Big Game Annual Results: Every Game Between Cal and Stanford

    The Big Game is as historic as it is important to each Cal and Stanford. The Big Game annual results take a trip back to 1892 when the rivalry began.

    The Cal-Stanford Rivalry predates every fan, tracing its origin all the way back to 1892. The Big Game Annual Results are a true walk through college football history, including some incredible moments, long win streaks, crushing defeats, and one of the most memorable college football plays of all time.

    Big Game Annual Results

    The California Golden Bears and Stanford Cardinal play annually in a contest known as the Big Game. Famous for a play in which the band ran onto the field, the Big Game itself often lends itself to memorable moments dubbed with unique nicknames and monikers.

    Taking a look back at the annual results treats both fanbases, even if Stanford does lead the all-time series 65-49-11.

    Game No.DateLocationWinnerScore
    1March 19, 1892San FranciscoStanford14–10
    2December 17, 1892San FranciscoTie10–10
    3November 30, 1893San FranciscoTie6–6
    4November 29, 1894San FranciscoStanford6–0
    5November 29, 1895San FranciscoTie6–6
    6November 26, 1896San FranciscoStanford20–0
    7November 25, 1897San FranciscoStanford28–0
    8November 24, 1898San FranciscoCalifornia22–0
    9November 30, 1899San FranciscoCalifornia30–0
    10November 29, 1900San FranciscoStanford5–0
    11November 9, 1901San FranciscoCalifornia2–0
    12November 8, 1902San FranciscoCalifornia16–0
    13November 14, 1903San FranciscoTie6–6
    14November 12, 1904BerkeleyStanford18–0
    15November 11, 1905StanfordStanford12–5
    16November 10, 1906*BerkeleyStanford6–3
    17November 9, 1907*StanfordStanford21–11
    18November 14, 1908*BerkeleyStanford12–3
    19November 13, 1909*StanfordCalifornia19–13
    20November 12, 1910*BerkeleyCalifornia25–6
    21November 11, 1911*StanfordCalifornia21–3
    22November 11, 1912*BerkeleyTie3–3
    23November 8, 1913*StanfordStanford13–8
    24November 14, 1914*BerkeleyStanford26–8
    25November 22, 1919StanfordCalifornia14–10
    26November 20, 1920BerkeleyCalifornia38–0
    27November 19, 1921StanfordCalifornia42–7
    28November 25, 1922StanfordCalifornia28–0
    29November 24, 1923BerkeleyCalifornia9–0
    30November 22, 1924BerkeleyTie20–20
    31November 21, 1925StanfordStanford27–14
    32November 20, 1926BerkeleyStanford41–6
    33November 19, 1927StanfordStanford13–6
    34November 24, 1928BerkeleyTie13–13
    35November 23, 1929StanfordStanford21–6
    36November 22, 1930BerkeleyStanford41–0
    37November 21, 1931StanfordCalifornia6–0
    38November 19, 1932BerkeleyTie0–0
    39November 25, 1933StanfordStanford7–3
    40November 24, 1934BerkeleyStanford9–7
    41November 23, 1935StanfordStanford13–0
    42November 21, 1936BerkeleyCalifornia20–0
    43November 20, 1937Stanford#2 California13–0
    44November 19, 1938Berkeley#9 California6–0
    45November 25, 1939StanfordCalifornia32–14
    46November 30, 1940Berkeley#3 Stanford13–7
    47November 29, 1941StanfordCalifornia16–0
    48November 21, 1942BerkeleyStanford26–7
    49November 23, 1946BerkeleyStanford25–6
    50November 22, 1947Stanford#9 California21–18
    51November 20, 1948Berkeley#4 California7–6
    52November 19, 1949Stanford#3 California33–14
    53November 25, 1950BerkeleyTie7–7
    54November 24, 1951Stanford#19 California20–7
    55November 22, 1952BerkeleyCalifornia26–0
    56November 21, 1953StanfordTie21–21
    57November 20, 1954BerkeleyCalifornia28–20
    58November 19, 1955Stanford#18 Stanford19–0
    59November 24, 1956BerkeleyCalifornia20–18
    60November 23, 1957StanfordStanford14–12
    61November 22, 1958BerkeleyCalifornia16–15
    62November 21, 1959Stanford#19 California20–17
