2023 College Football Bowl Game Opt-Out Tracker

    Follow along with all of the players who will be opting out of their team's respective bowl games, one way or another, in our Bowl Game Opt-Out Tracker.

    The best time of the year is at hand: College Football Bowl Season. With so many games — and so far removed from the 2023 regular season — it’s hard to track who is playing, where they’re playing, and which athletes are set to take foot on the field one last time this season.

    With that in mind, we strive to make it easy on the viewers by listing all the players that have opted out of their team’s respective bowl game in our 2023 Bowl Game Opt-Out Tracker.

    2023 College Football Bowl Game Opt-Out Tracker

    While players can opt out of bowl games for a variety of reasons, most do so because of two bucketed thoughts: NFL Draft preparation or they’re already in the transfer portal.

    MORE: College Football Transfer Portal Tracker

    With each bowl game listed, here are the players who are set to opt out of their bowl games for one reason or another.

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    Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl | Ole Miss vs. Penn State

    Ole Miss

    • Cedric Melton, OT (transfer portal)
    • Reginald Hughes, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Demarko Williams, S (transfer portal)
    • Isheem Young, DB (transfer portal)
    • Caden Costa, K (transfer portal)
    • Rayf Vinson, S (transfer portal)
    • Kyirin Heath, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jayvontay Conner, TE (transfer portal)
    • Bralon Brown, WR (transfer portal)
    • JJ Henry, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jeremiah Dillon, WR (transfer portal)
    • Cedrick Nicely, OT (transfer portal)
    • Spencer Sanders, QB (ineligible)
    • Cedric Johnson, DL (NFL Draft)

    Penn State

    • Jace Tutty, CB (transfer portal)
    • Alex Bacchetta, P (transfer portal)
    • Christian Driver, S (transfer portal)
    • Chop Robinson, DL (NFL Draft)
    • Olu Fashanu, OT (opt-out)
    • Kalen King, CB (opt out)
    • Johnny Dixon, CB (opt-out)

    Transperfect Music City Bowl | Auburn vs. Maryland


    • Marquise Gilbert, S (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Fromm, TE (transfer portal)
    • Stephen Sings, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Omari Kelly, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jyaire Shorter, WR (transfer portal)
    • Malcolm Johnson Jr., WR (transfer portal)
    • Stephen Johnson, DL (transfer portal)
    • Enyce Sledge, DL (transfer portal)
    • Austin Auberry, CB (transfer portal)
    • Ja’Varrius Johnson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Robby Ashford, QB (transfer portal)


    • Taulia Tagovailoa, QB (opt out)
    • Gavin Gibson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Corey Coley Jr., CB (transfer portal)
    • Ja’Kavion Nonar, OT (transfer portal)
    • Rico Walker, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jaishawn Barham, LB (transfer portal)
    • Corey Dyches, TE (transfer portal)
    • Tamarcus Cooley, DB (transfer portal)
    • Kobi Thomas, LB (transfer portal)
    • Riyad Wilmot, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Ramon Brown, RB (transfer portal)
    • Tamarcus Cooley, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tyrese Chambers, WR (transfer portal)

    Capital One Orange Bowl | Georgia vs. Florida State


    • Mateen Ibirogba, DL (transfer portal)
    • Mekhi Mews, LB (transfer portal)
    • EJ Lightsey, LB (transfer portal)
    • Xavian Sorey, LB (transfer portal)
    • Nyland Green, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jared Zirkel, K (transfer portal)
    • Jonathan Jefferson, DL (transfer portal)
    • CJ Madden, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Austin Blaske, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jackson Meeks, WR (transfer portal)
    • Brock Vandagriff, QB (transfer portal)
    • Darris Smith, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Smoke Bouie, CB (transfer portal)
    • Yazeed Haynes, WR (transfer portal)
    • Aliou Bah, OL (transfer portal)
    • Marvin Jones Jr., EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Logan Johnson, WR (transfer portal)
    • A.J. Harris, CB (transfer portal)
    • Joshua Miller, iOL (transfer portal)

    Florida State

    • Thomas Shrader, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Bless Harris, OT (transfer portal)
    • Patrick Payton, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Ayobami Tifase, DL (transfer portal)
    • Daughtry Richardson, OL (transfer portal)
    • Qae’Shon Sapp, OL (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Brown-Turner, LB (transfer portal)
    • CJ Campbell, RB (transfer portal)
    • Preston Daniel, TE (transfer portal)
    • Markeston Douglas, TE (transfer portal)
    • AJ Duffy, QB (transfer portal)
    • Colin King, OT (transfer portal)
    • Winston Wright, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Brown, DL (transfer portal)
    • Malcolm Ray, DL (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Keltner, K (transfer portal)
    • Rodney Hill, RB (transfer portal)
    • DJ Lundy, LB (transfer portal)
    • Dwayne Wells Jr., DB (transfer portal; withdrew his name, could play)

    Barstool Sports Arizona Bowl | Toledo vs. Wyoming


    • Jaret Frantz, WR (transfer portal)
    • Vinny Sciury, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Dequan Finn, QB (transfer portal)
    • Micah Kelly, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jonathon Batzke, P (transfer portal)


    • Keelan Cox, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Kolbey Taylor, CB (transfer portal)
    • DQ James, RB (transfer portal)
    • Brady Hultman, LB (transfer portal)
    • Chase Locke, WR (transfer portal)

