Dan Lanning to Alabama? Rumors, Flight Paths, and Eyewitness Reports Put Oregon HC in Tuscaloosa

    Dan Lanning is staying at Oregon after he was largely seen as the top replacement for Nick Saban at Alabama. We have confirmation of his decision after a tense few hours.

    The college football world moves incredibly fast. Just hours after the news of Nick Saban retiring as the head coach of the Alabama Crimson Tide, players, media, and fans all looked toward the future of the program.

    And that future appears to — at the very least — include current Oregon Ducks head coach Dan Lanning.

    First things first, if you don’t know much about college football folklore, you wouldn’t know that tracking private jets is more than just a hobby of enthusiasts. It’s more than just a pastime, and even close to surpassing a way of life.

    Tracking private jets, charter planes, and everything in between has led to some massive discoveries along the way for college football fans. And it might have led to the discovery of Alabama’s next leading man.

    As the image indicates, a private charter jet took off from Eugene, Oregon, destined for Tuscaloosa, Alabama. That’s more than a coincidence given the rumblings that Lanning would likely be the No. 1 target for the Crimson Tide.

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    As we’ve come to learn, however, that plan was not carrying Oregon’s head coach. In fact, despite rumors that Alabama told their players they would move to get a new head coach within 72 hours following Saban’s retirement, they had not moved on as fast as bringing Lanning to town within two hours.

    A local Eugene TV station also seemingly reported the news that Lanning was Tuscaloosa-bound on air Wednesday night as well.

    Despite the mounting pile of evidence to support Lanning was seemingly at least Alabama’s first candidate, neither camp had confirmed such a report.

    Matt Zenitz of 247Sports shut down the rumors just after noon ET. Zenitz stated that Lanning would stay in Eugene and reports of his flight to Tuscaloosa were inaccurate. 247Sports’ Steve Wiltfong confirmed the news that Lanning had announced he was staying at Oregon.

    Despite this, and as college football fans all know too well, flight paths and reported sightings are more than enough to run with for hope or despair.

    Oregon fans can now rejoice, slightly, at the fact that their head man is staying put. Alabama fans now have to go back to the drawing board and conjure up their potential favorite next target.

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