2023 All-Conference USA Football Midseason Team and Individual Honors

The 2023 Midseason All-Conference USA College Football Team honors the top players and units we've seen from the CUSA season so far in 2023.

The midway point of the Conference USA season sees some dramatically improved units and some highlight-reel players making a name for themselves. Here, with the Midseason All-Conference USA College Football Honors, we highlight the best these nine teams have had to offer halfway through the 2023 season.

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Midseason Conference USA Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Midseason Player of the Year
    Clay Webb, G, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Offensive Player of the Year
    Austin Reed, QB, Western Kentucky
  • Midseason Defensive Player of the Year
    Kobe Singleton, CB, Liberty
  • Midseason Newcomer of the Year
    Quae Drake, LB, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Coach of the Year
    Rich Rodriguez, Jacksonville State

Midseason Conference USA Offense

  • Midseason Quarterback of the Year
    Austin Reed, QB, Western Kentucky
  • Midseason Running Back of the Year
    Malik Jackson, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Wide Receiver of the Year
    Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky
  • Midseason Tight End of the Year
    Bentley Hanshaw, Liberty
  • Midseason Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Clay Webb, G, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Offensive Line of the Year
    UTEP Miners
  • Midseason Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Shomari Lawrence, RB, FIU

Midseason First-Team All-Conference USA Offense

QB: Austin Reed, Western Kentucky
RB: Malik Jackson, Jacksonville State
RB: Tyre Shelton, Louisiana Tech
WR: Malachi Corley, Western Kentucky
WR: Kris Mitchell, FIU
WR: Smoke Harris, Louisiana Tech
TE: Bentley Hanshaw, Liberty
FLEX: CJ Daniels, Liberty
OT: Steven Hubbard, UTEP
G: Clay Webb, Jacksonville State
C: Andrew Meyer, UTEP
G: Elijah Klein, UTEP
OT: Xavior Gray, Liberty

Midseason Second-Team All-Conference USA Offense

QB: Kaidon Salter, Liberty
RB: Quinton Cooley, Liberty
RB: Shomari Lawrence, FIU
WR: Elijah Metcalf, Middle Tennessee
WR: Cyrus Allen, Louisiana Tech
WR: Treon Sibley, Liberty
TE: Sean BRown, Jacksonville State
FLEX: Easton Messer, Western Kentucky
OT: Marshall Jackson, Western Kentucky
G: Justin Mayers, UTEP
C: Vincent Murphy, Western Kentucky
G: Bert Hale, Louisiana Tech
OT: Zuri Henry, UTEP

Midseason Third-Team All-Conference USA Offense

QB: Nicholas Vattiato, Middle Tennessee
RB: Jaiden Credle, Middle Tennessee
RB: Torrance Burgess Jr., UTEP
WR: Justin Olson, Middle Tennessee
WR: Jonathan Brady, New Mexico State
WR: Holden Willis, Middle Tennessee
TE: Jeremy Tate Jr., Middle Tennessee
FLEX: Star Thomas, New Mexico State
OT: Carson Bruno, Louisiana Tech
G: Quantavious Leslie, Western Kentucky
C: Jordan White, Liberty
G: Jonathan Graham, Liberty
OT: Xavier Bausley, Jacksonville State

Midseason Honorable Mention All-Conference USA Offense

QB: Diego Pavia, New Mexico State
QB: Keyone Jenkins, FIU
RB: Davion Ervin-Poindexter, Western Kentucky
RB: Kejon Owens, FIU
RB: Keith Willis Jr., Louisiana Tech
RB: Deion Hankins, UTEP
WR: Perry Carter, Jacksonville State
WR: Jordin Parker, New Mexico State
WR: Tyrin Smith, UTEP
WR: Jalen Bracey, FIU
WR: Jeremiah Ballard, UTEP
WR: Kelly Akharaiyi, UTEP
TE: River Helms, Western Kentucky
TE: Nate Jones, Louisiana Tech
FLEX: Noah Smith, Sam Houston
FLEX: Dalvin Smith, Western Kentucky
OT: Will O’Steen, Jacksonville State
OT: Louie Canepa, New Mexico State
G: X’Zauvea Gadin, Liberty
G: Naeer Jackson, FIU
C: Treylen Brown, Jacksonville State
C: Canaan Yarro, New Mexico State
G: Wesley Horton, Western Kentucky
G: AJ Vaipulu, New Mexico State
OT: Phillip Houston, FIU
OT: Shiyazh Pete, New Mexico State

Midseason Conference USA Defense

  • Midseason Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Chris Hardie, EDGE, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Linebacker of the Year
    Tyrice Knight, UTEP
  • Midseason Cornerback of the Year
    Kobe Singleton, Liberty
  • Midseason Safety of the Year
    Brylan Green, Liberty
  • Midseason Defensive Line of the Year
    New Mexico State Aggies
  • Midseason Secondary of the Year
    Liberty Flames
  • Midseason Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Quae Drake, LB, Jacksonville State

