Predicting the Top 10 Strongest Arms in EA Sports College Football 25: Jalen Milroe Could Surprise Some

    Which quarterbacks will have the strongest arm in the newest EA Sports College Football 25 video game? CFN's QB projections takes a look at an unlikely No. 1.

    The video game realm and college football world are set to collide once again this summer when EA Sports College Football 25 releases. A popular fixture throughout the 2000s and 2010s, EA Sports is re-releasing the game for the first time in 11 years, and the anticipation has reached a fever pitch.

    Over a month from the game’s release, just which quarterbacks are set to have the strongest throw power in the game? We predict the ratings using the collective knowledge of the CFN staff.

    Top 10 Strongest Arms in EA Sports College Football 25

    First up, it’s important to note that the ratings system for the game itself is not known. Will it be similar to the way the current game(s) work, i.e. Madden? Will there be a commonality between the last iteration of the college football game, i.e. NCAA Football 14?

    Or will it completely throw a wrench in the way we have seen view game player ratings before? All of these answers we do not know just yet, but we do know that it’s going to be based on an overall rating system per player, each based on different factors per position.

    For all intents and purposes here, we can safely assume that the rating system will be something similar to what we’ve seen before. We can also use our CFN EA Sports College Football 25 QB Rating Projections in the meantime to showcase which players we think will have the strongest arms in the game.

    10) Noah Fifita, Arizona: 93 Throw Power

    Simply put, Noah Fifita is underrated at the national level. The gunslinging quarterback out west deserves the same amount of respect as his cohorts on this list here, and once he’s rated with such a high throw power (and likely overall rating) in the game, fans will turn around for sure.

    Fifita can accurately dice up defenses with his blend of power and accuracy as well as pocket-rebuilding skills. It helps that he has one of the top playmakers at his disposal in Tetairoa McMillan, but the star receiver has not made the quarterback, and rather it’s quite the symbiotic relationship between the two.

    6) Shedeur Sanders, Colorado: 94 Throw Power

    Shedeur Sanders gets the national love, yet it’s mainly for his off-field persona and his place as the face of the Colorado Buffaloes team. Instead, when you really look at Sanders, the quarterback, you notice that he’s more of a downfield thrower than you may anticipate.

    Sanders can drop accurate passes to every level, and really drive the ball to each portion of the field all the same. With a clean pocket, few are better in college football.

    6) KJ Jefferson, UCF: 94 Throw Power

    KJ Jefferson put his skill to the test in the SEC the past handful of seasons but now moves over to the Big 12 with UCF in 2024. UCF fans have seen it in flashes so far at practice and through spring ball, but SEC defenses know it all too well.

    When Jefferson is able to step into his throws and keep himself on platform, his power is rivaled by very few. Accuracy is a bit behind Jefferson’s power in our ratings, but hitting receivers downfield, in stride in the game shouldn’t be an issue with Jefferson.

    6) Dillon Gabriel, Oregon: 94 Throw Power

    The most accurate deep-ball thrower of the past half-decade, Dillon Gabriel, is chasing some notorious college football passing records in his final season of eligibility with the Oregon Ducks. Gabriel places the football with such grace to the deep portion of the field that the proverbial “he couldn’t have placed that ball any better” expression is used synonymously with his game.

    He’ll dice up Big Ten defenses after doing the same in the AAC and Big 12 prior with UCF and Oklahoma, respectively.

    6) Carson Beck, Georgia: 94 Throw Power

    It’s hard to imagine a world where we entered the 2023 season with a ‘quarterback controversy’ in Athens. While Carson Beck took control of the job, it was clear that he was the best option for the Georgia Bulldogs last season, even spurning a possible high NFL Draft value to return Between the Hedges for another season.

    His mix of accurate ball placement and strength on every throw gives the Bulldogs a chance to beat any opponent in 2024. And he’ll be a must-play kind of player in the game.

    4) Garrett Nussmeier, LSU: 95 Throw Power

    Few know it at this point, but mark the words here: You will know how strong of an arm Garrett Nussmeier has once the game is released, or once you overlook him to start the season. Some of his throws from a season ago were on another level.

    Nussmeier is effortless with his ability to hit receivers 40 yards downfield, but it’s his throws on the move that move the needle here. Set in the pocket, he can dish it incredibly well, but on the move, Nussmeier presents a challenge for defenses with his uncanny ability to uncork deep shots accurately.

    4) Brady Cook, Missouri: 95 Throw Power

    Arguably the most well-rounded college quarterback on this docket, Brady Cook wowed in 2023. He’s back with the best receiver in college football to put on another show in 2024.

    Cook dominates with his downfield throwing and ability to pierce defenses with his power. He’ll dish up incredibly accurate deep shots or take something off the ball on over-the-middle throws with ease. The fluidity in his throwing motion jumps off the screen when he accurately hits Luther Burden deep downfield.

    3) Jaxson Dart, Ole Miss: 96 Throw Power

    Perhaps the best passer outside the numbers returning to college football, Jaxson Dart is so much more than that. However, his ability to throw with such power and anticipation is almost unfair for defenses to try and figure out.

    Dart has no issue hitting every level of the field like the other quarterbacks on this list, but it’s his throwing ability to the other side of the field that gives him a bonus point or two.

    2) Quinn Ewers, Texas: 97 Throw Power

    There’s no way the cover boy of EA Sports College Football 25 doesn’t have some of the best attributes in the game, but Texas QB Quinn Ewers has shown he deserves all the praise. Ewers is a dominant downfield thrower, and he’s shown he can put enough behind his throws to the intermediate level of the field to defeat any defense.

    If healthy, it could be said that the Longhorns wouldn’t have dropped one or two of the games they have in the past few seasons, that’s a testament to his overall ability and ability to stretch the field vertically with his arm strength.

    1) Jalen Milroe, Alabama: 98 Throw Power

    It was on display against Auburn most famously, but let it be known that Jalen Milroe is absolutely a behemoth when it comes to arm strength. He also may just be the fastest quarterback in college football this year if he takes off and runs with it, but in Kalen DeBoer’s offensive system, be prepared for Milroe to show off his arm talent weekly.

    Milroe’s arm strength is almost unbelievable at times, and he’ll power through his unique throwing motion with effortless ease. Distance doesn’t matter for Milroe as he’s shown he can push balls as far as 60+ yards downfield with almost a flick of the wrist.

    Honorable Mention Throw Power in EA Sports College Football 25

    • Kaidon Salter, Liberty (92 throw power)
    • Nico Iamaleava, Tennessee (92 throw power)
    • Jalon Daniels, Kansas (90 throw power)
    • Mikey Keene, Fresno State (90 throw power)
    • Cam Ward, Miami (FL) (90 throw power)
    • TJ Finley, Western Kentucky (90 throw power)
    • Brayden Fowler-Nicolosi, Colorado State (90 throw power)
    • Will Howard, Ohio State (90 throw power)
    • Rocco Becht, Iowa State (89 throw power)
    • DJ Uiagalelei, Florida State (89 throw power)

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