Three More Questions We Would have Asked at AAC Media Days to Biff Poggi, Trent Dilfer, and Willie Fritz

American Athletic Conference Football Media Days wrapped up on Tuesday and Biff Poggi got upset by the lack and questions he received. He wasn't the only coach that was short changed. These are the questions we would ask them.

Don’t worry, Biff Poggi, had we been there, we would’ve had plenty of questions for you at AAC Media Days.

The new Charlotte head coach, Poggi, received a lot of attention for his verbal and physical frustration towards the media after he was asked just three questions and was voted to finish last in the conference.

However, it wasn’t just Poggi who received less attention than they deserved, as many other coaches were asked fewer than a handful of questions.

Three More Questions for Biff Poggi, Trent Dilfer, and Willie Fritz at AAC Media Days

As we set out to find out more about each program across the country, we at College Football Network would have certainly been more curious than the media at AAC Media Days. We’ve outlined the three biggest questions we would’ve asked each coach below.

Charlotte Head Coach, Biff Poggi

1) What are your expectations for Jalon Jones this season?

Jalon Jones, a transfer from Bethune-Cookman, is set to replace Chris Reynolds, who threw for over 200 yards in 10 games last season. Poggi brings in a new offensive coordinator and a new offense, but the quarterback plays such a pivotal role in college football.

2) Which receivers stood out during the spring and summer?

Along the same lines as the previous question, college football is passing game-heavy, and Charlotte lost their top four receivers from last season. With the world of the transfer portal running rampant, the 49ers bring in transfers from Pitt and UT-Martin.

3) What did you learn at Michigan that you will be able to bring to Charlotte?

This one is an easy one that we would’ve loved to hear the answer. Hailing from Michigan, we would ask this question to see what experiences Biff had with the Wolverines and how they would translate to Charlotte.

UAB Head Coach, Trent Dilfer

1) What did you need to do to get players to buy into you and your methods?

This is Trent Dilfer’s first college coaching job, and he is moving into a locker room of players that wrote a letter to the school’s administration to keep interim head coach, Bryant Vincent, as the head coach. Despite the name recognition, it makes sense that players would be hesitant to buy into “Head Coach Trent Dilfer.”

2) What are some of the specific advantages in recruiting, coaching, and X’s and O’s your coaching staff brings to the table?

Across the country, coaches with college-level experience are returning to the game as schools find that experience valuable. UAB has a young and inexperienced coaching staff.

Obviously, Dilfer would argue that plays to their advantage, but we would’ve loved to hear specifics about those perceived advantages.

3) What strengths do you see from each quarterback on the roster?

How do you not ask Dilfer to evaluate his quarterbacks?

Jacob Zeno, a Baylor transfer, took most of the first-team offense snaps during the spring game. Landry Lyddy, a Louisiana Tech transfer, and Trace Campbell also had playing time in the spring game. Things point towards Zeno being the starter, but this was a terrific time to hear how Dilfer sees these quarterbacks.

Tulane Head Coach, Willie Fritz

1) What was the key to turning a 2-win team into a 12-win team and how do you keep them there?

This is ultimately the question for Tulane this season. Was last season a fluke, or can Tulane keep this momentum going?

2) What are the differences in the offensive game plan this season compared to last?

Tulane has a new offensive coordinator in Slade Nagle and loses leading rusher Tyjae Spears. Attention will be on quarterback Michael Pratt, but last season, Tulane averaged only 26.8 pass attempts per game (111th in the nation).

3) What did it mean for this program to beat USC in the Cotton Bowl last season?

A New Year’s Six bowl win against a national brand like USC is huge for a Group of Five school. It impacts recruiting, national perception, fans, and boosters.