Malachi Corley College Fantasy Profile: You Will Want to Draft the YAC King

Malachi Corley's College Fantasy Football Profile reads like something out of folklore, but the YAC King moniker is more than deserved.

If you don’t know who Malachi Corley is by now, you can just call him YAC King. The undisputed best receiver after the catch in all of college football, Corley has earned his nickname for good reason. This season, don’t let your college fantasy football roster go without at least trying to grab one of the top receivers in the country.

Malachi Corley College Fantasy Profile

Corley first appeared for Western Kentucky in the 2020 season. He hauled in just a handful of receptions that season before finally breaking into the starting lineup with Bailey Zappe slinging it.

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As part of one of the more underrated offenses in the country, Corley found his way to terrific success as a third-read, sometimes even fourth-read option in the high-flying Hilltoppers offense.

He was able to see more and more targets come his way over the course of the season as he utilized a terrific first step off the line to create natural separation from his defenders. Corley is quick off the line and even quicker in space.

His flashing of brilliance in 2021 led us to the breakout 2022 season.

Corley’s 2022 Season Gives Way to New Nickname

Earning such a nickname as ‘YAC King,’ you must achieve some truly terrific feats. For Corley, he accomplished such feats so quickly in 2022 that the nickname wasn’t just bestowed upon him, it was handed to him on a golden platter.

Corley ripped off nearly 1,000 yards after the catch last season, leading the way to nearly 13 yards per catch on average. He’s officially the first read for the WKU offense and was targeted at an incredibly high rate.

Corley makes use of every target and every touch, maximizing his receiving yards with his blend of running-back-like moves in the open field and his unwilling nature to be tackled. He’ll bowl over defensive backs with his strength or simply out run them to the boundary.

With a true blend of elite skills, Corley possesses all the top traits of an elite WR1 and the WKU offense knows exactly how, where, and when to target him to give him ample opportunities to change the game.

You wouldn’t be hard-pressed to find someone who has Corley as their WR1 in college fantasy rankings.

Malachi Corley Profile

  • Height: 5’11”
  • Weight: 210
  • Number: 11
  • Class: Junior
  • Hometown: Orange City, FL
  • High School: Campbellsville
  • Years Active: 2020-2023
  • Previous School(s): n/a
  • CFF Ranking: WR2

Malachi Corley’s Receiving Stats

  • Career Receptions: 180
  • Career Receiving Yards: 2,049
  • Career Receiving TDs: 18
  • Yards Per Catch: 11.4

2022 Receiving Stats

  • Receptions: 101
  • Receiving Yards: 1,293
  • Receiving TDs: 11
  • Yards Per Catch: 12.8
  • Yards Per Game: 92.4

2021 Receiving Stats

  • Receptions: 73
  • Receiving Yards: 691
  • Receiving TDs: 7
  • Yards Per Catch: 9.5
  • Yards Per Game: 53.2