    63November 19, 1960BerkeleyCalifornia21–10
    64November 25, 1961StanfordStanford20–7
    65November 24, 1962BerkeleyStanford30–13
    66November 30, 1963StanfordStanford28–17
    67November 21, 1964BerkeleyStanford21–3
    68November 20, 1965StanfordStanford9–7
    69November 19, 1966BerkeleyStanford13–7
    70November 18, 1967StanfordCalifornia26–3
    71November 23, 1968BerkeleyStanford20–0
    72November 22, 1969Stanford#14 Stanford29–28
    73November 21, 1970BerkeleyCalifornia22–14
    74November 20, 1971Stanford#18 Stanford14–0
    75November 18, 1972BerkeleyCalifornia24–21
    76November 24, 1973StanfordStanford26–17
    77November 23, 1974BerkeleyStanford22–20
    78November 22, 1975Stanford#13 California48–15
    79November 20, 1976BerkeleyStanford27–24
    80November 19, 1977StanfordStanford21–3
    81November 18, 1978BerkeleyStanford30–10
    82November 17, 1979StanfordCalifornia21–14
    83November 22, 1980BerkeleyCalifornia28–23
    84November 21, 1981StanfordStanford42–21
    85November 20, 1982BerkeleyCalifornia25–20
    86November 19, 1983StanfordCalifornia27–18
    87November 17, 1984BerkeleyStanford27–10
    88November 23, 1985StanfordStanford24–22
    89November 22, 1986BerkeleyCalifornia17–11
    90November 21, 1987StanfordStanford31–7
    91November 19, 1988BerkeleyTie19–19
    92November 18, 1989StanfordStanford24–17
    93November 17, 1990BerkeleyStanford27–25
    94November 23, 1991Stanford#21 Stanford38–21
    95November 21, 1992Berkeley#14 Stanford41–21
    96November 20, 1993StanfordCalifornia46–17
    97November 19, 1994BerkeleyCalifornia24–23
    98November 18, 1995StanfordStanford29–24
    99November 23, 1996BerkeleyStanford42–21
    100November 22, 1997StanfordStanford21–20
    101November 21, 1998BerkeleyStanford10–3
    102November 20, 1999StanfordStanford31–13
    103November 18, 2000BerkeleyStanford36–30OT
    104November 17, 2001Stanford#13 Stanford35–28
    105November 23, 2002BerkeleyCalifornia30–7
    106November 22, 2003StanfordCalifornia28–16
    107November 20, 2004Berkeley#4 California41–6
    108November 19, 2005StanfordCalifornia27–3
    109December 2, 2006Berkeley#21 California26–17
    110December 1, 2007StanfordStanford20–13
    111November 22, 2008BerkeleyCalifornia37–16
    112November 21, 2009StanfordCalifornia34–28
    113November 20, 2010Berkeley#7 Stanford48–14
    114November 19, 2011Stanford#8 Stanford31–28
    115October 20, 2012Berkeley#22 Stanford21–3
    116November 23, 2013Stanford#10 Stanford63–13
    117November 22, 2014BerkeleyStanford38–17
    118November 21, 2015Stanford#15 Stanford35–22
    119November 19, 2016BerkeleyStanford45–31
    120November 18, 2017Stanford#22 Stanford17–14
    121December 1, 2018BerkeleyStanford23–13
    122November 23, 2019StanfordCalifornia24–20
    123November 27, 2020BerkeleyStanford24–23
    124November 20, 2021StanfordCalifornia41–11
    125November 19, 2022BerkeleyCalifornia27–20
    126November 18, 2023Stanford

    Stanford Owns Longest Win Streak Over Cal

    While Stanford owns the series over Cal, the Cardinal also have the largest victory and the longest win streak on their side of history as well.

    Stanford won nine games during their peak in the early 2010s. They won each game between 2010 and 2018, famous for their play with Andrew Luck, Christian McCaffrey, and the emergence of former head coach David Shaw.

    Inside of that historic stretch of victories is the largest victory in Big Game history. In 2013, Stanford defeated cal by a margin of 50 points, toppling the Bears, 63-13. Those 63 points are the most points scored by any team in the Big Game history as well. Stanford’s victory gave Cal a season record of 1-11 for the 2013 season, the most losses in a single season in Cal football history.

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