    ReliaQuest Bowl | Wisconsin vs. LSU


    • Braelon Allen, RB (NFL Draft)
    • Keane Bessert, LS (transfer portal)
    • Trey Wedig, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Mayer, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Amaun Williams, CB (transfer portal)
    • Skyler Bell, WR (transfer portal)
    • Chimere Dike, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Barrett, OL (transfer portal)
    • Myles Burkett, QB (transfer portal)
    • Keontez Lewis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Markus Allen, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Turner, LB (transfer portal)
    • Rodas Johnson, DL (transfer portal)
    • Darrian Varner, DL (transfer portal)


    • Jayden Daniels, QB (opt-out, NFL Draft)
    • Marlon Martinez, OL (transfer portal)
    • Quency Wiggins, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jackson McGohan, TE (transfer portal)
    • Tavion Faulk, QB (transfer portal)
    • Laterrance Welch, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tre Bradford, RB (transfer portal)
    • Armoni Goodwin, RB (transfer portal)
    • Bryce Langston, DT (transfer portal)
    • Corren Norman, RB (transfer portal)
    • Sage Ryan, S (transfer portal)

    VRBO Fiesta Bowl | Liberty vs. Oregon


    • Kendy Charles, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jaylon Jimmerson, S (transfer portal)
    • Tysheik Galloway, DL (transfer portal)
    • Bryan Whitehead, DL (transfer portal)
    • Amari Williams, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Norwood, LB (transfer portal)
    • Johnathan Bennett, QB (transfer portal)
    • Aakil Washington, LB (transfer portal)
    • Preston Hodge, CB (transfer portal)


    • Ty Thompson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Tevita Pome’e, DL (transfer portal)
    • Von Reames, WR (transfer portal)
    • Trikweze Bidges, S (transfer portal)
    • Bryan Addison, DB (transfer portal)
    • Josh Delgado, WR (transfer portal)
    • Kris Hutson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Ashton Cozart, WR (transfer portal)
    • Daymon David, S (transfer portal)
    • Dante Dowdell, RB (transfer portal)

    Cheez-It Citrus Bowl | Iowa vs. Tennessee


    • Jackson Filer, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Joe Labas, QB (transfer portal)
    • Brenden Deasfernandes, DB (transfer portal)
    • Anterio Thompson, DL (transfer portal)
    • Diante Vines, WR (transfer portal)
    • Spencer Petras, QB (transfer portal)
    • Cade McNamara, QB (injury)
    • Erick All, TE (injury)
    • Luke Lachey, TE (injury)
    • Cooper DeJean, DB (injury)


    • Tamarion McDonald, DB (transfer portal)
    • De’Shawn Rucker, CB (transfer portal)
    • Doneiko Slaughter, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Baron, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Connor Meadows, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Addison Nichols, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Brandon Turnage, DB (transfer portal)
    • Jack Luttrell, DB (transfer portal)
    • Mo Clipper Jr., iOL (transfer portal)
    • Warren Burrell, CB (transfer portal)
    • Mekhi Bigelow, LB (transfer portal)
    • Wesley Walker, DB (transfer portal)
    • Jaylen Wright, RB (NFL Draft)
    • Jabari Small, RB (opt-out)
    • Joe Miton, QB (NFL Draft)

    Rose Bowl Game Presented by Prudential (CFP Semifinal) | Alabama vs. Michigan


    • Isaiah Hastings, DL (transfer portal)
    • Ja’Corey Brooks, WR (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Buchner, QB (transfer portal)
    • Thaiu Jones-Bell, WR (transfer portal)
    • Anquin Barnes, DL (transfer portal)


    • CJ Stokes, RB (transfer portal)
    • Leon Franklin, RB (transfer portal)

    AllState Sugar Bowl (CFP Semifinal) | Texas vs. Washington


    • Isaiah Neyor, WR (transfer portal)
    • Larry Turner-Gooden, DB (transfer portal)
    • Casey Cain, WR (transfer portal)
    • B.J. Allen Jr., S (transfer portal)
    • Sawyer Goram-Welch, OL (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Catalon, S (transfer portal)
    • Xavion Brice, S (transfer portal)
    • Maalik Murphy, QB (transfer portal)
    • Kristopher Ross, EDGE (transfer portal)


    • Vincent Nunley, S (transfer portal)
    • James Smith, CB (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Morris, QB (transfer portal)

    College Football National Championship Game | To Be Decided


    Myrtle Beach Bowl | Georgia Southern vs. Ohio

    Georgia Southern

    • Jalen Denton, S (transfer portal)
    • Beau Allen, QB (transfer portal)
    • Myles Winslow, DL (transfer portal)
    • Chris Crouch, S (transfer portal)


    • Keye Thompson, LB (transfer portal)
    • Tristan Cox, DL (transfer portal)
    • Caden Campoliete, LB (transfer portal)
    • Kurtis Rourke, QB (transfer portal)
    • Sieh Bangura, RB (transfer portal)
    • O’Shaan Allison, RB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Walton, WR (transfer portal)
    • Miles Cross, WR (transfer portal)
    • Alec Burton, TE (transfer portal)
    • Demond Arter, iOL (transfer portal)

    Cricket Celebration Bowl | Howard vs. Florida A&M


    • n/a

    Florida A&M

    • Trevonte Davis, WR (transfer portal)

    R+L Carriers New Orleans Bowl | Jacksonville State vs. Louisiana

    Jacksonville State

    • n/a


    • Cejae Ceasar, S (transfer portal)
    • Kendre’ Gant, LB (transfer portal)

    Avocados From Mexico Cure Bowl | Miami (OH) vs. Appalachian State

    Miami (OH)

