Reports: Michigan Fires Recruiting Analayst Connor Stalions Amid NCAA Investigation

The Michigan Wolverines have reportedly taken the next step in their ongoing NCAA investigation, firing recruiting analyst Connor Stalions.

The Michigan Wolverines have certainly not had an easy past few weeks. However, they may be coming closer to a final resolution around their sign-stealing investigation after finally parting ways with the suspected culprit, Connor Stalions.

On Friday night, it was reported that Michigan fired Stalions after a weeks-long saga into his in-person scouting.

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Report: Michigan Fires Connor Stalions

Though the move may have seemed likely, it was reported to finally become official on Friday night that the University of Michigan fired recruiting analyst Stalions.

Yahoo Sports reported the news first.

Stalions had been the centerpiece of an NCAA investigation around his in-person scouting and sign-stealing. Yahoo was also the first to report that Stalions was suspected of the allegations just two weeks prior.

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Following the original accusations, it was found out that Stalions had purchased tickets to multiple games of future Michigan opponents and transferred those tickets to various friends in an extensive network of scouting future and potential Michigan opponents.

The University of Michigan later released a statement following the news of Stalions’ firing.

“Connor Stalions resigned his position with Michigan Athletics this afternoon. We are unable to comment further regarding this personnel matter.”

Be that as it may, how ever the situation ended, the inroads toward a resolution in this matter have been made, though the resolution seems very likely to be a ways down the road.

Michigan has summoned private investigators, Stalions has been seen on camera (potentially) on the Central Michigan sidelines, and somehow, some way, the Wolverines are bringing Ohio State into the situation.

This is all just the tip of the iceberg surrounding what usually is a lengthy period of time for the NCAA to complete and ultimately act on any investigation in their past.

Confusing the matter in this instance is the fact that sign-stealing isn’t technically against NCAA rules, however, in-person scouting and the use of recording equipment is.

As this is an ongoing case and ongoing investigation, the matters at hand are subject to change. Stay tuned to College Football Network for all the latest surrounding the University of Michigan and Connor Stalions.

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