Nebraska Cornhuskers Best of 2023: Isaac Gifford, Luke Reimer Stout On Defense

    Nebraska Cornhuskers Best of 2023 includes Isaac Gifford and Luke Reimer impressing on defense for the Huskers.

    In conjunction with our College Football’s Best series, highlighting the top plays, players, highlights, and moments from all 133 teams, we’re here to showcase the best the Nebraska Cornhuskers have had to offer in 2023. Who has stood out? What units are turning heads?

    And who from Huskers is among the top mentions in our College Football’s Best series this season?

    Nebraska Cornhuskers Best of 2023

    At College Football Network, we watch every game. Every player. Every team. And our notebooks are chock full of top players, plays, highlights, and moments. Today, I’m emptying the notebook.

    Below, find Nebraska’s noteworthy players, groupings, or units, all listed under a different category: good, great, grand, or wonderful. Every team across the country has put forth their best efforts in 2023, and through four weeks of action, those players deserve notoriety for what they’ve put forth this season.

    Highlighting the best with a line from the one and only Chris Farley, welcome to this season’s Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful!

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    Good: Heinrich Haarberg, QB

    Leading the team in rushing yards despite starting just two games, Heinrich Haarberg has proven to be an elusive threat in the open field. He’s also kept the ball relatively safe in the passing game and if he continues to develop, could be something special in this offense.

    Great: Bryce Benhart, RT

    The big man at right tackle for Nebraska has been remarkably consistent this season. With sound pass protection sets, Bryce Benhart’s biggest impact has been on the ground where he’s routinely found clearing the lane at the first and second levels.

    Grand: Luke Reimer, LB

    Leading the way with 2.5 sacks this season, Luke Reimer has added a tenacious blitzing presence in the middle of the field for the Huskers. He also has multiple plays in run defense as he’s proven invaluable to this defense.

    Wonderful: Isaac Gifford, CB

    Leading the team in tackles, Isaac Gifford has proven to be more than a lockdown cornerback and instead almost like an additional linebacker in run defense. He’s made multiple plays on the ball and has shown great instincts in 2023.

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