2024 Big 12 Weekly Football Schedule

A new era of Big 12 football is upon us, and the 2024 Big 12 weekly football schedule is rammed with must-watch matchups for the coming season.

A new era of Big 12 football begins in 2024, with the departure of two teams to the SEC and an influx of programs departing another Power Five conference. Who will be crowned champions in the upcoming season? The 2024 Big 12 weekly football schedule creates a roadmap to the championship game and features must-watch matchups from August to November.

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2024 Big 12 Week-by-Week Football Schedule

All games on the 2024 Big 12 college football schedule are slated to be played on Saturday unless otherwise noted.

Week 1

  • Kansas vs. Lindenwood
    Thursday, August 29
  • UCF vs. New Hampshire
    Thursday, August 29
  • Utah vs. Southern Utah
    Thursday, August 29
  • TCU at Stanford
    Friday, August 30
  • Texas Tech vs. Abilene Christian
  • Iowa State vs. North Dakota
  • Colorado vs. North Dakota State
  • West Virginia vs. Penn State
  • Arizona State vs. Wyoming
  • Kansas State vs. UT Martin
  • Baylor vs. Tarleton State
  • Arizona vs. New Mexico
  • Houston vs. UNLV
  • Oklahoma State vs. South Dakota State
  • BYU vs. Southern Illinois
  • Cincinnati vs. Towson

Week 2

  • BYU at SMU
    Friday, September 6
  • Oklahoma State vs. Arkansas
  • Colorado at Nebraska
  • Kansas at Illinois
  • Kansas State at Tulane
  • Arizona State vs. Mississippi State
  • Cincinnati vs. Pitt
  • West Virginia vs. Albany
  • Iowa State at Iowa
  • Arizona vs. Northern Arizona
  • UCF vs. Sam Houston
  • Houston at Oklahoma
  • Texas Tech at Washington State
  • Utah vs. Baylor
  • TCU vs. LIU

Week 3

  • Kansas State vs. Arizona
  • Arizona State at Texas State
  • Cincinnati at Miami (OH)
  • Colorado at Colorado State
  • Texas Tech vs. North Texas
  • Oklahoma State at Tulsa
  • BYU at Wyoming
  • Kansas vs. UNLV
  • West Virginia at Pitt
  • Houston vs. Rice
  • Utah at Utah State
  • Baylor vs. Air Force
  • TCU vs. UCF

Week 4

  • TCU at SMU
  • Iowa State vs. Arkansas State
  • Texas Tech vs. Arizona State
  • Colorado vs. Baylor
  • Cincinnati vs. Houston
  • West Virginia vs. Kansas
  • BYU vs. Kansas State
  • Oklahoma State vs. Utah

Week 5

  • Utah vs. Arizona
  • Baylor vs. BYU
  • Texas Tech vs. Cincinnati
  • UCF vs. Colorado
  • Houston vs. Iowa State
  • Kansas State vs. Oklahoma State
  • Kansas vs. TCU

Week 6

  • TCU vs. Houston
    Friday, October 4
  • UCF at Florida
  • Iowa State vs. Baylor
  • Arizona State vs. Kansas
  • Arizona vs. Texas Tech
  • Oklahoma State vs. West Virginia

Week 7

  • Arizona State vs. Utah
    Friday, October 11
  • BYU vs. Arizona
  • UCF vs. Cincinnati
  • West Virginia vs. Iowa State
  • Colorado vs. Kansas State

Week 8

  • Cincinnati vs. Arizona State
  • Texas Tech vs. Baylor
  • Arizona vs. Colorado
  • Kansas vs. Houston
  • West Virginia vs. Kansas State
  • BYU vs. Oklahoma State
  • Utah vs. TCU
  • Iowa State vs. UCF

Week 9

  • UCF vs. BYU
  • Colorado vs. Cincinnati
  • Kansas State vs. Kansas
  • Baylor vs. Oklahoma State
  • TCU vs. Texas Tech
  • Houston vs. Utah
  • Arizona vs. West Virginia

Week 10

  • UCF vs. Arizona
  • Oklahoma State vs. Arizona State
  • Houston vs. Kansas State
  • Baylor vs. TCU
  • Iowa State vs. Texas Tech

Week 11

  • Utah vs. BYU
  • Texas Tech vs. Colorado
  • Kansas vs. Iowa State
  • TCU vs. Oklahoma State
  • Arizona State vs. UCF
  • Cincinnati vs. West Virginia

Week 12

  • Arizona vs. Houston
    Friday, November 15
  • Kansas State vs. Arizona State
  • West Virginia vs. Baylor
  • Iowa State vs. Cincinnati
  • BYU vs. Kansas
  • Colorado vs. Utah

Week 13

  • TCU vs. Arizona
  • Houston vs. Baylor
  • Arizona State vs. BYU
  • Kansas State vs. Cincinnati
  • Kansas vs. Colorado
  • Utah vs. Iowa State
  • Oklahoma State vs. Texas Tech
  • West Virginia vs. UCF

Week 14

  • Colorado vs. Oklahoma State
    Friday, November 29
  • UCF vs. Utah
    Friday, November 29
  • Arizona vs. Arizona State
  • BYU vs. Houston
  • Baylor vs. Kansas
  • Iowa State vs. Kansas State
  • Cincinnati vs. TCU
  • Texas Tech vs. West Virginia

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