Projected 2024 Colorado Buffaloes Depth Chart

    The projected Colorado Buffaloes Football Depth Chart is sure to look quite a bit different in 2024. Look at the projected starters who have entered through the transfer portal.

    The Colorado Buffaloes depth chart has seemingly always been under construction in the Deion Sanders era. After inheriting a roster void of talent, Coach Prime has done a great job with his staff at making a competent roster on both sides of the ball.

    As they transition to the Big 12 in 2024, what does the projected Colorado depth chart actually look like?

    Projected 2024 Colorado Buffaloes Football Depth Chart

    The Colorado depth chart is sure to look a lot different compared to the 2023 season.

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    Find the Buffaloes’ entire transfer portal haul and list of departures from Colorado below.

    Colorado Depth Chart: Offense


    • Shedeur Sanders, Sr.
    • Walter Taylor, Jr. (Vanderbilt)
    • Destin Wade, So. (Kentucky)

    Running Back

    • Dylan Edwards, So.
    • Sy’veon Wilkerson, Jr.
    • Charlie Offerdahl, Jr.

    Wide Receiver

    • Travis Hunter, Jr.
    • Cordale Russell, Fr. (TCU)

    Wide Receiver

    • Jimmy Horn Jr., Sr.
    • Terrell Timmons Jr., Jr. (NC State)

    Wide Receiver

    • Will Sheppard, Sr. (Vanderbilt)
    • Omarion Miller, So.

    Tight End

    • Chamon Metayer, So. (Cincinnati)
    • Elijah Yelverton, Jr.
    • Brady Kopetz, So.

    Left Tackle

    • Isaiah Jatta, Sr.
    • Jordan Seaton, Fr.

    Left Guard

    • Tyler Johnson, Jr. (Houston)


    • Van Wells, Jr.
    • Yakiri Walker, So. (UConn)

    Right Guard

    • Justin Mayers, Sr. (UTEP)
    • Kareem Harden, Sr.

    Right Tackle

    • Kahlil Benson, Sr. (Indiana)
    • Phillip Houston, Jr. (FIU)

    Colorado Depth Chart: Defense

    Defensive End

    • Sav’ell Smalls, Sr.
    • Samuel Okunlola, So. (Pittsburgh)
    • Quency Wiggins, So. (LSU)

    Defensive Tackle

    • Chazz Wallace, Sr.
    • Bishop Thomas, So.
    • Anquin Barnes, Fr. (Alabama)

    Defensive Tackle

    • Amari McNeill, Jr.
    • Chidozie Nwankwo, Sr. (Houston)

    Outside Linebacker

    • Arden Walker, Jr.
    • Khairi Manns, Sr.

    Inside Linebacker

    • DJ Lundy, Sr.
    • Demouy Kennedy, Sr.

    Inside Linebacker

    • Trevor Woods, Sr.
    • Jeremiah Brown, Sr.


    • Preston Hodge, Jr. (Liberty)
    • Jaden Milliner-Jones, Sr.
    • Myles Slusher, Sr.


    • Travis Hunter, Jr.
    • Kendrick Breedlove, Jr.


    • Cormani McClain, So.
    • Omarion Cooper, Sr.
    • Carter Stoutmire, So.


    • Cam’Ron Silmon-Craig, Sr.


    • Shilo Sanders, Gr.
    • Myles Slusher, Sr.
    • Vito Tisdale, Jr.

    Colorado Depth Chart: Special Teams


    • Mark Vassett, Sr.
    • Jace Feely, Jr.


    • Alejandro Mata, Jr.
    • or Jace Feely, Jr.


    • Cameron Warchuck, Jr.
    • Jacob Politte, Jr.

    Kick Returner

    • Dylan Edwards, So.
    • Anthony Hankerson, Jr.
    • or Kendrick Breedlove, Jr.

    Punt Returner

    • Jimmy Horn Jr., Sr.


    • Mark Vassett, Sr.

    Colorado Buffalos Transfer Portal Departures

    The following players have entered the transfer portal from Colorado.

    • Kasen Weisman, QB (transfer portal)
    • Anthony Hankerson, RB (transfer portal – Oregon State)
    • Dante Capolungo, WR (transfer portal)
    • Cole Boscia, WR (transfer portal – Cal)
    • Chernet Estes, WR (transfer portal)
    • Caleb Fauria, TE (transfer portal)
    • Michael Harrison, TE (transfer portal – San Diego State)
    • Gerad Christian-Lichtenhan, OT (transfer portal – Oregon State)
    • Jeremiah McCrimmon, OT (transfer portal)
    • Owen Westemeyer, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Eoghan Kerry, LB (transfer portal)
    • Marvin Ham, LB (transfer portal)
    • Andi Etok, CB (transfer portal)
    • Trey Ortega, S (transfer portal)
    • Trent Carrizosa, P (transfer portal)

    Colorado Buffalos Transfer Portal Arrivals

    The following players have committed to transfer or signed their NLI to play for Colorado in 2024.

    • Walter Taylor, QB, Vanderbilt
    • Destin Wade, QB, Kentucky
    • Keaten Wade, WR, Kentucky
    • Will Sheppard, WR, Vanderbilt
    • Terrell Timmons Jr., WR, NC State
    • Cordale Russell, WR, TCU
    • Chamon Metayer, TE, Cincinnati
    • Yakiri Walker, iOL, UConn
    • Tyler Johnson, iOL, Houston
    • Phillip Houston, iOL, FIU
    • Van Wells, iOL, Colorado (withdrew name)
    • Kahlil Benson, iOL, Indiana
    • Justin Mayers, DL, UTEP
    • Chidozie Nwankwo, DL, Houston
    • Samuel Okunlola, DL, Pittsburgh
    • Anquin Barnes, DL, Alabama
    • Quency Wiggins, DL, LSU
    • DJ Lundy, LB, Florida State
    • Preston Hodge, CB, Liberty

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