Mario Cristobal’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    Despite a lackluster year one at Miami, Mario Cristobal has the backing of the Hurricanes school and that shows in his salary and contract with the school.

    While the debut season of Miami Hurricanes head coach Mario Cristobal didn’t go according to plan, Cristobal knows that Miami is invested in him heavily with the contract he is currently in. Let’s look closer into the salary he will be paid, the details of his contract, and his net worth with his new deal.

    Mario Cristobal’s Salary and Contract in 2023

    In December of 2021, the Miami Hurricanes brought on Mario Cristobal to the team as their new head coach. His contract was massive, as he got a long ten-year contract that would be worth $80 million. He is looking at $8 million per year being paid out to him, which at the time made him the tenth highest-paid head coach in the nation last season.

    While a specific amount wasn’t reported, the Hurricanes also added that the deal would have given him the highest assistant coaching pool in the ACC.

    To put in perspective how much more he is getting paid on his current contract, USA Today reported that he was receiving between $2.5 million to $4.4 million during his four seasons at Oregon as their head coach. His salary with Miami was double what he was getting with the Ducks.

    One aspect of the contract that has not been made public is any of his potential bonuses. Annual salary and contract length have been the only pieces of information that have been released from news outlets regarding Cristobal’s agreement with the Hurricanes.

    Mario Cristobal’s Net Worth

    Cristobal’s net worth has seen an increase over the last six years dating back to when he was head coach in Eugene, Oregon. His highest salary number with the Ducks was sitting at $4.2 million with a max bonus of $2.1 million. He could have seen over $6 million in 2021 alone in Oregon.

    That number has dramatically increased with the Hurricanes. What we know is that he is making about $8 million in his salary for 2022 and most likely 2023. The specifics are not known, but it’s safe to say the salary is $8 million. With potential bonuses, Cristobal is looking closer to between $9 million and $10 million for last season and this year.

    Again, as he continues his Miami coaching career, that salary will continue to increase. More success at the school will bring more money, but he will need to prove it on the field first before that can happen.

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