Five Players That Could Transfer From Alabama Following Nick Saban’s Retirement

    The Alabama Crimson Tide are still processing coach Nick Saban's retirement, but the aftermath could lead to current players finding new homes.

    The news of Alabama Crimson Tide HC Nick Saban’s retirement sent shock waves across not only the college football world but the sports world. Saban has spent the last 17 years leading Alabama to six national championships.

    Now comes the aftermath of what will happen to players that are on the team.

    5 Alabama Players That Could Transfer

    News has already started rolling in following Saban’s retirement. Five-star recruit WR Ryan Williams has decommitted from the Crimson Tide and will sign elsewhere. While other decommitments could happen all the same, the focus shifts to the current roster.

    With the news that players can transfer within the SEC for 30 days following their coach’s retirement, the Crimson Tide may need to pull out all the stops to keep their core intact. These top players could find their way to the transfer portal sooner rather than later.

    Jalen Milroe, QB

    It all starts with the quarterback, as Jalen Milroe got off to a rocky start this season. He was benched before finding his way back in the good graces and led the team to the College Football Playoff. His mobility and upside potential as a passer make him an early Heisman candidate in the next year or two.

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    The Texas native now has a chance to move out of Alabama and restart with another school if he chooses to. He originally committed to the Texas Longhorns before heading to Alabama. That may not be the move, but plenty of schools would pursue Milroe.

    Kobe Prentice, WR

    Alabama’s offense was balanced between passing and running the ball this season. With so much talent on the offensive side, some top talent doesn’t get the attention they might deserve. WR Kobe Prentice proved his big play potential after averaging 17.4 yards per catch with only 18 receptions.

    Prentice would make a perfect fit to be a slot receiver for any school in the country. The school’s top passing targets are graduating, and with that, Prentice has the option to stick around and be the new WR1 or transfer to another school where his talents can be shown.

    Deontae Lawson, LB

    Sophomore LB Deontae Lawson has shown progress from his freshman year in 2022 to his 2023 sophomore season. He is well on his way to becoming the next great college football linebacker after finishing second on the team in tackles.

    With at least two more years of eligibility left, Lawson could head somewhere else to play in the scheme he wants. What could keep him there is being from Alabama, which might convince him to stay. He could also find a new home to keep improving as one of the top linebackers.

    Caleb Downs, DB

    One of college football’s best freshman players, Caleb Downs burst onto the scene as a dominant force in the secondary. He recorded 107 tackles, two interceptions, one forced fumble, and one fumble recovery. He was named SEC Freshman Player of the Year for his performance.

    Downs has three more years of eligibility left and will have many options to pick from. As he is from Georgia, could the Bulldogs be in the running to get him? If he chose to leave Alabama, he would upgrade any defense in the country.

    Tim Keenan III, DT

    Tim Keenan III just finished his sophomore season with Alabama after putting up 38 tackles and one sack for Alabama. Keenan had a great season, proving he is one of the top run-stoppers in the conference.

    He announced this week that he would be returning to Alabama for another season. That was before Saban’s retirement announcement, which could change his mind, depending on who takes over as head coach.

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