“Flat Out Playmaker” — Deion Sanders Crowns Travis Hunter the Best CB and WR in College Football

    Travis Hunter is lauded for his ability to play both sides of the ball for the Colorado Buffaloes, but his head coach didn't stop there, calling him the best WR and best CB in college football.

    Did Deion Sanders make an outlandish comment or two during Big 12 Media Days? You better believe it.

    But did his most outlandish comment actually come with some merit? You better believe that as well.

    Is Travis Hunter the Best WR AND Best CB in America?

    Of all the wild accusations surrounding the Colorado Buffaloes program under head coach Deion Sanders, Travis Hunter’s ability to play both sides of the ball has never been in question. It’s led to a spicy debate over where he’d fit in on an NFL roster as we’ve already crowned him a potential first-round pick and NFL difference-maker.

    Lost in those discussions, however, is where he ranks among the best players in college football at both cornerback and wide receiver.

    Leave it to Coach Prime to answer that question.

    “He’s the best receiver in college football and he’s the best cornerback in college football,” Sanders said. “That’s the truth.”

    Hunter famously played both sides of the ball for Colorado last season, flashing brilliance at cornerback and catching nearly everything thrown his way on offense. He ripped off three interceptions and had a half-dozen pass breakups.

    On offense, Hunter recorded five touchdowns on 57 catches, averaging well over 12.5 yards per reception. He has yards-after-the-catch ability, versatility at where he lines up, and his ball-hawking skills on defense translate to the offensive side of the ball on the proverbial 50-50 balls thrown by his close friend Shedeur Sanders.

    Hunter can separate on offense and stick to receivers on defense. He’s a rare breed of athlete and he never wants to leave the field. In most cases, he’s a unique player that most college football fans have never seen the likes of.

    Coach Prime indicated that sentiment is true, but also doubled down, reminding fans that he himself was a two-way athlete and understands how to manage Hunter more than any other coach may.

    “Everybody has an opinion on what he should do and they’ve never done it,” Sanders said. “He has a coach that’s done it.”

    “So I know when to give him a rest. I know how many days a week to give him off. I know when he’s getting on my last nerve on the bench so I need to put his butt out there so he can leave me alone by getting in the game.”

    We all saw Hunter’s work ethic and ability to grind out performances after he suffered a lacerated liver against Colorado State in Week 3, only to return four weeks later in Week 7 against Stanford. In that game, Hunter went off in the first half, catching two touchdown receptions and finishing the game with career-highs in receptions, yards, and touchdowns.

    “This kid is a flat-out playmaker, man,” Sanders said. “He is something we hadn’t seen in college football.”

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    So, what does 2024 look like for Hunter? If Hunter and Coach Prime have their way, last season was just the tip of the iceberg.

    When asked what we can expect from Hunter this year, Sanders was quick to answer.

    “Maybe more.”

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