Build Your Legacy: EA Sports College Football 25 Reveals Exciting Road to Glory

    The official launch of EA Sports College Football 25 is just eight days away, and the Road to Glory Deep Dive threw fuel on the fire.

    The wait is almost over. It’s been over a decade since the last iteration of a licensed college football video game was released, but on July 19, EA Sports’ beloved franchise makes its return with College Football 25.

    In the lead-up to the launch, the developers have dropped deep dives on various aspects of the game, with their latest detailing the fan-favorite Road to Glory mode.

    EA Sports College Football 25 Unveils Exciting Road to Glory Deep Dive

    To create the most engaging and immersive experience to date, EA spoke with current and former players, absorbing their stories and experiences.

    The result was their four core pillars for the mode: “Live the Life of a College Athlete,” “Week-to-Week Experience,” “Fast to Fun and Highly Replayable,” and “Foundation for the Future.”

    • Live the Life of a College Athlete: Players will face the rigors of a college athlete’s life, from on-field challenges to off-field decisions. And yes, academics will play a role — they are student-athletes, after all. 
    • Week-to-Week Experience: Decisions matter, and we aren’t just talking about which receiver to throw to. Time management will play a crucial role in your success — or lack thereof — as an athlete and a student. Will you spend your time practicing, studying, or going to social events? You decide.
    • Fast to Fun and Highly Replayable: EA promises multiple storylines and pathways players can choose from, ensuring each playthrough of Road to Glory is a “unique and fresh experience.”
    • Foundation for the Future: This is just the beginning. The developers already have their eyes on the future of the mode, stating, “This year lays the groundwork for the future and enhancements, ensuring that your journey as a college athlete continues to evolve and improve.”

    Player Archetypes

    Players will begin their Road to Glory by choosing from one of four archetypes: Elite, Blue Chip, Contributor, and Underdog.

    Want to skip the grind and begin your career as a five-star prospect with the highest overall rating of 79? Elite is your pick.

    Blue Chip turns your avatar into a four-star recruit with a 75 rating, which will be good enough to earn significant playing time at most schools.

    For those wanting to climb the ranks without starting from the bottom, Contributor is the way to go as a three-star prospect.

    Then, there’s Underdog for those who are gluttons for punishment. The hardest starting point is that players begin their careers as 60-overall two-star recruits, forcing them to earn every snap on the field.

    Time Management

    There are five activities players will have to split their time between, each with its own set of pros and cons: Academics, Leadership, Health, Training, and Brand.

    • Academics: To remain academically eligible, players will have to spend some time on their studies to maintain their GPA.
    • Leadership: Respect and trust take time to build among teammates and coaches. Will you prioritize your relationships in the locker room over schoolwork?
    • Health: Thanks to EA’s new wear and tear feature, health matters more than ever in Road to Glory. To remain injury-free, players will need to spend at least some time recovering between games.
    • Training: Want to improve your attributes? Hit training sessions and get a leg up over the competition.
    • Brand: Name, Image, and Likeness (NIL) deals took the collegiate landscape by storm, and it won’t be different in the virtual world. Spend time working on your brand to increase popularity and earn NIL endorsements.

    NIL Deals, the Transfer Portal, and the Ending

    In order to receive an NIL deal, players must have an open NIL deal spot, which is determined by brand level — the higher the brand level, the more NIL deal slots are available. These deals provide players with gameplay (attribute boots) and off-field (enhancements to coach trust, health, and follower numbers) bonuses.

    The transfer portal will also make an appearance, with players having the option to leave their current program at the end of each season. Schools that offer a spot on their roster will align with the player’s performance and the key pitches from the initial recruitment process.

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    An aspect that could sway you to transfer is playing time. When enough coach trust is built up through practices and off-field activities, players will have the opportunity to engage in a position battle. Winning two of three position-specific minigames will result in a move up the depth chart, but a loss knocks the player down for a few weeks before they’ve built up enough trust to earn another battle.

    Last but not least, upon the conclusion of their collegiate tenure, players can seamlessly transition their character into Madden NFL 25’s Superstar mode, where they can continue their football career.

    College Football Network has you covered with the latest news and analysis, rankings, transfer portal information, top 10 returning players, the 2024 college football season schedule, and much more!

    EA Sports College Football: Everything You Need For the Game’s Historic Return

    After a decade-long hiatus, EA Sports College Football has made its return to glory. The popular college football video game is here to stay, radically changing the video game landscape forever.

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