Maryland Terrapins Best of 2023: Tarheeb Still Locks Down in Coverage

    Maryland Terrapins Best of 2023 includes CB Tarheeb Still locking down in coverage and Taulia Tagoailoa's cast of pass catchers

    In conjunction with our College Football’s Best series, highlighting the top plays, players, highlights, and moments from all 133 teams, we’re here to showcase the best the Maryland Terrapins have had to offer in 2023. Who has stood out? What units are turning heads?

    And who from Illinois is among the top mentions in our College Football’s Best series this season?

    Maryland Terrapins Best of 2023

    At College Football Network, we watch every game. Every player. Every team. And our notebooks are chock full of top players, plays, highlights, and moments. Today, I’m emptying the notebook.

    Below, find Maryland’s noteworthy players, groupings, or units, all listed under a different category: good, great, grand, or wonderful. Every team across the country has put forth their best efforts in 2023, and through four weeks of action, those players deserve notoriety for what they’ve put forth this season.

    Highlighting the best with a line from the one and only Chris Farley, welcome to this season’s Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful!

    For all 133 teams, head over to College Football’s Best of 2023.

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    Good: Pass-Catching Trio

    Between TE Corey Dyches and WRs Kaden Prather and Jeshaun Jones, Taulia Tagovailoa has had the luxury of one of these three stepping up in each game so far. With 611 receiving yards between this trio, they’ve been almost unstoppable.

    Great: Donnell Brown, EDGE

    Despite his position as an outside linebacker who primarily rushes the passer, Donnell Brown has started to see more and more snaps as a coverage defender. He’s rewarded the Terps with two picks and a handful of forced incompletions already this season.

    The St. Francis transfer is a name to watch.

    Grand: Taulia Tagovailoa, QB

    Starting to find his groove, Tagovailoa has thrown for 1,112 yards and eight touchdowns, excelling when he’s targeting any receiver. Tagovailoa has looked sharp downfield and has seemingly improved his decision-making and accuracy this season.

    His records are only going to grow within the Maryland program.

    Wonderful: Tarheeb Still, CB

    Leading the way with three picks this season, Tarheeb Still has secured a game-winning interception and locked down his side of the field.

    If quarterbacks can complete a pass on him, Still limits that receiver to almost no chance for any YAC with his sticky coverage skills.

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