Mike Bloomgren’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

Mike Bloomgren is returning for his seventh season as head coach of the Rice Owls, but what is his salary, contract, and net worth in 2024?

Mike Bloomgren has made steady progress as head coach of the Rice Owls. After taking the job ahead of the 2018 season, he will enter his seventh season as the Owls head coach in 2024.

After moving from Conference USA to the AAC in 2023, can Bloomgren improve again in 2024? What is his salary, contract, and net worth as the Rice head coach?

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Mike Bloomgren’s Salary and Contract in 2024

Little information is available regarding Bloomgren’s contract with Rice, and his salary for 2024 is unknown. However, in 2023, the Owls head coach earned $926,208.

USA Today reported Bloomgren’s salary following the season, which has stayed around $900,000 for the past three seasons. The Rice head coach earned $904,044 in 2022 and £934,171 in 2021.

As a private university, Rice is not obligated to make any of its employees’ salaries public. The same contract transparency rules do not apply to private schools. While some private universities still make some information available, Rice has decided to hold Bloomgren’s contract details close to their chest.

Bloomgren originally signed a five-year contract in 2017, which was due to expire in 2022. However, he signed a contract extension in 2020, and the length and financial implications of the deal are not public knowledge.

With the length of Bloomgren’s contract currently unknown, it has been difficult for media, fans, and football insiders to gauge the dynamic between the program and its head coach.

That is because The Rice Thresher — the university student newspaper — spoke to athletics director Joe Karlgaard after it was announced that Bloomgren would be returning for the 2023 season.

Karlgaard boldly said, “Our progress over the last several years has been slower than we had hoped,” but “our players were exceptional in the classroom.”

It hardly sounded like a vote of confidence in their head coach. Still, Karlgaard later clarified, “I’m proud of the roster and foundation that coach Bloomgren and his staff have built and how we’ve navigated the shifts to the environment so far.

“But for us to strive for excellence in the future, we’re going to have to be innovative, progressive, and values-driven.”

Rice has improved under Bloomgren, but the progress has been steady. With a 2-3 in the 2020 COVID season, 4-8 in 2021, 5-8 in 2022. Then, 2023 marked the Owls’ best season under Bloomgren after finishing 6-7.

Bloomgren has also led the Owls to consecutive bowl games but has failed to win either. Rice lost the 2022 LendingTree Bowl to Southern Miss and the First Responder Bowl in 2023 to the Texas State Bobcats.

Bloomgren’s Net Worth

Bloomgren’s net worth is unreported, and little is known about how much the Rice head coach has earned in his career.

USA Today discloses the Owls head coaches salary for the past four seasons, totaling $4.1 million. However, his previous roles with Stanford between 2011 and 2017 are not public.

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Bloomgren started his coaching career as a graduate assistant at Alabama before taking roles with Catawba and Delta State. An NFL transition followed, with the Rice head coach holding several jobs with the New York Jets between 2007 and 2010 before returning to the college game.

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