Curt Cignetti’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

While a lot isn't known about James Madison head coach Curt Cignetti's salary, his contract extension in 2022 has led to a pay bump.

Entering his fifth season with the James Madison Dukes, head coach Curt Cignetti has kept his team consistent with winning. Cignetti’s winning ways led to him earning a contract extension in 2022 due to the program moving up to the FBS. Let’s dig into what the Dukes are paying him and what the contract looks like.

Curt Cignetti’s Salary and Contract in 2023

Not much is known about Cignetti’s salary and contract, as the financial portion of the extension was not disclosed when news broke of it. The school announced last April that they were extending Cignetti for three years. That would keep him under contract with the program through the 2027 season.

Football Scoop reported that the initial deal he signed before the 2019 season had him being paid $425,000 annually. This was the amount he would be getting until the 2022 season when both sides agreed upon the extension.

USA Today had a list of the full rankings of coaches and where they stand with their salaries. The list was last updated in October of 2022. That list had Cignetti ranked 110th among head coaches in the FBS, as he was reportedly receiving $621,008 for the 2022 season. He also had a max bonus of $390,000 for the season as well.

One keynote that USA Today made regarding Cignetti’s income is starting July 1, 2025; he will receive increases at the same rate as other members of the school’s employees.

Outside of the information that has been provided, the school has not released any other specific information about the deal to the public. It most likely will not be released as if they haven’t done it already as the public will not have that kind of knowledge.

Curt Cignetti’s Net Worth

Cignetti’s net worth as a head coach for the Dukes will be based on his original deal and how much he made last season with James Madison. This information, like his contract extension, is not known to the public.

If simple math is done on him making $425,000 each year for the first three seasons and $621,008 for the 2022 season, his estimated net worth would be about $1.8 million to $1.9 million for four years. This would not include any bonuses he might have received from the school. If he did receive bonuses, it would be safe to say that he would be making over $2 million during that span.

It should be noted that this is all speculation in terms of net worth, as the only facts we have are his salary for each of the first three years and what he did last season from the new contract. The only thing we know about the bonus is what his max bonus for last year.

We could see this updated throughout the years, but if there is a safe assumption about Cignetti, it is that his salary will keep increasing each year he is with James Madison because of the success they have been seeing since he took over the program.