List of Oregon Ducks NFL Draft Picks

    The Oregon Ducks have put their stamp on the NFL through the Draft, but how many Oregon Draft picks have their been since the draft began?

    The Oregon Ducks are no strangers to sending players to the NFL. With a recent slew of Ducks in the pros, the question comes to mind: just how many Oregon draft picks have there been since the event came to be?

    Oregon Draft Picks By Year

    Oregon has placed a total of 235 draft picks since the 1936 NFL Draft. That total includes 21 first-round picks and 10 picks inside the top seven selections.

    The Ducks saw their first No. 1 selection during the 1955 NFL Draft, but have not had a No. 1 overall selection since. Of all their players drafted, 28 total offensive tackles have been selected, the most of any position from Eugene.

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