Brian Newberry Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    Finding information on a Brian Newberry salary, contract, and net worth is tough, but we can try to make some sense out of it.

    When it comes to Brian Newberry and his salary, contract, and net worth, there isn’t a ton of information definitively telling us those numbers. However, we can deduce a decent bit chunk of insight based on surrounding information for the Navy Midshipmen head coach.


    Brian Newberry Salary and Contract in 2023

    Getting information from the Navy isn’t easy, so finding Newberry’s terms to his contract and salary doesn’t exactly yield a ton of results. However, we can look at his predecessor’s salary to make some guesses as to what range he’ll be.

    When Ken Niumatalolo signed with Navy in 2008, he wasn’t making much. Well, at least not relative to the rest of college football. The earliest salary posted for him was back in 2009 at $468,464.

    In 2010, the Midshipmen bumped his pay up to $1.8 million, with Niumatalolo departing Navy in 2022 with a salary of $2.3 million. Obviously, success had a lot to do with his contract increases, a salary that Newberry could chase to get in the same range.


    Newberry’s Net Worth

    In today’s day and age, coaches are getting paid a crazy amount of money. Alabama’s Nick Saban, Clemson’s Dabo Swinney, and Georgia’s Kirby Smart lead the way by making over $10 million per year. But where does Newberry sit in terms of his salary?

    Again, we don’t know what number he’s getting, but let’s take some guesses. Niumatalolo sat at $2.3 million before he left. Army’s Jeff Monken makes around $2 million per year, while Air Force’s Troy Calhoun reportedly makes around $1.7 million.

    MORE: Navy Depth Chart

    So does Newberry make $1 million per year? Probably not, and here’s why. Smaller schools can’t afford to pay their first-year head coaches a ton of money, so it’s safe to say Newberry makes closer to what Niumatalolo did when he took over the program in 2008. Somewhere around the $400,000 to $600,000.

    However, we’ve seen that it doesn’t take long to get that number up with success on the field. It appears Newberry and his staff have plans to elevate the program again, and with that comes extra compensation.

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