Midseason First-Team All-Conference USA Defense

EDGE: Alex Nobles, FIU
EDGE: Chris Hardie, Jacksonville State
DT: Marley Cook, Middle Tennessee
DT: Jordan Guerad, FIU
LB: Tyrice Knight, UTEP
LB: Donovan Manuel, FIU
LB: Sam Brumfield, Middle Tennessee
CB: Kobe Singleton, Liberty
CB: Willie Roberts, Louisiana Tech
CB: Michael Richard, Louisiana Tech
S: Brylan Green, Liberty
S: CJ Christian, FIU
FLEX: Upton Stout, Western Kentucky

Midseason Second-Team All-Conference USA Defense

EDGE: CJ Bazile Jr., Liberty
EDGE: Zaylin Wood, Middle Tennessee
DT: Deshon Hall Jr., Louisiana Tech
DT: Jay Hardy, Liberty
LB: Trevor Williams, Sam Houston
LB: Quae Drake, Jacksonville State
LB: Keyshaun Elliott, New Mexico State
CB: Virgil Marshall, Western Kentucky
CB: Kekoura Tarnue, Jacksonville State
CB: Anthony Johnson Jr., Western Kentucky
S: Larry Worth, Jacksonville State
S: Kendrick Simpkins, Western Kentucky
FLEX: Tyren Dupree, Liberty

Midseason Third-Team All-Conference USA Defense

EDGE: JaQues Evans, Western Kentucky
EDGE: Praise Amaewhule, UTEP
DT: Izaiah Reed, New Mexico State
DT: Gabriel Inguez, New Mexico State
LB: Jeslord Boateng, Louisiana Tech
LB: Brevin Randle, Louisiana Tech
LB: Jerome Jolly Jr., Liberty
CB: Keonte Glinton, New Mexico State
CB: Cedric Woods, Louisiana Tech
CB: Tyrell Raby, Middle Tennessee
S: Da’Marcus Crosby, Sam Houston
S: Cecil Singleton, Louisiana Tech
FLEX: Hezekiah Masses, FIU

Midseason Honorable Mention All-Conference USA Defense

EDGE: Gabe Peterson, New Mexico State
EDGE: Curley Young Jr., Jacksonville State
EDGE: Jaylen Swain, Jacksonville State
EDGE: Kylan Guidry, Western Kentucky
DT: Keenan Stewart, UTEP
DT: Hosea Wheeler, Western Kentucky
DT: Jayden Loving, Western Kentucky
DT: Dion Wilson Jr., New Mexico State
LB: Aaron Key, Western Kentucky
LB: Bryson Washington, Western Kentucky
LB: Kavian Gaither, Sam Houston
LB: Sone Aupiu, New Mexico State
LB: Elijah Anderson-Taylor, FIU
LB: Reggie Peterson, FIU
CB: Jabari Mack, Jacksonville State
CB: Preston Hodge, Liberty
CB: Deonte Stanley, Middle Tennessee
CB: Jhamal Shelby Jr., Louisiana Tech
CB: Brian Blades, FIU
CB: Teldrick Ross, Middle Tennessee
S: Tra Fluellen, Middle Tennessee
S: Brandon Bishop, Liberty
S: D’Verick Daniel, FIU
S: Fred Perry, Jacksonville State
FLEX: Talique Allen, Western Kentucky
FLEX: Jeremiah Harris, Jacksonville State

Midseason Conference USA Special Teams

  • Midseason Kicker of the Year
    Lucas Carneiro, Western Kentucky
  • Midseason Punter of the Year
    Jack Dawson, Jacksonville State
  • Midseason Specialist of the Year
    Smoke Harris, Louisiana Tech

Midseason First-Team All-Conference USA Specialists

Kicker: Lucas Carneiro, Western Kentucky
Kickoff Specialist: Max Morgan, Liberty
Punter: Jack Dawson, Jacksonville State
Kick Returner: Aaron Bedgood, Liberty
Punt Returner: Smoke Harris, Louisiana Tech
Special Teamer: Rocky Beers, FIU

Midseason Second-Team All-Conference USA Specialists

Kicker: Jacob Barnes, Louisiana Tech
Kickoff Specialist: Buck Buchanan, Louisiana Tech
Punter: Blake Ochsendorf, Louisiana Tech
Kick Returner: Torrance Burgess Jr., UTEP
Punt Returner: Dean Patterson, FIU
Special Teamer: Joseph Carter, Liberty

Midseason Third-Team All-Conference USA Specialists

Kicker: Chase Gabriel, FIU
Kickoff Specialist: Cory Munson, Western Kentucky
Punter: Jadon Cardell, Sam Houston
Kick Returner: Jalen Bracey, FIU
Punt Returner: Jordan Smith, New Mexico State
Special Teamer: Jalen Davis, Middle Tennessee


Midseason Honorable Mention All-Conference USA Specialists

Kicker: Ethan Albertson, New Mexico State
Kickoff Specialist: Lucas Matias, FIU
Punter: Joshua Sloan, UTEP
Kick Returner: Jonathan Brady, New Mexico State
Punt Returner: Noah Smith, Sam Houston
Special Teamer: Chris Johnson, Middle Tennessee

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