    • Jeremiah Caldwell, CB (transfer portal)
    • Mason Moore, DB (transfer portal)
    • Daisjaun Mercer, S (transfer portal)
    • Aveon Smith, QB (transfer portal)

    Appalachian State

    • Deshawn McKnight, DL (transfer portal)
    • Nate Noel, RB (transfer portal)
    • Milan Tucker, CB (transfer portal)
    • Seth Williams, iOL (transfer portal)
    • James Edwards, CB (transfer portal)
    • Donovan Spellman, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Dashaun Davis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Coen Sutton, WR (transfer portal)
    • Nathan Kibambe, EDGE (transfer portal)

    Isleta New Mexico Bowl | New Mexico State vs. Fresno State

    New Mexico State

    • Reggie Akles, CB (transfer portal)
    • Trent Hudson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jordin Parker, WR (transfer portal)
    • PJ Johnson III, WR (transfer portal)
    • Malachi McLean, S (transfer portal)
    • Tyriece Thomas, DL (transfer portal)
    • Ta’ir Brooks, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jamari Buddin, LB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Devera, TE (transfer portal)

    Fresno State

    • Raymond Scott, LB (transfer portal)
    • Hayden Pulis, OT (transfer portal)
    • Logan Fife, QB (transfer portal)
    • Chrishawn Gordon, S (transfer portal)
    • Tanner Blount, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jai Barnes, iOL (transfer portal)

    Starco Brands LA Bowl Hosted By Gronk | UCLA vs. Boise State


    • Laiatu Latu, EDGE (NFL Draft)
    • Kamari Ramsey, DB (transfer portal)
    • William Nimmo, S (transfer portal)
    • Jake Wiley, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Dante Moore, QB (transfer portal)
    • Carsen Ryan, TE (transfer portal)
    • Keegan Jones, WR (transfer portal)
    • Kam Brown, WR (transfer portal)
    • John Humphrey, CB (transfer portal)

    Boise State

    • Kivon Wright, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Taylen Green, QB (transfer portal)
    • Keenan McCaddy, S (transfer portal)
    • Eric McAlister, WR (transfer portal)

    Radiance Technologies Independence Bowl | Cal vs. Texas Tech


    • Sam Jackson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jeremiah Earby, CB (transfer portal)
    • Kaleb Elarms-Orr, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Mateen Bhaghani, K (transfer portal)
    • Everett Johnson, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Blake Antzoulatos, LB (transfer portal)
    • Brayden Rohme, OT (transfer portal)
    • Tyson McWilliams, DB (transfer portal)
    • Ben Finley, QB (transfer portal)

    Texas Tech

    • JJ Sparkman, WR (transfer portal)
    • Loic Fouonji, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jayden York, TE (transfer portal)
    • Brook Honore, P (transfer portal)
    • Tyler King, WR (transfer portal)
    • Nate Floyd, WR (transfer portal)
    • Seth Martin, OL (transfer portal)
    • Monroe Mills, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jerand Bradley, WR (transfer portal)
    • Nehemiah Martinez, WR (transfer portal)
    • Matt Keeler, OL (transfer portal)
    • Myles Price, WR (transfer portal)
    • Landon Peterson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Shough, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Green, TE (transfer portal)

    Famous Toastery Bowl | Western Kentucky vs. Old Dominion

    Western Kentucky

    • Jared White, P (transfer portal)
    • Amaari Smith, CB (transfer portal)
    • Quantavious Leslie, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Frank Naughton, LS (transfer portal)
    • Tom Ellard, P (transfer portal)
    • Caden Veltkamp, QB (transfer portal)
    • Travares Springer, CB (transfer portal)
    • Nolan McCord, K (transfer portal)
    • Abdul-Lateef Audu, CB (transfer portal)
    • Vincent Murphy, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Desmyn Baker, LB (transfer portal)
    • Wes Dorsey, OT (transfer portal)
    • Upton Stout, CB (transfer portal)
    • Mason Williams, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Josh Shodipo, CB (transfer portal)
    • Talique Allen, S (transfer portal)
    • Austin Reed, QB (NFL Draft)

    Old Dominion

    • Chris Chernak, OT (transfer portal)
    • Devin Brant-Epps, DL (transfer portal)
    • Trenton Kintigh, DL (transfer portal)
    • Gideon Bedada, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Marquez Bell, WR (transfer portal)
    • Ethan Presutty, WR (transfer portal)
    • Mason Howard, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Malcolm Britt, LB (transfer portal)
    • Ethan Duane, P (transfer portal)
    • Terry Jones, S (transfer portal)
    • Isaiah Smith, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Bly, WR (transfer portal)
    • Javon Harvey, WR (transfer portal)
    • Curtis Nixon, TE (transfer portal)

    Scooter’s Coffee Frisco Bowl | UTSA vs. Marshall


    • Trey Moore, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Syrus Dumas, DB (transfer portal)
    • Xavier Spencer, CB (transfer portal)
    • Kyle Eaves, WR (transfer portal)


    • Chase Harrison, QB (transfer portal)
    • Brandon McElroy, DL (transfer portal)
    • Caleb Coombs, WR (transfer portal)
    • Zion Odoms, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jayven Hall, LB (transfer portal)
    • Cam Fancher, QB (transfer portal)
    • Thomas Lane, DL (transfer portal)
    • Chinazo Obobi, OT (transfer portal)
    • Maurice Jones, RB (transfer portal)
    • Sean Sallis, TE (transfer portal)
    • Myles Bell, DB (transfer portal)
    • Trent Holler, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Joshua McTier, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jabarrek Hopkins, DL (transfer portal)
    • CK Obobi, OL (transfer portal)
    • Sean Ellis, TE (transfer portal)
    • TyShawn Hurst, OT (transfer portal)
    • Elijah Russell, EDGE (transfer portal)

