Brent Pry Contract, Salary, Net Worth and More

    Brent Pry's contract has escalators designed to make him one of the better paid coaches in the ACC, if Virginia Tech can snap out of its funk.

    The Virginia Tech Hokies are a few years removed from the glory days and are trying to recover from a poor run of form at the end of Justin Fuente’s time in Blacksburg. Second-year head coach Brent Pry has his work cut out for him as the team tries to rebound in 2023. F

    aced with budget cuts and a tough recruiting footprint, Pry has his work cut out. Here’s Brent Pry’s contract, salary, and net worth.

    Brent Pry Contract and Salary in 2023

    The decision to move on from Fuente was not a decision Virginia Tech made likely, as the university had already reduced his salary as part of pandemic-induced budget cuts. Still, in December of 2021, the school committed six years to Pry, offering him a salary that started at around $4 million a year and was scheduled to escalate to $5 million by the conclusion of the agreement.

    Despite its strong football history, Virginia Tech’s football budget ranks in the lower half of the ACC. When Pry was hired, though, the university promised around $5.5 million to be split amongst the 10 on-field coaches.

    Brent Pry’s contract is unique in that many of the incentives for wins are directed toward staffing budgets rather than Pry’s own pockets.

    Per the original contract, Pry’s staffing budget would increase by $200,000 for eight wins and escalate by $100,000 per win up to 11 wins.

    Pry receives his bonuses based on postseason performance, including $25,000 for playing the ACC Championship (with an extra $25,000 for winning the game), $50,000 for making a bowl game, $150,000 for playing in a College Football Playoff or New Year’s Six game and $250,000 for winning a national championship. He also has small bonuses for coaching awards.

    Pry would owe a lump sum to the university that would decrease later in the contract if he were to leave the program. His buyout is equivalent to 70 percent of the remaining base salary and incentives.

    Interestingly, Pry has a clause in his contract that gives him a bonus for strong academic performance, capping at $100,000 for a team single-year APR of 1000.

    Brent Pry Net Worth

    Brent Pry’s net worth isn’t publicly known. However, he earned a large raise when he moved to Virginia Tech in 2022. He was paid handsomely as a defensive coordinator in his last year at Penn State, making nearly $1.5 million in 2021. Before that, he earned just over $600,000 in 2018 and 2019 and earned a raise in 2020. Due to pandemic reductions, he made less than scheduled but still made nearly $800,000.

    The state of Virginia has higher income taxes than Pennsylvania, so Pry didn’t pocket his entire raise. In his second year as head coach, some websites have put Pry’s net worth around $5 million.

    If he can turn the Virginia Tech program around, he should see a few raises and that number will grow.

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