Rich Rodriguez’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    Rich Rodriguez is a veteran head coach who has had two successful seasons at Jacksonville State but what is his salary, contract, and net worth?

    Rich Rodriguez is heading into his third year as Jacksonville State’s head coach after two successful seasons, including a bowl game victory in 2023 over Louisiana — the Gamecocks’ first year in the Conference USA.

    As a highly experienced head coach with former jobs at Michigan and Arizona, what is Rodriguez’s salary, contract and net worth as the leader of the Jacksonville State football program?

    Rich Rodriguez’s Salary and Contract in 2024

    Rodriguez signed a contract extension in April 2023 that earns him a base salary of $800,000 in 2024. The deal will see the Gamecock’s head coach under contract through the end of the 2028 season.

    The Anniston Star reported that the extension increased the contract’s base salary to $800,000 per season. That is a growth from $500,000 in the original deal.

    As an extension to the original contract signed in 2021, there are still plenty of incentives and bonuses included in Rodriguez’s salary.

    The Gadsen Times reports that the Gamecocks’ head coach can earn up to $195,000 in yearly bonuses by hitting several season markers.

    Rodriguez can earn $20,000 if Jacksonville State finishes top of their conference, while a further $100,000 is on offer if the Alabama-based program finishes in the top 25 of the College Football Playoff or Associated Press rankings.

    Furthermore, there are additional bonuses on offer for the Jacksonville State head coach. There are incentives for season win totals, with $10,000 earned for a six-win season, $20,000 for seven wins, $30,000 if the Gamecocks win eight games, and $50,000 paid if they win nine or more.

    Jacksonville State has won nine games in both of Rodriguez’s years in charge.

    There are even more incentives available for academic success. Incrementally, if the team finishes with a GPA average between 3.0 and 3.29, Rodriguez earns $5,000. If that average is between 3.3 and 3.49, $10,000 is earned. Finally, if the GPA average is above 3.5, $15,000 is earned. A further $10,000 is on offer if the team achieves a minimum graduation success rate of 80%.

    Rodriguez’s salary at Jacksonville State is significantly lower than he has earned in other head coaching roles with the Michigan Wolverines and Arizona Wildcats.

    Rodriguez’s Net Worth

    While Rodriguez’s net worth is not reported, there are records of his annual salaries. The USA Today Salary Tracker has data from 2009 to date.

    Since 2009, Rodriguez has earned $26.1 million in annual salaries across several jobs. However, this number does not reflect salaries before 2009 or any incentives earned.

    Rodriguez was head coach at West Virginia from 2001-2007, and that salary is not included. He then became head coach at Michigan between 2008-2010 before heading west to take over as head coach of Arizona.

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    After stops as offensive coordinator at Ole Miss (2019) and Louisiana-Monroe (2021), Rodriguez was named head coach at Jacksonville State before the 2022 season.

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