    Roofclaim.com Boca Raton Bowl | USF vs. Syracuse


    • Javohn Thomas, WR (transfer portal)
    • Lloyd Summerall, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jameel Sanders, CB (transfer portal)
    • AJ Hamilton, DB (transfer portal)
    • CJ Ross, LB (transfer portal)
    • Will Jones, S (transfer portal)
    • Zach Perkins, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Gerry Bohanon, QB (transfer portal)


    • Terry Lockett, DL (transfer portal)
    • Francois Nolton Jr., DL (transfer portal)
    • Aman Greenwood, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jakobie Seabourn, S (transfer portal)
    • Malcolm Folk, S (transfer portal)
    • Leon Lowery, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jeremiah Wilson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Quan Peterson, DB (transfer portal)
    • Isaiah Jones, WR (transfer portal)
    • Ike Daniels, RB (transfer portal)
    • Josiah Jeffery, LB (transfer portal)
    • Mekhi Mason, LB (transfer portal)
    • Wes Hoeh, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Jalil Smith, DL (transfer portal)
    • Steven Mahar, TE (transfer portal)

    Union Home Mortgage Gasparilla Bowl | Georgia Tech vs. UCF

    Georgia Tech

    • Juju Lewis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jullian Lewis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Wing Green, OT (transfer portal)
    • Kenan Johnson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Kyle Kennard, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jamie Felix, RB (transfer portal)
    • Malcolm Pugh, DL (transfer portal)
    • Elias Cloy, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Bryston Dixon, DL (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Gibson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Ezra Odinjor, DE (transfer portal)
    • Zach Gibson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Paul Tchio, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Etinosa Reuben, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jason Moore, DL (transfer portal)
    • Ashton Heflin, LB (transfer portal)


    • Kervins Choute, DL (transfer portal)
    • Isaiah Paul, LB (transfer portal)
    • Amari Johnson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Keenan Cupit, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Corey Thornton, CB (transfer portal)
    • Drake Metcalf, OC (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Griffin, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jaylon Griffin, WR (transfer portal)
    • Fred Davis II, DB (transfer portal)
    • Dallaz Corbitt, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • KD McDaniel, EDGE (transfer portal)

    Camellia Bowl | Arkansas State vs. Northern Illinois

    Arkansas State

    • Jalen Corprew, LB (transfer portal)
    • Taylon Doss, DB (transfer portal)
    • Ashtin Rustemeyer, DL (transfer portal)
    • Javante Mackey, LB (transfer portal)
    • Christian Hunt, QB (transfer portal)
    • Mike Sharpe II, RB (transfer portal)

    Northern Illinois

    • Phillip Baynes Jr., S (transfer portal)
    • Bryce Harrison, TE (transfer portal)
    • Trey Urwiler, WR (transfer portal)
    • C.J. Brown, S (transfer portal)
    • CJ Brown, DB (transfer portal)
    • Trayvon Rudolph, WR (transfer portal; withdrawn name, on NIU depth chart)
    • Devin Lafayette, DB (transfer portal)
    • George Gumbs, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • David Spruiells, DB (transfer portal)
    • Pete Nygra, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Nathan Ruble, LB (transfer portal)
    • Louis Frye, S (transfer portal)
    • Rashon Myles Jr., LB (transfer portal)
    • Kendrell Flowers, RB (transfer portal)

    76 Birmingham Bowl | Troy vs. Duke


    • Darrell Starling, S (transfer portal)
    • Jelon Johnson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Blake Matthews, LB (transfer portal)
    • Fabian Rogosch, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jeremiah Frazier, IOL (transfer portal)
    • Kobe Williams, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Jayden McDonald, LB (transfer portal)
    • Dasheen Jackson, S (transfer portal)


    • Jaquez Moore, RB (transfer portal; withdrawn name, could play)
    • Jordan Waters, RB (transfer portal)
    • Dorian Mausi, LB (transfer portal)
    • RJ Oben, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Charlie Ham, K (transfer portal)
    • Jaylen Stinson, S (transfer portal)
    • Riley Leonard, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jaden Watkins, WR (transfer portal)
    • Aeneas Peebles, DT (transfer portal)
    • Malik Bowen-Sims, WR (transfer portal)
    • Brandon Johnson, CB (transfer portal)

    Lockheed Martin Armed Forces Bowl | James Madison vs. Air Force

    James Madison

    • Mikail Kamara, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Carter Miller, G (transfer portal)

    The following players were reportedly made available for JMU’s bowl game despite their entrance into the transfer portal:

    • Tyshawn Wyatt, OL (transfer portal)
    • Ty Son Lawton, RB (transfer portal)
    • James Carpenter, DT (transfer portal)
    • Zach Horton, TE (transfer portal)
    • Chauncey Logan, CB (transfer portal)
    • Mikail Kamara, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Jordan McCloud, QB (transfer portal)
    • Taurus Jones, LB (transfer portal)
    • Aiden Fisher, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jailin Walker, LB (transfer portal)
    • Wayne Knight, RB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Stephens, OL (transfer portal)
    • Elijah Sarratt, WR (transfer portal)

