Penn State Draws Second-Largest Crowd in Beaver Stadium History vs. Michigan

    What is the largest crowd in Penn State's Beaver Stadium history? Where does the Michigan game rank for the Penn State faithful?

    The Penn State Nittany Lions are known for their raucous crowds and intense action on the football gridiron. With one of the largest stadiums in the country, Penn State is no stranger to some of the largest crowds in college football annually.

    Against Michigan in Week 11 of the 2023 season, the Nittany Lions saw their second-largest crowd ever.

    Largest Crowds in Beaver Stadium History

    Beaver Stadium has been home to many large crowds. In Week 11 of 2023, Beaver Stadium was treated to a noon Eastern game against arguably the most-talked about team in the country at the time, the Michigan Wolverines.

    Michigan, reeling form sign-stealing allegations that saw their head coach suspended, entered the fray unbeaten and ranked No. 3 in the nation. It was clear that the Penn State faithful didn’t want to miss their Nittany Lions break the hearts of their rival Wolverines.

    With an official tally of 110,856, Penn State was just 33 short of matching their record of attendance.

    Beaver Stadium Attendance History

    1) 110,889 – September 29, 2018 (vs. Ohio State)

    2) 110,856 – November 11, 2023 (vs. Michigan)

    3) 110,830 – September 23, 2023 (vs. Iowa)

    4) 110,823 – October 21, 2017 (vs. Michigan)

    5) 110,753 – September 14, 2002 (vs. Nebraska()

    6) 110,747 – September 2, 2023 (vs. West Virginia)

    7) 110,669 – October 19, 2019 (vs. Michigan)

    8) 110,134 – October 27, 2007 (vs. Ohio State)

    9) 110,078 – September 8, 2007 (vs. Notre Dame)

    10) 110, 033 – November 7, 2009 (vs. Ohio State)

    11) 110,017 – October 14, 2008 (vs. Michigan)

    12) 110,007 – October 14, 2006 (vs. Michigan)

    13) 109,958 – September 18, 2021 (vs. Auburn)

    14) 109, 898 – September 9, 2017 (vs. Pittsburgh)

    15) 109, 865 – November 5, 2005 (vs. Wisconsin)

    16) 109,845 – November 22, 2008 (vs. Michigan State)

    The Nittany Lions have faced off against some of the top teams in the country at home, and against some of the toughest Big Ten opponents in recent history. Those teams draw huge numbers and of their top 12 most-attended games, the Michigan Wolverines came to town on four of those contests, including in 2023.

    Beaver Stadium’s capacity is pushed to the limits when those Michigan teams come to town.

    The 2023 college football season has seen two of the three most-attended games in Penn State history after the Iowa game in late September encroached on the top of the list.

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