2024 ACC IOL Rankings: Logan Parr, Willie Lampkin Lead Big-Bodied Maulers

    Guards and centers receive less recognition than their OT counterparts but are no less deserving, especially those on the 2024 ACC iOL Rankings.

    The 2024 ACC iOL Rankings feature the conference’s top guards and centers from its now-17 teams. Which program boasts the most entries? Hint: Only one ACC school has two iOL in the top 10, and it’s not FSU, Miami, or Clemson…

    ACC 2024 IOL Rankings

    10) Terrence Moore, C, Pittsburgh Panthers

    The 2023 season marked Terrence Moore’s first as a starter. In fact, it marked his first with meaningful snaps, as he hardly played in 2021 and 2022. Yet, you wouldn’t have been able to tell, especially in pass protection.

    Moore kept his QBs clean up the middle, and although he wasn’t a mauler in the ground game, he should improve in that facet with a year of experience under his belt.

    9) Pete Nygra, C, Louisville Cardinals

    Pete Nygra played the most snaps by a Northern Illinois player across the last two seasons. Even more remarkable? He didn’t allow a single sack. It’s clear why head coach Jeff Brohm sought his services in the transfer portal. The MAC isn’t the ACC, but Nygra is a technically sound center with excellent movement skills on the interior.

    8) Drew Kendall, C, Boston College Eagles

    Both of Drew Kendall’s running mates on the interior are gone (Kyle Hergel and Christian Mahogany), putting even more pressure on BC’s starting center.

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    His lighter 6’4″ and 292-pound frame can give him issues in pass pro, and he needs to cut down on the penalties, but Kendall showed tremendous growth from his 2022 campaign and should mesh well with Bill O’Brien’s offense.

    7) Michael Gonzalez, G, Louisville Cardinals

    Michael Gonzalez has done the dirty work on Louisville’s offensive line since he stepped foot on campus in 2021, playing significant snaps at every position except center. However, this will be the first offseason he’ll remain at his spot from the previous year (left guard), which should result in even more consistent play in 2024.

    6) Marcus Tate, G, Clemson Tigers

    Although injury cut Marcus Tate’s true junior season short, it was still his best outing. The 2024 campaign could claim that title, as Tate is now a three-year veteran on a team with immense pressure to provide results.

    He was one of the best pass-protecting guards in the country last year — if Tate maintains that level of play and improves as a run blocker, he could rocket up the 2024 ACC iOL Rankings.

    5) Maurice Smith, C, Florida State Seminoles

    Back for his sixth and final season and with two SEC transfers on either side of him (Richie Leonard IV, Florida; TJ Ferguson, Alabama), Maurice Smith could be in for an all-conference performance.

    He kicked into gear after a rough opening few games last season, culminating in an impressive three-week final stretch against Florida, Louisville (conference title), and Georgia (bowl game).

    4) Brian Stevens, C, Virginia Cavaliers

    Following a first-team All-Pioneer League nod at Dayton in 2022, Brian Stevens transferred to Virginia, and the accolades weren’t far behind. CFN named him first-team All-ACC and crowned him ACC Center of the Year.

    The best part? The final 10 games of the season were his first playing center after beginning the year at RG and splitting his time at LT and LG at Dayton. Keep Stevens’ name in mind as the pre-draft process nears.

    3) Anez Cooper, G, Miami Hurricanes

    After spending the first part of his true freshman season as a reserve, Anez Cooper took over as the starting RG in Week 9 and never looked back. The 6’6″ and 350-pounder moves like a lighter tackle, using his size advantage to devastating effect on pulls and at the second level.

    If he continues his linear developmental trajectory, 2024 could be Cooper’s last season with the Hurricanes before declaring for the NFL Draft.

    2) Logan Parr, G, SMU Mustangs

    Three years of bench duty at Texas was enough for Logan Parr, as he transferred to in-state SMU. The result? First-team All-AAC honors and elite tape, even against Power Four programs such as Oklahoma, TCU, and Boston College. Parr was built for the SEC, but the ACC will have to do in 2024.

    1) Willie Lampkin, G, North Carolina Tar Heels

    It’s difficult to find linemen as consistent in both phases (run and pass blocking) as Willie Lampkin was last season. He has started on the interior every year of his collegiate career, spending the first three at Coastal Carolina (first two at LG and last one at C) before joining UNC in 2023.

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    Lampkin played all three positions for the Tar Heels, with the majority of his reps coming at RG. Whether it was paving lanes or acting as a bouncer in pass pro, Lampkin was near flawless last season and deserves the top spot on the 2024 ACC iOL Rankings.

    2024 ACC IOL Rankings | 11-20

    11) Luke Petitbon and Matt Gulbin, Wake Forest
    12) Joe Fusile, Weston Franklin, and Keylan Rutledge, Georgia Tech
    13) Zeke Correll, Timothy McKay, and Anthony Carter Jr., North Carolina State
    14) Logan Taylor, G, Boston College 
    15) Levi Rogers, G, Stanford
    16) Richie Leonard IV and TJ Ferguson, Florida State
    17) J’Onre Reed, C, Syracuse
    18) Walker Parks, G, Clemson
    19) Zach Carpenter and Samson Okunlola, Miami
    20) Jakai Clark, C,

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