    Air Force

    • John Lee Eldridge, RB (transfer portal)
    • Brady Phillips, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jarius Stewart, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jonah Jensen, QB (transfer portal)
    • Aidan Behymer, TE (transfer portal)
    • Mason Carlan, OT (transfer portal)
    • Caleb Rillos, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jacob Tafoya, LB (transfer portal)

    Famous Idaho Potato Bowl | Georgia State vs. Utah State

    Georgia State

    • JayT Jackson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tony McCray, CB (transfer portal)
    • Bryquice Brown, CB (transfer portal)
    • Evan Graham, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Jones, LB (transfer portal)
    • Montavious Cunningham, OT (transfer portal)
    • Cameron Dye, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jaquan Dixon, RB (transfer portal)
    • KZ Adams, RB (transfer portal)
    • Marcus Carroll, RB (transfer portal)
    • Robert Lewis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Tate, S (transfer portal)
    • Rico Arnold, WR (transfer portal)

    Utah State

    • Malone Mataele, CB (transfer portal)
    • Vaughn Mamea, DL (transfer portal)
    • Devin Dye, S (transfer portal)
    • Reggie Foster, RB (transfer portal)
    • Adam Tomczyk, DL (transfer portal)
    • Siaosi Lauhingoa, DL (transfer portal)

    68 Ventures Bowl | South Alabama vs. Eastern Michigan

    South Alabama

    • Dallas Gamble, CB (transfer portal)
    • Nathan Rawlins-Kibonge, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Gavin Forsha, LB (transfer portal)
    • Caullin Lacy, WR (transfer portal)

    Eastern Michigan

    • Austin Smith, QB (transfer portal)
    • Andreas Paaske, TE (transfer portal)
    • Mikah Coleman, DL (transfer portal)
    • Zack Conti, OL (transfer portal)
    • Alex Merritt, DL (transfer portal)
    • CJ Horton, TE (transfer portal)
    • Javon Swinton, WR (transfer portal)

    SRS Distribution Las Vegas Bowl | Utah vs. Northwestern


    • Bryson Barnes, QB (transfer portal; expected to play still)


    • JaTravis Broughton, CB (transfer portal)
    • Mikey Matthews, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jocelyn Malaska, CB (transfer portal)
    • Owen Chambliss, LB (transfer portal)
    • Hayden Erickson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Mack Howard, QB (transfer portal)
    • Darrien Stewart, S (transfer portal)
    • Bleu Stewart, S (transfer portal)
    • Justin Medlock, LB (transfer portal)
    • Makai Cope, WR (transfer portal)
    • Nate Johnson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Faybian Marks, CB (transfer portal)
    • Kenzel Lawler, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jadon Pearson, S (transfer portal)


    • Josh Priebe, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Cole Freeman, QB (transfer portal)
    • Nigel Williams, CB (transfer portal)
    • Matt Lawson, DL (transfer portal)

    Easypost Hawaii Bowl | Coastal Carolina vs. San Jose State

    Coastal Carolina

    • Jacob Proche, CB (transfer portal)
    • Evan Crenshaw, P (transfer portal)
    • Tyson Mobley, WR (transfer portal)
    • Laurence Sullivan, CB (transfer portal)
    • Bryson Summers, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Derrick Maxey, S (transfer portal)
    • Kaleb Hutchinson, S (transfer portal)
    • Eli Hillman, S (transfer portal)
    • Chris Rhone, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dami’on Thompson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Bailey Carraway, LB (transfer portal)
    • Tavyn Jackson, S (transfer portal)
    • Jared Brown, WR (transfer portal)
    • Braylon Ryan, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Grayson McCall, QB (transfer portal)
    • CJ Beasley, RB (transfer portal)
    • Mason Bowers, iOL (transfer portal)
    • JT Killen, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jarrett Guest, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jacob Proche, CB (transfer portal)
    • Aaron Diggs, S (transfer portal)
    • Donnell Wilson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jahmar Brown, S (transfer portal)
    • Trey Pinkney, LB (transfer portal)

    San Jose State

    • Fernando Carmona, OT (transfer portal)
    • Branden Alvarez, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dominick Mazotti, TE (transfer portal)
    • Charlie Leota, DL (transfer portal)

    Quick Lane Bowl | Bowling Green vs. Minnesota

    Bowling Green

    • Kitione Tau, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Nick Mosley, RB (transfer portal)
    • Andrew Bench, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jack Sauder, K (transfer portal)
    • Hayden Timosciek, QB (transfer portal)
    • Ta’ron Keith, RB (transfer portal)
    • Taron Keith, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Huskey, CB (transfer portal)
    • Deshawn Jones Jr., CB (transfer portal)
    • Steve Lubischer, S (transfer portal)


    • Dino Kaliakmanis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Tyrell Lawrence, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Drew Viotto, QB (transfer portal)
    • Marquese Williams, RB (transfer portal)
    • Max Grand, RB (transfer portal)
    • Zach Evans, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jacob Lewis, K (transfer portal)
    • JJ Guedet, OT (transfer portal)
    • Athan Kaliakmanis, QB (transfer portal)

    Servpro First Responder Bowl | Texas State vs. Rice

    Texas State

    • CJ Rogers, QB (transfer portal)
    • Josh Berry, RB (transfer portal)
    • Calvin Hill, RB (transfer portal)
    • Graham Faloona, LB (transfer portal)
    • Ronnie Hamrick II, CB (transfer portal)


    • Jordan Dunbar, CB (transfer portal)

