2023 All-ACC College Football Preseason Team and Individual Honors

The 2023 All-ACC College Football Honors are here, highlighting the best the ACC has to offer ahead of the 2023 season.

The 2023 ACC college football season is shaping up to be an interesting race between perennial powers and one specific team’s return to glory. While the games are still weeks away, it’s time to take a look at our preseason 2023 All-ACC college football honors at both the team and individual levels. Prepare yourselves for a terrific ACC football season this fall.

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Preseason ACC Football Team Honors for 2023

  • Player of the Year
    Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    Jordan Travis, QB, Florida State
  • Defensive Player of the Year
    Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State
  • Newcomer of the Year
    Braden Fiske, DT, Florida State
  • Coach of the Year
    Mike Norvell, Florida State

Preseason ACC Offense

  • Quarterback of the Year
    Jordan Travis, Florida State
  • Running Back of the Year
    Will Shipley, Clemson
  • Wide Receiver of the Year
    Johnny Wilson, Florida State
  • Tight End of the Year
    Jaheim Bell, Florida State
  • Offensive Lineman of the Year
    Graham Barton, Duke
  • Offensive Line of the Year
    Florida State
  • Offensive Newcomer of the Year
    Matt Lee, OC, Miami

Preseason First-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Jordan Travis, Florida State
RB: Will Shipley, Clemson
RB: Trey Benson, Florida State
WR: Johnny Wilson, Florida State
WR: Keon Coleman, Florida State
WR: Ali Jennings III, Virginia Tech
TE: Jaheim Bell, Florida State
FLEX: Oronde Gadsden II, Syracuse
OT: Graham Barton, Duke
G: Christian Mahogany, Boston College
C: Matt Lee, Miami
G: Javion Cohen, Miami
OT: Matt Goncalves, Pittsburgh

Preseason Second-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Drake Maye, North Carolina
RB: Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
RB: Jacquez Moore, Duke
WR: Devontez Walker, North Carolina
WR: Donavon Greene, Wake Forest
WR: Jahmal Banks, Wake Forest
TE: Gavin Bartholomew, Pittsburgh
FLEX: Konata Mumpfield, Pittsburgh
OT: Zion Nelson, Miami
G: Keiondre Jones, Florida State
C: Maurice Smith, Florida State
G: D’Mitri Emmanuel, Florida State
OT: Anthony Belton, NC State

Preseason Third-Team All-ACC Offense

QB: Riley Leonard, Duke
RB: Elijah Green, North Carolina
RB: Omarion Hampton, North Carolina
WR: Ryan O’Keefe, Boston College
WR: Jamari Thrash, Louisville
WR: Jalon Calhoun, Duke
TE: Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina
FLEX: Bradley Rozner, NC State
OT: Renato Brown, Louisville
G: John Paul Flores, Louisville
C: Will Putnam, Clemson
G: Willie Lampkin, North Carolina
OT: Jeremiah Byers, Florida State

Preseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Offense

QB: Emmett Morehead, Boston College
QB: Garrett Shrader, Syracuse
RB: Jordan Waters, Dukes
RB: Phil Mafah, Boston College
RB: Henry Parrish Jr., Miami
RB: LeQuint Allen, Syracuse
WR: Antonio Williams, Clemson
WR: Damien Alford, Syracuse
WR: Winston Wright Jr., Florida State
WR: Xavier Restrepo, Miami
WR: Colbie Young, Miami
WR: Kentron Poitier, Florida State
TE: Elijah Arroyo, Miami
TE: Nicky Dalmolin, Duke
FLEX: Kyle Morlock, Florida State
FLEX: Jaylin Lane, Virginia Tech
OT: Eric Miller, Louisville
OT: Spencer Rolland, North Carolina
G: Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest
G: Jake Kradel, Pittsburgh
C: Bryan Hudson, Louisville
C: Dylan McMahon, NC State
G: Kyle Hergel, Boston College
G: Walker Parks, Clemson
OT: DeVonte Gordon, Wake Forest
OT: Robert Scott, Florida State

Preseason ACC Defense

  • Defensive Lineman of the Year
    Jared Verse, EDGE, Florida State
  • Linebacker of the Year
    Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson
  • Cornerback of the Year
    Fentrell Cypress II, Florida State
  • Safety of the Year
    Kamren Kinchens, Miami
  • Defensive Line of the Year
    Florida State
  • Secondary of the Year
  • Defensive Newcomer of the Year
    Braden Fiske, DT, Florida State

