List of Georgia Bulldogs NFL Draft Picks

    The Georgia Bulldogs have recently made history in the NFL Draft. Just how many Georgia Draft picks have there been since the draft started?

    The Georgia Bulldogs have set recent NFL Draft history with their placement of Dawgs in the NFL. With several more expected to follow suit in the coming years, just how many Georgia Draft picks have there been since the event started?

    Georgia Draft Picks By Year

    Georgia has placed a total of 376 players in the NFL Draft, including five total first-overall selections. That total includes a modern-era NFL record 15 players in one draft (2022) and back-to-back double-digit drafts in 2022 and 2023.

    The Bulldogs have had at least two players selected in every draft since 1993 except for one (2017) and five or more picks in all but two drafts since 2005. Of those players drafted, Georgia has sent 46 offensive tackles into the league, the most of any one position from their roster.

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