Charlotte 49ers Best of 2023: Prince Bemah, Eyabi Okie-Anoma Stand Out

    Charlotte 49ers Best of 2023 begins with their defensive play as Prince Bemah and Eyabi Okie-Anoma have truly stood out

    In conjunction with our College Football’s Best series, highlighting the top plays, players, highlights, and moments from all 133 teams, we’re here to showcase the best the Charlotte 49ers have had to offer in 2023. Who has stood out? What units are turning heads?

    And who from Charlotte is among the top mentions in our College Football’s Best series this season?

    Charlotte 49ers Best of 2023

    At College Football Network, we watch every game. Every player. Every team. And our notebooks are chock full of top players, plays, highlights, and moments. Today, I’m emptying the notebook.

    Below, find Charlotte’s noteworthy players, groupings, or units, all listed under a different category: good, great, grand, or wonderful. Every team across the country has put forth their best efforts in 2023, and through four weeks of action, those players deserve notoriety for what they’ve put forth this season.

    Highlighting the best with a line from the one and only Chris Farley, welcome to this season’s Good, Great, Grand, Wonderful!

    For all 133 teams, head over to College Football’s Best of 2023.

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    Good: Jalon Jones, QB

    Using his legs when plays break down, Jalon Jones leads the 49ers with 262 rushing yards. Considering he’s been sacked eight times, that figure is all the more impressive. A two-QB system with Trexler Ivey may be blooming.

    Great: Jack Hestera, TE

    The leading receiver on the team, Jack Hestera is averaging 13.5 yards per catch, doing so without a reception longer than 30 yards on the year.

    He’s a walking first-down machine.

    Grand: Eyabi Okie-Anoma, DL

    The prized transfer of the 2023 offseason, Eyabi Okie-Anoma has dominated off the edge. A one-man wrecking crew, he’s finished his pass rush with just two sacks so far, but has been a constant presence in the backfield for opponents.

    The former five-star recruit has looked every bit the part.

    Wonderful: Prince Bemah, LB

    Patrolling the middle of the field, Prince Bemah leads the team with 28 total tackles and has shown he can come downhill in run defense in a hurry. Opposing offenses understand they have to find Bemah before every snap, he’s influencing the game even before the plays start.

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