Brian Ferentz ‘Not Expected’ to Return as Offensive Coordinator at Iowa in 2024

As he's unlikely to hit provisions in a new contract, Brian Ferentz is not expected to return as the offensive coordinator for the Iowa Hawkeyes in 2024.

The Iowa Hawkeyes may be seeing greener pasture in 2024, at least on offense, if rumors are true. One of the nation’s most controversial and most talked-about coaching gigs is set to be open for business as Brian Ferentz is ‘not expected’ to return to his post.

Brian Ferentz Not Expected to Return to Iowa

The Iowa Hawkeyes and Brian Ferentz are expected to part ways, per a report from 247Sports’ David Eickholt.

This move should come as no surprise this offseason if Ferentz is truly gone from the Iowa program. Though, contractually, he still has marks of inefficiency to hit before he can be removed.

Famously, Ferentz signed a revised contract this past offseason that put forth multiple stipulations for him to keep his job. He took a pay cut of $50,000 in the one-year contract that put forth the following provisions:

  • Iowa must average 25 points per game
  • Iowa must win seven games

On the surface, those stipulations look considerably manageable.

Iowa hasn’t not won seven games in a season since 2012 if you remove the COVID-19-shortened 2020 campaign. And 25 points per game would have ranked the Iowa offense 85th among 131 teams in 2022.

Yet, here we are, on October 30, 2023, with the Iowa Hawkeyes approaching seven wins, currently sitting at 6-2 but having scored more than 25 points in just two games.

The Hawkeyes have scored a grand total of 156 points, or 19.5 points per game.

Currently, Iowa ranks last or near the bottom of seemingly every major offensive category across the nation and especially in the Big Ten.

Out of 133 teams, here is how the Hawkeyes rank offensively:

  • Yards Per Game: 232.4 (last)
  • Total Yards: 1,859 (last)
  • Passing Yards: 932 (131st)
  • Pass Yards Per Game: 116.5 (131st)
  • Rushing Yards: 927 (109th)
  • Rush Yards Per Game: 115.9 (109th)
  • Points: 156 (122nd)
  • Points Per Game: 19.5 (120th)

Through the years, Brian’s father, Kirk Ferentz, has lent his support to his son.

“I worked for a guy for nine years who there was never a coordinator fired during my nine years with Coach (Hayden Fry),” Ferentz said during a National Signing Day press conference.

“I’m not planning on doing it. I haven’t done it.”

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Despite that support just months prior, it appears that even the most meager standards set forth on Ferentz’s contract aren’t going to be enough to save Brian’s job in Iowa City.