2024 Big Ten Weekly Football Schedule

    The 2024 Big Ten weekly football schedule is crammed with tantalizing matchups and provides a roadmap to crowning a conference champion.

    The additions of the USC Trojans, UCLA Bruins, Washington Huskies, and Oregon Ducks under the recent round of college football realignment swell the Big Ten Conference to 18 teams for the 2024 campaign, creating a bumper schedule and an elevated competition level for the current champion Michigan Wolverines.

    As a result, the 2024 Big Ten weekly football schedule is crammed full of exciting matchups and provides a roadmap to crowning the conference champion later this fall.

    2024 Big Ten Week-by-Week Football Schedule

    All games on the 2024 Big Ten college football schedule are slated to be played on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

    Week 1

    • Minnesota vs. North Carolina
      Thursday, August 29
    • Illinois vs. Eastern Illinois
      Thursday, August 29
    • Indiana vs. FIU
    • Iowa vs. Illinois State
    • Northwestern vs. Miami (OH)
    • Penn State at West Virginia
    • Washington vs. Weber State
    • Wisconsin vs. Western Michigan
    • Maryland vs. UConn
    • Michigan vs. Fresno State
    • Nebraska vs. UTEP
    • Michigan State vs. Florida Atlantic
    • UCLA at Hawaii
    • Oregon vs. Idaho
    • Rutgers vs. Howard
    • Ohio State vs. Akron
    • Purdue vs. Indiana State
    • USC vs. LSU (in Las Vegas, NV)
      Sunday, September 1

    Week 2

    • Penn State vs. Bowling Green
    • Nebraska vs. Colorado
    • Northwestern vs. Duke
    • Illinois vs. Kansas
    • Iowa vs. Iowa State
    • Wisconsin vs. South Dakota
    • Minnesota vs. Rhode Island
    • Washington vs. Eastern Michigan
    • Rutgers vs. Akron
    • Michigan vs. Texas
    • Ohio State vs. Western Michigan
    • USC vs. Utah State
    • Maryland vs. Michigan State
    • Indiana vs. Western Illinois
    • Oregon vs. Boise State

    Week 3

    • Illinois vs. Central Michigan
    • Maryland at Virginia
    • Purdue vs. Notre Dame
    • Wisconsin vs. Alabama
    • Minnesota vs. Nevada
    • Iowa vs. Troy
    • Nebraska vs. Northern Iowa
    • Michigan vs. Arkansas State
    • UCLA vs. Indiana
    • Washington vs. Washington State (in Seattle, WA)
    • Oregon at Oregon State
    • Northwestern vs. Eastern Illinois
    • Michigan State vs. Prairie View A&M

    Week 4

    • Indiana vs. Charlotte
    • Michigan State at Boston College
    • Purdue at Oregon State
    • Rutgers at Virginia Tech
    • Penn State vs. Kent State
    • UCLA at LSU
    • Ohio State vs. Marshall
    • Maryland vs. Villanova
    • Michigan vs. USC
    • Nebraska vs. Illinois
    • Minnesota vs. Iowa
    • Washington vs. Northwestern

    Week 5

    • Michigan vs. Minnesota
    • Purdue vs. Nebraska
    • UCLA vs. Oregon
    • Rutgers vs. Washington
    • USC vs. Wisconsin
    • Penn State vs. Illinois
    • Indiana vs. Maryland
    • Michigan State vs. Ohio State

    Week 6

    • Washington vs. Michigan
    • Northwestern vs. Indiana
    • Ohio State vs. Iowa
    • Oregon vs. Michigan State
    • Wisconsin vs. Purdue
    • Nebraska vs. Rutgers
    • Penn State vs. UCLA
    • Minnesota vs. USC

    Week 7

    • UCLA vs. Minnesota
    • Maryland vs. Northwestern
    • Oregon vs. Ohio State
    • USC vs. Penn State
    • Illinois vs. Purdue
    • Iowa vs. Washington
    • Rutgers vs. Wisconsin

    Week 8

    • Illinois vs. Michigan
    • Michigan State vs. Iowa
    • Indiana vs. Nebraska
    • Purdue vs. Oregon
    • Rutgers vs. UCLA
    • Maryland vs. USC
    • Northwestern vs. Wisconsin

    Week 9

    • Michigan vs. Michigan State
    • Oregon vs. Illinois
    • Minnesota vs. Maryland
    • Ohio State vs. Nebraska
    • Iowa vs. Northwestern
    • Wisconsin vs. Penn State
    • USC vs. Rutgers
    • Indiana vs. Washington

    Week 10

    • Michigan vs. Oregon
    • Michigan State vs. Indiana
    • Illinois vs. Minnesota
    • Purdue vs. Northwestern
    • Penn State vs. Ohio State
    • Nebraska vs. UCLA
    • Washington vs. USC
    • Iowa vs. Wisconsin

    Week 11

    • Indiana vs. Michigan
    • UCLA vs. Iowa
    • Oregon vs. Maryland
    • Rutgers vs. Minnesota
    • Ohio State vs. Purdue
    • Penn State vs. Washington

    Week 12

    • Illinois vs. Michigan State
    • USC vs. Nebraska
    • Northwestern vs. Ohio State
    • Wisconsin vs. Oregon
    • Purdue vs. Penn State
    • Maryland vs. Rutgers
    • Washington vs. UCLA

    Week 13

    • Michigan vs. Northwestern
    • Rutgers vs. Illinois
    • Ohio State vs. Indiana
    • Maryland vs. Iowa
    • Minnesota vs. Penn State
    • Michigan State vs. Purdue
    • UCLA vs. USC
    • Nebraska vs. Wisconsin

    Week 14

    • Iowa vs. Nebraska
      Friday, November 29
    • USC vs. Notre Dame
    • UCLA vs. Fresno State
    • Ohio State vs. Michigan
    • Northwestern vs. Illinois
    • Penn State vs. Maryland
    • Wisconsin vs. Minnesota
    • Indiana vs. Purdue
    • Michigan State vs. Rutgers
    • Oregon vs. Washington

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