completely different in 2024. Notable transfers in include BJ Mayes, Jaydon Hill, Cashius Howell, and De’Rickey Wright.

Vanderbilt Commodores

Total Transfers Out: 18
Total Transfer In: 13
Total Transfers Undecided: 1
Total Withdrawn: 1

The Vanderbilt Commodores weren’t necessarily hit hard by the total number of players to hit the portal this season, but they certainly were hit hard by the caliber of players leaving. Will Sheppard, Jayden McGowan, AJ Swann, and De’Rickey Wright all had terrific careers with the Commodores but are now looking to put their names more on the national map elsewhere.

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Making matters worse, it appears that there isn’t a clear-cut answer to who their quarterback will be despite grabbing New Mexico State’s Blaze Berlowitz and Diego Pavia through the portal. This roster has the makings of potential with its 13 additions in the portal, but a lot of answers are yet to be known.

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