Georgia Playoff History: Wins, National Championship Appearances, and More

The Georgia Playoff History details the Bulldogs' success upon reaching the playoffs and the historical claim they make over their counterparts.

Record books are meant to be rewritten, and the Georgia Playoff History is an ever-evolving look at what building a program the right way can do for a team. The Bulldogs’ playoff history isn’t new, nor is their postseason prowess, but despite recent success, how do they rank among their peers in total playoff appearances?

Georgia Playoff Appearances and Results by Year

  • 2017-18
    • Rose Bowl: Won 54-48 (2OT) vs. Oklahoma
    • National Championship: Lost 23-26 (OT) vs. Alabama
  • 2021-22
    • Orange Bowl: Won 34-11 vs. Michigan
    • National Championship: Won 33-18 vs. Alabama
  • 2022-23
    • Peach Bowl: vs. Ohio State

The Georgia Bulldogs have a unique claim to fame in College Football Playoffs history. Georgia has played two overtime contests in the playoffs, more than any other team. They are also the only team to play in multiple overtime games in a single playoff, defeating Michigan in two overtime periods in the 2018 Rose Bowl before losing to Alabama in overtime in the National Championship that same season.

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Their success in the 2021-22 season saw them dominate through their playoff schedule, easily dispatching Michigan and Alabama en route to their first National Championship of the College Football Playoffs era.

Georgia Playoff History FAQ

What’s Georgia’s Playoff Win/Loss Record?

The Bulldogs are the only team to make the playoffs on multiple occasions and reach the National Championship game in each season they made the playoffs. As such, their record of 3-1 in the playoffs stands as the highest winning percentage among teams who have made the playoffs at least twice.

How Many Times Has Georgia Been to the College Football Playoffs?

Including the 2022-23 season, the Georgia Bulldogs have made the College Football Playoffs three times. After a brief hiatus following their National Championship loss in 2018, the Dawgs have been a staple in the playoffs, or at the very least, in contention until the final week of the season.

Georgia entered the playoffs as the No. 3 seed in their first two appearances before finally entering as the No. 1 seed in 2022.

How Many National Championship Appearances Do the Bulldogs Have?

As stated, the Bulldogs’ playoff history is unique in the sense that they’re the only team with multiple appearances to make the National Championship in each season. In total, they have two National Championship appearances in the College Football Playoffs era.

How Many National Championships have the Bulldogs won?

Georgia had to wait their turn, more so than any of the College Football Playoffs National Champions. Of the five National Champions crowned in the playoff era, Georgia’s first didn’t come until seven years after the inception of the playoffs. Georgia has one National Championship in the playoff era.

When Was the Last Time the Bulldogs Made the National Championship Game?

The defending champions entering the 2022-23 College Football Playoffs, the Georgia Bulldogs last played for the National Championship in 2021-22. Before that, they played for the National Championship in the 2017-18 season.