Deion Sanders to EA Sports: “We Do Business!”

    Deion Sanders prompted EA Sports to let them know he means business despite real-life coaches not set to appear in the video game this summer.

    The world of college football video games and Colorado Buffaloes are set to collide once again this summer when EA Sports re-releases their long-awaited college football video game series. EA Sports College Football 25 is due out this summer and the staff at EA is hard at work revamping their college football offering.

    However, one of the most newsworthy issues in this year’s release is the fact that real-life head coaches will not be in the game. Colorado’s Deion Sanders had something to say about that.

    Deion Sanders Means Business With EA Sports College Football 25

    Even though he won’t be in the game per se, Sanders had this to say to EA Sports:

    “EA Sports, we do business!”

    But what exactly Sanders was referring to isn’t quite known.

    It should be noted that Sanders’ quote to EA Sports came during a behind-the-scenes look at the Colorado program this spring, courtesy of Well Off Media. In this, there was a clear discussion around uniforms and clothes that Sanders is set to wear or release this season with the Buffaloes.

    Sanders then paused, looked into the camera, and boldly made his statement before laughing it off with the staffer.

    Though it wasn’t all audible, the conversation ahead of Sanders’ quote went as such:

    “… put a deal together with you where we can do an in-season release of the new uniforms, and then if you want, we can send ’em all the stuff that you wear, and they can … like … you know what I’m saying?”

    Without complete context, it would appear as if the coaches in the game would at least be realistic despite not having specifics at the major college football level. If the staff at Colorado is sending EA Sports some of the clothes Sanders is set to wear on the sidelines this season, that would suffice for millions of fans of the game that would like real-life coaches.

    Is Colorado Set To Get New Uniforms in 2024?

    In the ever-changing world of college football, new uniform combinations have been made incredibly popular. They are now almost essential for all programs to have.

    Programs use colorful and unique uniform combinations to recruit players, and it’s clear that teams like the Oregon Ducks have mastered the craft. According to the quote above, it’s also clear that the Buffaloes may have something up their sleeves as well.

    “We can do an in-season release of the new uniforms,” as stated above in the behind-the-scenes look would indicate that the Buffs are ready to debut some new threads come this fall.

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    What those are, however, remains a mystery and fans will have to wait and see. Or play the game to find out.

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