EA Sports College Football 25: Can You Eat the Pop-Tarts Bowl Mascot in the Game?

    The Pop-Tarts Bowl will be in the game, but will you actually be able to eat the mascot as they did in real life in EA Sports College Football 25?

    Bowl games are coming to EA Sports College Football 25. And if you’re anybody who cares about bowls being included in any fashion, you have one lingering question about the game’s inclusion of the bowls.

    Can You Eat the Pop-Tarts Mascot in EA Sports College Football 25?

    Before saying a flat-out answer one way or another, we must first get to the root of the question and define what we are referring to. If you remember correctly, for the first time in history, an edible mascot for a bowl game made national news when the Pop-Tarts Bowl mascot sent himself through a mega-sized toaster and offered himself up as a sacrifice to the victorious Kansas State Wildcats.

    Strawberry, the mascot, sent himself through the toaster with a sign stating that ‘dreams really do come true’ before being consumed by Wildcats staff and players.

    So with the Pop-Tarts Bowl being among those bowl games included in the latest edition of EA Sports NCAA Football video game series, will this unique situation and bowl-game culmination be included?

    As of right now, it appears that the victorious team of the Pop-Tarts Bowl will not be able to eat the mascot. According to Matt Brown of Extra Points, EA has been authorized to use the bowl’s intellectual property but little else.

    “I don’t yet know how they plan to integrate our IP, but I can only hope the opportunity exists for Strawberry to compete in mascot mode or for a virtual PTB (Pop-Tarts Bowl) to end with a virtually-edible mascot,” a spokesperson told Brown.

    Brown further indicated that the licensing contract that the Pop-Tarts Bowl signed with EA was the standard agreement that had been handed out to each of the bowl games and there was nothing technically unique about the Pop-Tarts Bowl itself.

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    However, given the demand and attention Strawberry warranted when he sent himself through the toaster received, we wouldn’t put it past EA Sports to get this unique situation in the game as a unique one-off situation.

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