2023 All-ACC College Football Midseason Team and Individual Honors

    The ACC has seen some dominant play in 2023 and our Midseason All-ACC College Football honors highlight the best from the Atlantic Coast Conference.

    The ACC has seen some of the top play across the country and has a handful of undefeated teams left in 2023. At the midway point, here are the best individual and team efforts we’ve seen in our Midseason All-ACC College Football Team Honors.

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    Midseason ACC Football Team Honors for 2023

    • Midseason Player of the Year
      Jawhar Jordan, RB, Louisville
    • Midseason Offensive Player of the Year
      Jawhar Jordan, RB, Louisville
    • Midseason Defensive Player of the Year
      Payton Wilson, LB, NC State
    • Midseason Newcomer of the Year
      Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville
    • Midseason Coach of the Year
      Jeff Brohm, Louisville

    Midseason ACC Offense

    • Midseason Quarterback of the Year
      Drake Maye, North Carolina
    • Midseason Running Back of the Year
      Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
    • Midseason Wide Receiver of the Year
      Keon Coleman, Florida State
    • Midseason Tight End of the Year
      Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina
    • Midseason Offensive Lineman of the Year
      Willie Tyler, OT, Louisville
    • Midseason Offensive Line of the Year
      Louisville Cardinals
    • Midseason Offensive Newcomer of the Year
      Jamari Thrash, WR, Louisville

    Midseason First-Team All-ACC Offense

    QB: Drake Maye, North Carolina
    RB: Jawhar Jordan, Louisville
    RB: Will Shipley, Clemson
    WR: Malik Washington, Virginia
    WR: Jamari Thrash, Louisville
    WR: Keon Coleman, Florida State
    TE: Bryson Nesbit, North Carolina
    FLEX: Xavier Restrepo, Miami (FL)
    OT: Willie Tyler, Louisville
    G: Christian Mahogany, Boston College
    C: Matt Lee, Miami (FL)
    G: Michael Jurgens, Wake Forest
    OT: DeVonte Gordon, Wake Forest

    Midseason Second-Team All-ACC Offense

    QB: Jordan Travis, Florida State
    RB: Omarion Hampton, North Carolina
    RB: LeQuint Allen, Syracuse
    WR: Johnny Wilson, Florida State
    WR: Malachi Fields, Virginia
    WR: Eric Singleton Jr., Georgia Tech
    TE: Gavin Bartholomew, Pittsburgh
    FLEX: Bhayshul Tuten, Virginia Tech
    OT: Eric Miller, Louisville
    G: Kyle Hergel, Boston College
    C: Bryan Hudson, Louisville
    G: Michael Gonzalez, Louisville
    OT: Jalen Rivers, Miami (FL)

    Midseason Third-Team All-ACC Offense

    QB: Jack Plummer, Louisville
    RB: Trey Benson, Florida State
    RB: Jordan Waters, Duke
    WR: Lewis Bond, Boston College
    WR: Nate McCollum, North Carolina
    WR: Kevin Concepcion, NC State
    TE: Jaheim Bell, Florida State
    FLEX: Kobe Pace, Virginia
    OT: Jake Hornibrook, Duke
    G: Renato Brown, Louisville
    C: Weston Franklin, Georgia Tech
    G: Joe Fusile, Georgia Tech
    OT: Anthony Belton, NC State

    Midseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Offense

    QB: Haynes King, Georgia Tech
    QB: Tyler Van Dyke, Miami (FL)
    RB: Phil Mafah, Clemson
    RB: Henry Parrish Jr., Miami (FL)
    RB: Jamal Haynes, Georgia Tech
    RB: Demond Claiborne, Wake Forest
    WR: Tyler Brown, Clemson
    WR: Colbie Young, Miami (FL)
    WR: Jacolby George, Miami (FL)
    WR: Beaux Collins, Clemson
    WR: Kobe Paysour, North Carolina
    WR: Jordan Moore, Duke
    TE: John Copenhaver, North Carolina
    TE: Trent Pennix, NC State
    FLEX: Isaac Guerendo, Louisville
    FLEX: Lawrance Toafili, Florida State
    OT: Logan Taylor, Boston College
    OT: Francis Mauigoa, Miami (FL)
    G: Casey Roddick, Florida State
    G: Marcus Tate, Clemson
    C: Brian Stevens, Virginia
    C: Corey Gaynor, North Carolina
    G: Javion Cohen, Miami (FL)
    G: Ed Montilus, North Carolina
    OT: Timothy McKay, NC State
    OT: Ethan Mackenny, Georgia Tech

    Midseason ACC Defense

    • Midseason Defensive Lineman of the Year
      Ashton Gillotte, EDGE, Louisville
    • Midseason Linebacker of the Year
      Payton Wilson, NC State
    • Midseason Cornerback of the Year
      Alijah Huzzie, North Carolina
    • Midseason Safety of the Year
      Devin Neal, Louisville
    • Midseason Defensive Line of the Year
      Florida State Seminoles
    • Midseason Secondary of the Year
      NC State Wolfpack
    • Midseason Defensive Newcomer of the Year
      Francisco Mauigoa, LB, Miami