    Guaranteed Rate Bowl | Kansas vs. UNLV


    • Will Huggins, TE (transfer portal)
    • Reece Thomas, WR (transfer portal)
    • Tanaka Scott, WR (transfer portal)


    • Jordyn Morgan, S (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Jakes, WR (transfer portal)
    • Courtney Reese, RB (transfer portal)
    • Isaiah Hackett, CB (transfer portal)
    • Cameren Jenkins, S (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Frazier, DB (transfer portal)

    Military Bowl Presented by GoBowling.com | Virginia Tech vs. Tulane

    Virginia Tech

    • Chance Black, RB (transfer portal)
    • Derrick Canteen, CB (transfer portal)
    • Johnny Dickson, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Luke Shields, WR (transfer portal)
    • Da’Wain Lofton, WR (transfer portal)
    • Daequan Wright, TE (transfer portal)
    • Bryce Duke, RB (transfer portal)
    • Nyquee Hawkins, S (transfer portal)
    • Christian Moss, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dae’Quan Wright, TE (transfer portal)
    • J.R. Walker, LB (transfer portal)
    • Hunter McLain, OT (transfer portal)


    • Corey Platt Jr., LB (transfer portal)
    • Keith Cooper Jr., DL (transfer portal)
    • Kai Horton, QB (transfer portal)
    • Kentrell Webb, CB (transfer portal)
    • Devean Deal, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • DJ Douglas, WR (transfer portal)
    • Carson Haggard, QB (transfer portal)
    • Chris Brazzell II, WR (transfer portal)
    • Phat Watts, WR (transfer portal)
    • Chadwick Bailey, CB (transfer portal)
    • Alex Bauman, TE (transfer portal)
    • Kiland Harrison, CB (transfer portal)
    • Michael Pratt, QB (NFL Draft)

    Duke’s Mayo Bowl | North Carolina vs. West Virginia

    North Carolina

    • Sebastian Cheeks, LB (transfer portal)
    • Tayon Holloway, CB (transfer portal)
    • Major Byrd, CB (transfer portal)
    • Justin Kanyuk, OT (transfer portal)
    • Russell Tabor, QB (transfer portal)
    • Tychaun Chapman, WR (transfer portal)
    • Deuce Caldwell, LB (transfer portal)
    • George Pettaway, RB (transfer portal)
    • Don Chapman, S (transfer portal)
    • Andre Green Jr., WR (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Brooks, LB (transfer portal)
    • Cole Maynard, P (transfer portal)
    • Ryan Coe, K (transfer portal)
    • Kamari Morales, TE (transfer portal)
    • Kendrick Bingley-Jones, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jefferson Boaz, QB (transfer portal)
    • Elijah Green, RB (transfer portal)
    • D.J. Jones, S (transfer portal)

    West Virginia

    • Keyshawn Cobb, DB (transfer portal)
    • Justin Johnson Jr., RB (transfer portal)
    • James Heard, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Danny King, P (transfer portal)
    • Michael Lockhart, DL (transfer portal)
    • Andrew Wilson-Lamp, CB (transfer portal)
    • Hershey McLaurin, S (transfer portal)
    • Theo Grabill, TE (transfer portal)
    • Ja’Shaun Poke, WR (transfer portal)
    • Davis Mallinger, WR (transfer portal)
    • Christion Stokes, S (transfer portal)
    • Jeremiah Aaron, WR (transfer portal)
    • Cortez Braham, WR (transfer portal)
    • Lance Dixon, S (transfer portal)

    DirectTV Holiday Bowl | Louisville vs. USC


    • Kameron Wilson, LB (transfer portal)
    • Ryheem Craig, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Izaiah Reed, OT (transfer portal)
    • Josh Minkins, S (transfer portal)
    • Victoine Brown, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jackson Hamilton, LB (transfer portal)
    • Marquis Groves-Killebrew, CB (transfer portal)
    • Yirayah Lanier, DL (transfer portal)
    • Popeye Williams, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Derrick Edwards, CB (transfer portal)


    • Caleb Williams, QB (NFL Draft)
    • Brendan Rice, WR (NFL Draft)
    • Michael Jackson III, WR (transfer portal)
    • Dejon Benton, DL (transfer portal)
    • De’jon Benton, DL (transfer portal)
    • Raleek Brown, WR (transfer portal)
    • Chris Thompson Jr., LB (transfer portal)
    • Jude Wolfe, TE (transfer portal)
    • Darwin Barlow, RB (transfer portal)
    • Matthew Colombo, RB (transfer portal)
    • Xamarion Gordon, DB (transfer portal)
    • Jamar Sekona, DL (transfer portal)
    • Fabian Ross, CB (transfer portal)
    • Andrew Milek, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Mario Williams, WR (transfer portal)
    • Michael Tarquin, OT (transfer portal)
    • Malachi Nelson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Tackett Curtis, LB (transfer portal)
    • Domani Jackson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Korey Foreman, EDGE (transfer portal)

    TaxAct Texas Bowl | Texas A&M vs. Oklahoma State

    Texas A&M

    • Deuce Harmon, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tyreek Chappell, CB (transfer portal)
    • Fadil Diggs, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Chase Bisontis, OT (transfer portal)
    • Jake Johnson, TE (transfer portal)
    • Micaiah Overton, DL (transfer portal)
    • LT Overton, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jardin Gilbert, S (transfer portal)
    • James Bailey, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Walter Nolen, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Spasojevic-Moko, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Remington Strickland, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Evan Stewart, WR (transfer portal)
    • Max Johnson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Raymond Cottrell, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Waddy, LB (transfer portal)
    • Kent Robinson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Fernando Garza, TE (transfer portal)
    • Naquil Bertrand, OT (transfer portal)

