2023 All-Independent College Football Preseason Team and Individual Honors

With just four teams, the Preseason 2023 FBS Independent College Football Honors are dominated by two specific units, one on offense, one on defense.

Notre Dame has been at the pinnacle of FBS Independence the past few decades. With four teams remaining at the FBS Independent level, they’re sure to dominate our 2023 FBS Independent College Football Honors, right?

Follow along with each of our All-Conference honors as well as our National Honors this offseason: All-AmericansAAC | ACC | B1G | Big 12 | Conference USA | MAC |Mountain West | Pac-12 | SEC | Sun BeltFBS Independent

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Preseason Independent Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Player of the Year
    Jackson Mitchell, LB, UConn
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    Jackson Mitchell, LB, UConn
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame
  • Coach of the Year
    Jim Mora Jr., UConn

Preseason Independent Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Sam Hartman, Notre Dame
  • Running Back of the Year
    Victor Rosa, UConn
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Cameron Ross, UConn
  • Tight End of the Year
    Justin Joly, UConn
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Joe Alt, OT, Notre Dame
  • Offensive Line of the Year
    Notre Dame
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Sam Hartman, QB, Notre Dame

Preseason First-Team All-Independent Offense

QB: Sam Hartman, Notre Dame
RB: Audric Estime, Notre Dame
RB: Victor Rosa, UConn
WR: Cameron Ross, UConn
WR: Jayden Thomas, Notre Dame
WR: George Johnson III, UMass
TE: Justin Joly, UConn
FLEX: Tyrell Robinson, Army
OT: Joe Alt, Notre Dame
G: Jackson Filipowicz, Army
C: Zeke Correll, Notre Dame
G: Christian Haynes, UConn
OT: Chase Lundt, UConn

Preseason Second-Team All-Independent Offense

QB: Zion Turner, UConn
RB: Devontae Houston, UConn
RB: Chris Tyree, Notre Dame
WR: Isaiah Alston, Army
WR: Chris Tyree, Notre Dame
WR: Kevens Clercius, UConn
WR: Mark Pope, UMass
TE: Joshua Lingenfelter, Army
FLEX: Ay’Juan Marshall, Army
OT: Valentin Senn, UConn
G: Connor Finucane, Army
C: Josh Atwood, UMass
G: Billy Schrauth, Notre Dame
OT: Blake Fisher, Notre Dame

Preseason Independent Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Javontae Jean-Baptise, EDGE, Notre Dame
  • Linebacker of the Year
    Jackson Mitchell, UConn
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Benjamin Morrison, Notre Dame
  • Safety of the Year
    Tyler Rudolph, UMass
  • Defensive Line of the Year
    Notre Dame
  • Secondary of the Year
    Notre Dame
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Antonio Carter II, S, Notre Dame

Preseason First-Team All-Independent Defense

EDGE: Javontae Jean-Baptiste, Notre Dame
EDGE: Eric Watts, UConn
DT: Rylie Mills, Notre Dame
DT: Dal’mont Gourdine, UConn
LB: Jackson Mitchell, UConn
LB: Leo Lowin, Army
LB: Jack Kiser, Notre Dame
CB: Benjamin Morrison, Notre Dame
CB: Cam Hart, Notre Dame
CB: Jordan Mahoney, UMass
S: Tyler Rudolph, UMass
S: Malik Dixon-Williams, UConn
FLEX: JD Bertrand, Notre Dame

Preseason Second-Team All-Independent Defense

EDGE: Jimmy Ciarlo, Army
EDGE: Jordan Botelho, Notre Dame
EDGE: Pryce Yates, UConn
EDGE: Marcus Bradley, UMass
DT: Billy Wooden, UMass
DT: Howard Cross III, Notre Dame
LB: Marist Liufau, Notre Dame
LB: Gerrell Johnson, UMass
LB: Eriq Gilyard, UConn
CB: Antonio Carter II, Notre Dame
CB: Malcolm Bell, UConn
CB: Jabari Moore, Army
CB: Clarence Lewis, Notre Dame
CB: Chris Shearin, UConn
S: Quindrelin Hammonds, Army
S: DJ Brown, Notre Dame
FLEX: Durante Jones, Uconn

Preseason Independent Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    Quinn Maretzki, Army
  • Punter of the Year
    George Caratan, UConn
  • Specialist of the Year
    Tyrell Robinson, Army

Preseason First-Team All-Independent Specialists

Kicker: Quinn Maretzki, Army
Kickoff Specialist: Zac Yoakam, Notre Dame
Punter: George Caratan, UConn
Kick Returner: Victor Rosa, UConn
Punt Returner: Tyrell Robinson, Army
Special Teamer: Jalon Ferrell, UMass

Preseason Second-Team All-Independent Specialists

Kicker: Cameron Carson, UMass
Kickoff Specialist: Cole Talley, Army
Punter: CJ Kolodziey, UMass
Kick Returner: Greg Desrosiers Jr, UMass
Punt Returner: Devontae Houston, UConn
Special Teamer: Durante Jones, UConn

Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email them to me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).