Kirk Herbstreit Fuels EA Sports College Football 25 Fever Ahead of Deep Dive Friday

    Kirk Herbstreit riled up fans on Thursday by announcing an EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay deep dive series starting on Friday.

    College football fans brimming with anticipation for the drop of EA Sports College Football 25 this July are in store for a little relief this week. Kirk Herbstreit teased a comprehensive breakdown that will offer a deep dive into the long-awaited game, with the first edition scheduled to air this Friday on YouTube.

    So many teases. So little time. What will Kirk Herbstreit’s College Football 25 Gameplay Deep Dive reveal to fans before the July 16 release?

    Kirk Herbstreit To Reveal EA Sports College Football 25 Gameplay Deep Dive

    Like a drop of water in the middle of a drought, Herbstreit appeared on the timelines of college football fans on Thursday to offer a bit of thirst-quenching news. With just over a month and a half until its release, Herbstreit announced he would be doing a EA Sports College Football 25 gameplay deep dive series on YouTube starting this Friday.

    “We continue to work with the EA Sports (College Football) 25 team,” Herbstreit said in a video on X/Twitter.

    “What we’ve been working on lately is these deep dives. It’s a chance for you to really get to know the game with much more details. A lot of people have asked me about it, and I really don’t know, and now with these deep dives we are going to learn more about what this game has to offer besides incredible graphics, the traditions, and all of those types of things.”

    While the game won’t be accessible to fans, they can live vicariously through Herbstreit as he acts as a tour guide to EA Sports College Football 25. It may not be enough to fully satiate the appetites of the game’s rabid fanbase, but it should at least keep them at bay for a little longer.

    EA Sports also announced pre-order details for College Football 25, including bundle packages with Madden 25 and early access to the game.

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