Gus Malzahn’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    The UCF Knights paid good money to bring in Gus Malzahn, but what are the details to the deal and what else is he getting from outside the school?

    The UCF Knights knew that bringing in former SEC head coach Gus Malzahn would come at a substantial cost. They made sure to provide him with a lucrative financial package and even an extension prior to the 2023 season.

    Let’s examine the salary, contract details, and estimated net worth of UCF’s head coach, Gus Malzahn.

    Gus Malzahn’s Salary and Contract in 2023

    Malzahn’s former contract with UCF was signed in February 2021 when he became their new head coach. That agreed-upon deal was a five-year contract worth $11.5 million.

    However, before the 2023 season, Malzahn and UCF reportedly agreed upon an extension to keep Malzahn in Orlando until at least the 2027 season and raise his base pay.

    In his former contract, Malzahn was set to receive an annual salary of $2.3 million. That figure was brought up to $4 million per year on July 1, 2023. The extension is set to raise his base salary to $5.5 million per year in 2026 and 2027.

    While details are sparse around the extension, it can be safe to bet that the figures from his former contract are still intact, if not buoyed by more money.

    The breakdown of that compensation included a base salary of $500,000, with the remaining $1.8 million coming from various sources such as radio appearances, speaking engagements, public appearances, and more. It remains unclear if his base salary was moved from that $500k mark or not in the new extension figures

    The original contract might have seemed lower than what he earned in the SEC with the Auburn Tigers, but it’s essential to note that Auburn had to pay Malzahn a substantial buyout after firing him. The buyout cost Auburn $21.7 million.

    The $21.7 million buyout payment was divided into two parts: $10.85 million paid in the first 30 days after his termination and the rest split into four annual payments of $2.7125 million each.

    Malzahn’s contract also outlines the terms if UCF were to fire him or if Malzahn moved on to another job. If the school terminates his contract, UCF would be obligated to pay Malzahn 90% of the remaining contract amount if the separation occurs before December 31, decreasing to 70 percent afterward.

    If Malzahn were to leave for another job, he would owe UCF $3 million in 2023, $2 million in 2024, and $500,000 in the final year of his contract. As stated above, the new reports weren’t clear on whether or not these buyout figures have inflated after his extension.

    Another aspect of Malzahn’s contract is bonuses and how much he can get. which could allow him to receive an additional $500,000, as reported by the Orlando Sentinel.

    Gus Malzahn’s Net Worth

    Malzahn’s exact net worth is not publicly known or disclosed, making it challenging to determine. However, if we consider his earnings from both UCF and Auburn combined, he is likely receiving over $5 million, and potentially closer to $6 million when factoring in potential bonuses. Nonetheless, due to the lack of public information, any estimation regarding his net worth remains speculative.

    This substantial income from both schools will continue for one more season before Auburn’s financial obligations come to an end. If UCF continues to experience success, it’s possible that Malzahn may see a salary increase in the future.

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