College Football Entrances: Virginia Tech and the Legendary Enter Sandman Tradition

    One of the best college football entrances features the Virginia Tech Hokies and "Enter Sandman." What is it, and why is the entrance so popular?

    College football, like many other sports, is driven by fans. Schools capitalize on that by trying to make it as easy as possible for their fans to create an intimidating environment, from the team entrance to the final whistle.

    One of the best college football entrances features the Virginia Tech Hokies and Metallica’s “Enter Sandman.” What is it, when did it start, and what makes the Hokies’ entrance so unique?

    What is the Enter Sandman Tradition at Virginia Tech?

    Every team has a unique entrance of some sort. Some have chants, some use mascots and others use music to hype up the crowd. Virginia Tech’s entrance falls into this last category.

    Metallica’s “Enter Sandman” is widely considered one of the greatest rock songs ever. Virginia Tech holds the right to use this song as their entrance as the team runs on the field at Lane Stadium.

    The long intro allows the crowd to slowly get hyped up, swaying back and forth before jumping up and down once the drums and rhythm guitar finally hit and the beat drops.

    When Did Virginia Tech Start Using Enter Sandman?

    Virginia Tech began using “Enter Sandman” during the 2000 season at Lane Stadium, though it initially wasn’t a fully pre-planned entrance. That season, the Hokies went 11-1, including a 6-0 mark at Lane Stadium.

    The next season, Virginia Tech began using it in a more official capacity. On December 1, 2001, the Hokies hosted No. 1 Miami. When the beat dropped on “Enter Sandman,” one of the Marching Virginians band members began jumping up and down and the tradition spread.

    Now, the student section and most of the stadium jumps up and down during the entrance, adding to the intimidation factor.

    Who Has the Best College Football Entrance?

    Virginia Tech is widely considered to have one of the best entrances in college football. The best entrance depends on your preference for music, mascot, uniqueness or overall entertainment factor.

    However, Florida State (Chief Osceola), Colorado (Ralphie’s Run), Penn State (White Out), South Carolina (2001) and Auburn (War Eagle) all have famous entrances.

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    “Enter Sandman” is one of the top entrances in college football because the fans and players both create an atmosphere that intimidates opponents. When Virginia Tech has a home game at night, college football fans should pay close attention.

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