New Year’s Six Bowl Projections: SEC Left Out of the Playoff?

    Our New Year's Six bowl projections dive into if the SEC gets left out as well as which team gets the fourth and final spot in the playoff.

    Now we wait. Our final New Year’s Six Bowl projections dive into what the College Football Playoff committee will do with the playoff and the other big bowl games. Will Florida State get in? Does Georgia still have a chance? We dive into that and more now.

    New Year’s Six Bowl Projections

    Rose Bowl (College Football Playoff) | #1 Michigan vs. #4 Florida State

    The debate is best versus most deserving, and Florida State fits both at one point. Losing Jordan Travis certainly hurt, but that doesn’t mean the Seminoles don’t deserve to be in the playoff.

    It feels like the committee is deciding between Florida State, Alabama, Texas, and Georgia for the final two spots. Leaving the ‘Noles out isn’t out of the question, but it would certainly ruffle some feathers.

    Michigan’s undefeated and deserves to be here. There haven’t been too many concerns about this team’s ability to compete, though their lack of dominance in big games could mean they’re vulnerable in the Playoff.

    Sugar Bowl (College Football Playoff) | #2 Washington vs. #3 Texas

    Washington silenced the doubters by beating Oregon for a second time this year, leaving no questions about their worthiness of the playoff. The offense looked strong in the Pac-12 Championship Game, and the Huskies hope to carry that momentum into the playoff.

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    When you’re comparing resumes, some stand out over others. Texas might not have as strong of a resume as Alabama or Georgia, but they have one thing over both of them. They beat Alabama, who then beat Georgia.

    If we’re not counting the games being played, especially head-to-head, then why are we playing them? Texas should be in the Playoff.

    Cotton Bowl | Ohio State vs. Alabama

    Alabama played strong towards the end of the season, and it’s easily Nick Saban’s best coaching performance of his historic career. Leaving the SEC out of the playoff in the final version of the four-team playoff would spark outrage, but it wasn’t exactly an elite year for the conference.

    Ohio State was on the outside looking in this weekend, and they knew there was little chance they’d be in the playoff. If this matchup comes to fruition, the question would be how many guys would participate over going pro. Guys like Marvin Harrison Jr. and Dallas Turner might sit out a bowl game that doesn’t help them.

    Fiesta Bowl | Missouri vs. Liberty

    Two of the more exciting teams offensively face off in what could be an electric shootout between these two offenses. Missouri had an incredible year, and that was largely thanks to quarterback Brady Cook. The Tigers look to win their first 11-game season since 2014.

    Liberty finished the year undefeated in Jamey Chadwell’s first season. With Tulane losing, the Flames take the Group of Five spot in our New Year’s Six bowl projections. An offense that’s unique and explosive would be fun to watch against an SEC opponent, and this has the potential to be the best bowl game of the year.

    Peach Bowl | Georgia vs. Oregon

    Dan Lanning against his old team? Yes, please. While the Ducks ended their season with a disappointing loss, they’d be fired up to face Georgia in a rematch of last year’s season opener. It would be a measuring stick to see how far the Ducks have come under Lanning, and the intrigue of Lanning against Kirby Smart would make this matchup fun.

    Georgia’s loss to Alabama hurts in many ways. There’s little chance they get in the playoff unless the committee caves under pressure from Pitchfork Nation. The outrage of seeing the SEC out of the playoff would be huge, but the conference doesn’t get a pass, unfortunately.

    Orange Bowl | Ole Miss vs. Louisville

    Ole Miss and Louisville feature two explosive running backs in Quinshon Judkins and Jawhar Jordan. Both have bright futures and watching them go against each other would be a great way to end the season.

    Throw in the Cardinals’ defense against Lane Kiffin’s offense, and you’ve got yourself quality entertainment. Louisville’s been the biggest surprise of the ACC this year, and that’s huge, considering it’s the first year under Jeff Brohm.

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