    Midseason First-Team All-ACC Defense

    EDGE: Ashton Gillotte, Louisville
    EDGE: Kaimon Rucker, North Carolina
    DT: Pheldarius Payne, Virginia Tech
    DT: Leonard Taylor III, Miami (FL)
    LB: Payton Wilson, NC State
    LB: Cedric Gray, North Carolina
    LB: Jeremiah Trotter Jr., Clemson
    CB: Alijah Huzzie, North Carolina
    CB: Renardo Green, Florida State
    CB: Quincy RIley, Louisville
    S: Devin Neal, Louisville
    S: Jaylon King, Georgia Tech
    FLEX: Jarrian Jones, Florida State

    Midseason Second-Team All-ACC Defense

    EDGE: Jared Verse, Florida State
    EDGE: Kyle Kennard, Georgia Tech
    DT: Ramon Puryear, Louisville
    DT: DeWayne Carter, Duke
    LB: Francisco Mauigoa, Miami (FL)
    LB: Power Echols, North Carolina
    LB: TJ Quinn, Louisville
    CB: DaShawn Jones, Wake Forest
    CB: Te’Cory Couch, Miami (FL)
    CB: Jeremiah Wilson, Syracuse
    S: Jonas Sanker, Virginia
    S: LaMiles Brooks, Georgia Tech
    FLEX: Alijah Clark, Syracuse

    Midseason Third-Team All-ACC Defense

    EDGE: Antwaun Powell-Ryland, Virginia Tech
    EDGE: Jasheen Davis, Wake Forest
    DT: Joshua Farmer, Florida State
    DT: Braden Fiske, Florida State
    LB: Marlowe Wax, Syracuse
    LB: Kam Robinson, Virginia
    LB: Kalen DeLoach, Florida State
    CB: Dorian Strong, Virginia Tech
    CB: Aydan White, NC State
    CB: Shyheim Battle, NC State
    S: Robert Kennedy, NC State
    S: James Williams, Miami (FL)
    FLEX: Jaylen Stinson, Duke

    Midseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Defense

    EDGE: Xavier Thomas, Clemson
    EDGE: Davin Vann, NC State
    EDGE: Patrick Payton, Florida State
    EDGE: T.J. Parker, Clemson
    DT: Aeneas Peebles, Duke
    DT: Norell Pollard, Virginia Tech
    DT: Ruke Orhorhoro, Clemson
    DT: Tyler Davis, Clemson
    LB: Keli Lawson, Virginia Tech
    LB: Vinny DePalma, Pittsburgh
    LB: Barrett Carter, Clemson
    LB: Paul Moala, Georgia Tech
    LB: Jacob Roberts, Wake Forest
    LB: Alan Tisdale, Virginia Tech
    CB: Jarvis Bronwnlee Jr., Louisville
    CB: Jaden Davis, Miami (FL)
    CB: Myles Sims, Georgia Tech
    CB: Myles Jones, Duke
    CB: Chandler Rivers, Duke
    CB: Coen King, Virginia
    S: Justin Barron, Syracuse
    S: Donovan McMillon, Pittsburgh
    S: John Pupel, Boston College
    S: Giovanni Biggers, North Carolina
    FLEX: Shyheim Brown, Florida State
    FLEX: Don Chapman, North Carolina

    Midseason ACC Special Teams

    • Midseason Kicker of the Year
      Ryan Fitzgerald, Florida State
    • Midseason Punter of the Year
      Alex Mastromanno, Florida State
    • Midseason Specialist of the Year
      Julian Gray, NC State

    Midseason First-Team All-ACC Specialists

    Kicker: Ryan Fitzgerald, Florida State
    Kickoff Specialist: Brady Denaburg, Syracuse
    Punter: Alex Mastromanno, Florida State
    Kick Returner: Julian Gray, NC State
    Punt Returner: Tucker Holloway, Virginia Tech
    Special Teamer: Jadais Richard, Miami (FL)

    Midseason Second-Team All-ACC Specialists

    Kicker: Andrew Borregales, Miami (FL)
    Kickoff Specialist: Robert Gunn III, Clemson
    Punter: Porter Wilson, Duke
    Kick Returner: Brashard Smith, Miami (FL)
    Punt Returner: Jalen Coit, NC State
    Special Teamer: Jordan Poole, NC State

    Midseason Third-Team All-ACC Specialists

    Kicker: Brock Travelstead, Louisville
    Kickoff Specialist: Ben Sauls, Pittsburgh
    Punter: Peter Moore, Virginia Tech
    Kick Returner: Kenny Johnson, Pittsburgh
    Punt Returner: Keon Coleman, Florida State
    Special Teamer: James Hopson II, Duke

    Midseason Honorable Mention All-ACC Specialists

    Kicker: Matthew Dennis, Wake Forest
    Kickoff Specialist: Kyle Lowe, Virginia Tech
    Punter: Caden Noonkester, NC State
    Kick Returner: Christian Leary, Georgia Tech
    Punt Returner: Kevin Coleman, Louisville
    Special Teamer: Jeremiah Hasley, Duke

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