Preseason First-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Jared Verse, Florida State
EDGE: Kaimon Rucker, North Carolina
DT: DeWayne Carter, Duke
DT: Braden Fiske, Florida State
LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson
LB: Barrett Carter, Clemson
LB: Cedric Gray, North Carolina
CB: Fentrell Cypress II, Florida State
CB: Aydan White, NC State
CB: M.J. Devonshire, Pittsburgh
S: Andrew Mukuba, Clemson
S: Kamren Kinchens, Miami
FLEX: James Williams, Miami

Preseason Second-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Donovan Ezeiruaku, Boston College
EDGE: Chico Bennett, Virginia
DT: Leonard Taylor III, Miami
DT: Fabian Lovett Sr., Florida State
LB: Marlowe Wax, Syracuse
LB: Kalen DeLoach, Florida State
LB: Payton Wilson, NC State
CB: Jarvis Brownlee Jr., Louisville
CB: Nate Wiggins, Clemson
CB: Elijah Jones, Boston College
S: LaMiles Brooks, Georgia Tech
S: Jason Simmons Jr., Syracuse
FLEX: Greedy Vance Jr., Florida State

Preseason Third-Team All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Jasheen Davis, Wake Forest
EDGE: Ashton Gillotte, Louisville
DT: Tyler Davis, Clemson
DT: Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson
LB: Tatum Bethune, Florida State
LB: Power Echols, North Carolina
LB: Kam Arnold, Boston College
CB: Storm Duck, Louisville
CB: A.J. Woods, Pittsburgh
CB: Davonte Brown, Miami
S: Malik Mustapha, Wake Forest
S: Jaylen Stinson, Duke
FLEX: Caleb Okechukwu, Syracuse

Preseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Defense

EDGE: Davin Vann NC State
EDGE: Dayon Hayes Pittsburgh
EDGE: Xavier Thomas, Clemson
EDGE: R.J. Oben, Duke
DT: Thomas Gore Miami (FL)
DT: D’Quan Douse Georgia Tech
DT: Jeff Clark, Louisville
DT: Branson Deen, Miami
LB: Shayne Simon Pittsburgh
LB: Jacob Roberts Wake Forest
LB: Vinny DePalma Boston College
LB: James Jackson, Virginia
LB: Bangally Kamara, Pittsburgh
CB: Mansoor Delane Virginia Tech
CB: Alijah Huzzie North Carolina
CB: Chandler Rivers Duke
CB: Caelen Carson, Wake Forest
CB: Shyheim Battle, NC State
CB: Shyheim Brown, Florida State
DB: Justin Barron, Syracuse
S: Antavious Lane North Carolina
S: Jakeen Harris NC State
S: Jalyn Phillips, Clemson
FLEX: Akheem Mesidor Miami (FL)
FLEX: Myles Murphy, North Carolina

Preseason ACC Special Teams

  • Kicker of the Year
    Gavin Stewart, Syracuse
  • Punter of the Year
    Daniel Sparks, Virginia
  • Specialist of the Year
    Ben Sauls, Pittsburgh

Preseason First-Team All-ACC Specialists

Kicker: Gavin Stewart, Georgia Tech
Kickoff Specialist: Ben Sauls, Pittsburgh
Punter: Daniel Sparks, Virginia
Kick Returner: Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
Punt Returner: M.J. Devonshire, Pittsburgh
Special Teamer: TJ Quinn, Louisville

Preseason Second-Team All-ACC Specialists

Kicker: Ben Sauls, Pittsburgh
Kickoff Specialist: Charlie Ham, Duke
Punter: David Shanahan, Georgia Tech
Kick Returner: Ryan O’Keefe, Boston College
Punt Returner: Jaylin Lane, Virginia Tech
Special Teamer: Demarcus Jones II, NC State

Preseason Third-Team All-ACC Specialists

Kicker: Brayden Narveson, NC State
Kickoff Specialist: Ryan Fitzgerald, Florida State
Punter: Ben Kiernan, North Carolina
Kick Returner: Trebor Pena, Syracuse
Punt Returner: Taylor Morin, Wake Forest
Special Teamer: AJ Williams, Wake Forest

Preseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Specialists

Kicker: Andres Borregales Miami (FL)
Kickoff Specialist: Kyle Lowe Virginia Tech
Punter: Aidan Swanson Clemson
Kick Returner: Jaylen Stinson Duke
Kick Returner: Julian Gray, NC State
Punt Returner: Trebor Pena Syracuse
Special Teamer: Rodney Shelley Georgia Tech

Congratulations to all those players selected. For any questions regarding these selections or the process behind them, feel free to email them to me or ask on Twitter (@CamMellor).