    Oklahoma State

    • Jaden Bray, WR (transfer portal)
    • Blaine Green, WR (transfer portal)
    • Gunnar Gundy, QB (transfer portal)
    • Ricky Lolohea, DL (transfer portal)
    • Tyrone Webber, OT (transfer portal)
    • Lardarius Webb Jr., DB (transfer portal)
    • Jaden Nixon, WR (transfer portal)

    Wasabi Fenway Bowl | SMU vs. Boston College


    • Kamryn Farrar, LB (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Frazier, DL (transfer portal)
    • Jacob Waller, OT (transfer portal)
    • Daemian Wimberly, DL (transfer portal)
    • Nolan Matthews, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jovoni Borbon, LS (transfer portal)
    • Stephon Wright, DL (transfer portal)
    • Warren Walls, EDGE (transfer portal)

    Boston College

    • CJ Clinkscales, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jaden Williams, WR (transfer portal)
    • Emmett Morehead, QB (transfer portal)
    • Xavier Coleman, RB (transfer portal)
    • Cam Barfield, RB (transfer portal)
    • Joshua Hardy, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Patrick Garwo, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jason Scott, CB (transfer portal)
    • Shitta Sillah, LB (transfer portal)
    • Andre Hines Jr., RB (transfer portal)
    • Josh Hardy, DE (transfer portal)
    • Alex Washington, S (transfer portal)
    • Taji Johnson, WR (transfer portal)

    Bad Boy Mowers Pinstripe Bowl | Rutgers vs. Miami (FL)


    • Bryce Kissi, WR (transfer portal)
    • Kamar Missouri, DL (transfer portal)
    • Mike Ciaffoni, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Raeden Oliver, QB (transfer portal)
    • Evan Simon, QB (transfer portal)
    • Max Patterson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Carnell Davis, WR (transfer portal)
    • Rashad Rochelle, WR (transfer portal)
    • Khayri Banton, CB (transfer portal)
    • Gavin Rupp, QB (transfer portal)
    • Aaron Young, RB (transfer portal)
    • Todd Bowles Jr., S (transfer portal)

    Miami (FL)

    • Colbie Young, WR (transfer portal)
    • Cyrus Moss, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Malik Curtis, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jaleel Skinner, TE (transfer portal)
    • Chantz Williams, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Stone Springman, K (transfer portal)
    • Dominic Mammarelli, TE (transfer portal)
    • Frank Ladson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Corey Flagg Jr., LB (transfer portal)
    • Jahfari Harvey, DL (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Van Dyke, QB (transfer portal)
    • Don Chaney Jr., RB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Lassiter, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • William Hawkins IV, WR (transfer portal)

    Pop-Tarts Bowl | NC State vs. Kansas State

    NC State

    • Cecil Powell, S (transfer portal)
    • Jaleel Davis, OT (transfer portal)
    • Michael Allen, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Houston, RB (transfer portal)
    • Darius Edmundson, S (transfer portal)
    • Joshua Crabtree, WR (transfer portal)
    • Lyndon Cooper, OL (transfer portal)
    • Terrell Timmons Jr., WR (transfer portal)
    • C.J. Clark, DL (transfer portal)
    • Torren Wright, LB (transfer portal)
    • MJ Morris, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jakeen Harris, S (transfer portal)
    • Cedd Seabrough, TE (transfer portal)
    • Nate Evans, CB (transfer portal)
    • Porter Rooks, WR (transfer portal)
    • Anthony Smith, WR (transfer portal)
    • Chris Toudle, WR (transfer portal)
    • Daejuan Thompson, LB (transfer portal)

    Kansas State

    • Xavier Loyd, WR (transfer portal)
    • RJ Garcia II, WR (transfer portal)
    • Nate Matlack, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Adryan Lara, QB (transfer portal)
    • Anthony Frias, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Perry, LB (transfer portal)
    • Christian Moore, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jordan Wright, CB (transfer portal)
    • Collin Dunn, LB (transfer portal)
    • Trey Engram, RB (transfer portal)
    • Wesley Watson, WR (transfer portal)
    • Will Lee III, CB (transfer portal)
    • Will Howard, QB (transfer portal)
    • Treshaun Ward, RB (transfer portal)
    • Kobe Savage, S (transfer portal)

    Valero Alamo Bowl | Arizona vs. Oklahoma


    • Cruz Rushing, S (transfer portal)
    • Orin Patu, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Manny Moss, CB (transfer portal)
    • Jason Harris, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Ammon Allen, LB (transfer portal)
    • Isaiah Taylor, S (transfer portal)
    • Canyon Moses, CB (transfer portal)
    • Stevie Rocker, RB (transfer portal)
    • Snoop Leota-Amaama, OT (transfer portal)
    • Daniel Heimuli, LB (transfer portal)


    • Kelvin Gilliam, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Savion Byrd, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Dillon Gabriel, QB (transfer portal)
    • Reggie Grimes II, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Nate Anderson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Marcus Major, RB (transfer portal)
    • Daylan Smothers, RB (transfer portal)
    • Key Lawrence, S (transfer portal)
    • Jason Llewellyn, TE (transfer portal)
    • Tawee Walker, RB (transfer portal)
    • D.J. Graham II, WR (transfer portal)
    • Marcus Hicks, OT (transfer portal)
    • Cayden Green, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Aaryn Parks, OT (transfer portal)

