Dave Aranda Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    After a tough first season at Baylor, Bears head coach Dave Aranda has made the team competitive leading to a contract extension with the program.

    After struggling in season one, Baylor Bears head coach Dave Aranda has been able to turn the program around and have them competitive in the Big 12. We will take a closer look at what Baylor is paying Aranda as the head coach of the team through his salary, contract, net worth, and more.

    Dave Aranda’s Salary and Contract in 2023

    The Baylor Bears hired Aranda to be their next head coach back in January of 2020. Due to Baylor being a private institution, his salary was not made public. The length of his original deal was six years to stay at the school through the 2025 season.

    After going 12-2 in the 2021 season, Aranda agreed to a new contract extension that would keep him in Waco, Texas through the 2029 season. Again, as the school is private, they did not release the specifics of the contract. There isn’t much public information about what his salary is, what incentives are included in the deal, or what the buyout agreement looks like.

    The closest to knowing in USA Today reported that Aranda was paid $3.8 million in 2022 with the Baylor Bears. It’s not known how they were able to obtain that information. He previously was getting paid $2.5 million to be the defensive coordinator at LSU before joining Baylor.

    Dave Aranda’s Net Worth

    With the limited information given regarding his salary at LSU, it’s hard to determine what his net worth is currently. If we look at his reported $3.8 million salary in 2022, that would be around the range of his net worth.

    Without concrete information regarding it, a clear answer, unfortunately, will be found. Maybe in the future fans might know more should he leave the school.

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