Barry Odom’s Salary, Contract, Net Worth, and More

    Barry Odom enters his first year of his five-year agreement with UNLV, so what does his new contract with the Rebels look like?

    After previously spending time as the Arkansas Razorbacks’ defensive coordinator, Barry Odom is back as a head coach leading the UNLV Rebels in his first season with the team. Here are the full details of his contract, salary, net worth, and more.

    Barry Odom’s Salary and Contract in 2023

    Back in December of 2022, Odom was introduced as the head coach of UNLV with multiple outlets giving the details of his contract and agreement with the school. Odom agreed to a five-year contract with the school that would be worth $1.75 million annually. The agreement will run through the 2027 season.

    For the first two seasons, he will receive $1.75 million each year. According to Arkansas Rivals, he was making $1.85 million per year coaching in Arkansas, which was set to run through 2024. After that season, his salary will increase to $2 million per year for the 2025 and 2026 seasons. 2027 will see the peak of his salary, as he will receive $2.25 million for the last season of his contract.

    He also has bonuses on his agreement that depend on how the team performs. Arkansas Rivals shared the details of what the bonuses are in his contract.

    • Making the Mountain West Conference Title Game: $50,000
    • Winning the conference title: $50,000
    • Making a bowl game: $50,000
    • Getting into the Top 25: $25,000
    • Winning Mountain West Conference Coach of the Year: $25,000

    Barry Odom’s Net Worth

    With the information that has been provided on his current agreement and past contract with Arkansas, he has earned in the ballpark of $1.75 million to $2 million in the past year and more. We know that the number is going to continue to go up through the years, but his bonuses will determine how much more that will increase.

    Once he starts to reach the third year of his contract, his net worth will be over $2 million a year with the potential of more. His bonuses will bump it up more, but he could be looking at $200,000 in bonuses. It isn’t currently known if there are more bonuses than has been reported so far.

    There’s no telling what the performance of the Rebels is going to be like, but Odom’s contract shows faith that he can make good money if the team wins. He’s got the tough task of getting the program back on track and will have to work for it while being one of the top-paid head coaches in the Mountain West.

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