    TaxSlayer Gator Bowl | Clemson vs. Kentucky


    • Domonique Thomas, RB (transfer portal)
    • David Ojiegbe, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Andrew Mukuba, S (transfer portal)
    • Toriano Pride Jr., CB (transfer portal)
    • Sage Ennis, TE (transfer portal)
    • Beaux Collins, WR (transfer portal)
    • Mitchell Mayes, OT (transfer portal)
    • Hunter Helms, QB (transfer portal)
    • Lannden Zanders, S (transfer portal)


    • Jordan Dingle, TE (transfer portal)
    • Kaiya Sheron, QB (transfer portal)
    • Martez Thrower, LB (transfer portal)
    • Destin Wade, QB (transfer portal)
    • Shamar Porter, WR (transfer portal)
    • Keaten Wade, WR (transfer portal)
    • Luke Fulton, LB (transfer portal)
    • JuTahn McClain, RB (transfer portal)
    • Izayah Cummings, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jamarius Dinkins, DL (transfer portal)
    • Grant Bingham, OL (transfer portal)
    • Dekel Crowdus, WR (transfer portal)
    • Jalen Geiger, CB (transfer portal)
    • Elijah Reed, CB (transfer portal)

    Tony the Tiger Sun Bowl | Oregon State vs. Notre Dame

    Oregon State

    • Easton Mascarenas, LB (transfer portal)
    • Akili Arnold, S (transfer portal)
    • Jack Velling, TE (transfer portal)
    • Jermod McCoy, CB (transfer portal)
    • Aidan Chiles, QB (transfer portal)
    • DJ Uiagalelei, QB (transfer portal)
    • Jake Overman, TE (transfer portal)
    • Josh McCormick, K (transfer portal)
    • Atticus Sappington, K (transfer portal)

    Notre Dame

    • Sam Hartman, QB (NFL Draft)
    • Antonio Carter II, CB (transfer portal)
    • Holden Staes, TE (transfer portal)
    • Braylon James, WR (transfer portal)
    • Joey Tanona, OT (transfer portal)
    • Ryan Barnes, DB (transfer portal)
    • Rico Flores Jr., WR (transfer portal)
    • Ramon Henderson, CB (transfer portal)
    • Tobias Merriweather, WR (transfer portal)
    • Aidan Keanaaina, DL (transfer portal)
    • NaNa Osafo-Mensah, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Zeke Correll, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Chris Tyree, RB (transfer portal)
    • Michael Carmody, OT (transfer portal)

    AutoZone Liberty Bowl | Memphis vs. Iowa State


    • Hydeen Barlow, Dl (transfer portal)
    • Makylan Pounders, OT (transfer portal)
    • Meonta Kimbrough, DL (transfer portal)
    • Zy Brockington, DL (transfer portal)
    • Davion Carter, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Seth Morgan, K (transfer portal)
    • Spencer Rich, LB (transfer portal)
    • Tevin Carter, QB (transfer portal)
    • Tre Wright, CB (transfer portal)
    • Raydrian McKneely, RB (transfer portal)
    • Cameron Smith, S (transfer portal)
    • Joshua Sloan, P (transfer portal)

    Iowa State

    • Markel McLaurin, DB (transfer portal)
    • Darrell Simmons, iOL (transfer portal)
    • Kaden Sutton, DL (transfer portal)
    • Terrell Crosby, ATH (transfer portal)
    • Myles Norwood, CB (transfer portal)
    • JJ Jean-Louis, LB (transfer portal)
    • Eli Sanders, RB (transfer portal)
    • Treyveon McGee, S (transfer portal)
    • Quaron Adams, WR (transfer portal)
    • Carston Marshall, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jefferson Adam, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Cartevious Norton, RB (transfer portal)
    • Deshawn Hanika, TE (transfer portal)
    • Greg Gaines, WR (transfer portal)
    • T.J. Tampa, CB (NFL Draft)

    Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic | Missouri vs. Ohio State


    • Demariyon Houston, WR (transfer portal)
    • DJ Wesolak, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • D.J. Wesolak, LB (transfer portal)
    • Carmycah Glass, LB (transfer portal)
    • Xavier Simmons, LB (transfer portal)
    • Valen Erickson, OT (transfer portal)
    • Max Whisner, TE (transfer portal)
    • Dameon Wilson, LB (transfer portal)
    • Dylan Laible, QB (transfer portal)
    • Ma’Kyi Lee, OT (transfer portal)
    • Gabarri Johnson, QB (transfer portal)
    • Tyler Hibbler, S (transfer portal)

    Ohio State

    • Joe Royer, TE (transfer portal)
    • Chip Trayanum, RB (transfer portal)
    • Jyaire Brown, CB (transfer portal)
    • Omari Abor, EDGE (transfer portal)
    • Ryan Turner, CB (transfer portal)
    • Parker Lewis, K (transfer portal)
    • Reid Carrico, LB (transfer portal)
    • Jakob James, OT (transfer portal)
    • Kyle McCord, QB (transfer portal)
    • Evan Pryor, RB (transfer portal)
    • Kye Stokes, S (transfer portal)
    • Julian Fleming, WR (transfer portal)
    • Aramoni Rhone, WR (transfer portal)
    • Victor Cutler Jr., iOL (transfer portal)
    • Cameron Martinez, S (transfer portal)
    • Connor Cmiel, WR (transfer portal)
    • Will Harton, RB (transfer portal)

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