EA Sports College Football 25: Top 10 Teams To Take to Glory in Dynasty Mode

    With EA Sports College Football 25 on the horizon, we look at the best teams to start a new dynasty or rebuild in the highly anticipated game.

    If you haven’t started a countdown to the release of EA Sports College Football 25, I suggest you start one now. The long-awaited return of the game means we can start preparing how we’ll invest our time playing it. From “Road to Glory” to “Dynasty Mode,” we’ll have plenty of options.

    But who should you control in Dynasty Mode? Which teams bring the most intrigue? We look at three different paths users can take and address the teams they should control on those roads to glory.

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    Top 10 Teams To Rebuild in EA Sports College Football 25

    Rebuilds are the rage right now on YouTube because they give a struggling fanbase hope that a video game can become a future reality. There are two categories for rebuilds, and it depends on how drastic you want it to be.

    Teams like the Kent State Golden Flashes and New Mexico Lobos will take more time from a talent perspective, but true players know those are the programs you start a dynasty with in the game. Anyone can win a National Championship with the blue bloods, but can you recruit well enough to bring a bottom-feeder to the top of college football?

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    Then there are teams like Miami and Nebraska who haven’t been in the national title conversation for a while.

    Rebuilding them into title contenders shouldn’t take much work, and a team like Miami just needs help elevating their play on the field. Regardless of the team chosen, rebuilding a program will be the most rewarding part of EA Sports College Football 25.

    Top Rebuild Teams

    • Miami Hurricanes
    • Houston Cougars
    • Michigan State Spartans
    • Nebraska Cornhuskers
    • Kent State Golden Flashes
    • New Mexico Lobos
    • Colorado Buffaloes
    • Stanford Cardinal
    • Florida Gators
    • Arkansas Razorbacks

    Top 10 Teams To Immediately Win a National Title With

    For those looking to win a title immediately in Dynasty Mode, just scroll through the ratings. The top rated teams will be title contenders, and it comes down to keeping recruiting at a high level and dominating on the field. Similar to a rebuild, there are two categories to choose from.

    First is the true kings of the game. We’re talking teams like the Georgia Bulldogs here, where you don’t have to fix something that’s not broken. Just keep the status quo, and you’ll be in the conversation.

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    Then there are the second-tier teams. In EA Sports College Football 25, teams like Penn State, Oregon, and Ole Miss must take a step on the field to be a title contender. Fortunately, they all have promising quarterbacks that can take them to the next level. They also feature skill position talent that can exploit bad defenses in the game.

    Pick your team wisely for instant success, but you’ll have many options when you get your hands on EA Sports College Football 25.

    Top Title Contenders

    • Clemson Tigers
    • Texas Longhorns
    • Michigan Wolverines
    • Ohio State Buckeyes
    • Penn State Nittany Lions
    • Oregon Ducks
    • Georgia Bulldogs
    • Alabama Crimson Tide
    • LSU Tigers
    • Ole Miss Rebels

    Top 10 Teams To Return to Glory With

    Some fanbases are waiting for their teams to return to the “good ole days” where they dominated the sport. That can vary in terms of how long it’s been, but EA Sports College Football 25 allows those fans to recreate the glory days.

    Some smaller school teams also fit this category. SMU was a team that was flying high before they received the death penalty, and a team like Boise State used to be a potential top-five team every year. Minnesota hasn’t won a title since the 1960s, but it used to run the sport.

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    Most people, however, look at the big names to return to glory.

    Teams in long title droughts fit this category the most. Miami and Notre Dame are two teams that once reigned over college football but have failed to return there, so fans of those teams can achieve that goal through the video game. Other teams like Tennessee and Penn State also fit here and have the necessary resources to return to glory in the game — and real life.

    Top Return to Glory Teams

    • SMU Mustangs
    • Clemson Tigers
    • Miami Hurricanes
    • Oklahoma Sooners
    • Penn State Nittany Lions
    • Minnesota Golden Gophers
    • Notre Dame Fighting Irish
    • Boise State Broncos
    • Tennessee Volunteers
    • Florida Gators

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